Series Pokémon
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Genderless
Height 2.0 m
Weight 200.0 kg
Alignment Lawful Good
Virizion is a part of the group of pokémon known as the Swords of Justice. The Swords of Justice consists of: Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo. Virizion is a grass and fighting type pokémon.

Powers & Abilities

Virizion (like the rest of the Swords of Justice) has the ability Justified. Pokémon with the ability justified gets physical attack strengthened by 50% when they are stroke by an dark type attack.

Terrakion can learn pokémon moves through leveling up and those are:

  • Close Combat: A very strong fighting type attack that lowers the user's physical & special defense.
  • Leaf Blade: A grass type attack with a chance of a critical hit.
  • Work Up: Strengthens physical & special attack by 50%.
  • Quick Guard: Protects from fast moves.
  • Quick Attack: A weak normal type attack that is what you would guess from the name: A quick attack.
  • Leer: A stare that lowers the target's defense
  • Double Kick: Double Kick is a weak fighting type attack that hurts the target two times.
  • Magical Leaf: A special grass type attack that can not miss.
  • Take Down: Take Down is a normal type physical attack that has a 25% recoil.
  • Helping Hand: Strengthens an ally's move by 50%.
  • Retaliate: A normal type attack. The attack doubles in strength if an ally fainted the turn before.
  • Giga Drain: A special grass type attack where the user gains half of HP that the target lost.
  • Sacred Sword: Sacred Sword is an fighting type attack that ignores defense boosts.
  • Swords Dance: Double the user's physical attack.

Keep in mind that Virizion can only know four of these move at a time.

Virizion's defensive capabilities:

  • Great special defense
  • Resistances: Virizion is resistant to: Ground, rock, water, grass, electric and dark type attacks.


  • Very weak to flying type attacks: Virizion takes four times the damage from flying type attacks.
  • Weakness to poison type attacks: Virizion takes double the damage from poison type attacks.
  • Weakness to fire type attacks: Virizion takes double the damage from fire type attacks..
  • Weakness to ice type attacks: Virizion takes double the damage from ice type attacks
  • Weakness to psychic type attacks: Virizion takes double the damage from psychic type attacks.
  • Weakness to fairy type attacks: Virizion takes double the damage from fairy type attacks.

Fun Facts

  • Virizion is based on Aramis from the The Three Musketeers.