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AdamGregory03 AdamGregory03 7 January 2016


Aaron is a very sexy character from that game that takes place underground with all the monsters ;)

I was born in the waterfall as the sexiest monster in all of the underground ;)

My hobbies include flexing, sweating, and hitting it off with all the ladies ;)

I can flex my muscles so hard it hurts people just by how pumped I am ;)

And I can even hurt people with my sweat ;)

Sometimes I flex so hard that I flex myself out of the room ;)

And also there this really spooky music that gives me the creeps and makes me give out winks of fear ;)

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AdamGregory03 AdamGregory03 3 January 2016

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Example Profile)

Every profile is recommended to have the template known as "Character Profile" appearing at the top right of the page. This template contains information regarding what series the character is from, their height and weight (measured in feet and pounds), their gender, and moral alignment. For more information on the alignments, see Character Alignment.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a species of dinosaur that existed during the late Cretaceous period until becoming extinct just like all the other dinosaurs. His Latin name translates to "King of Lizards".

  • 1 Background
  • 2 Powers & Abilities
  • 3 Equipment
  • 4 Alternate Forms
  • 5 Feats
    • 5.1 Strength
    • 5.2 Speed
    • 5.3 Durability
    • 5.4 Skill
  • 6 Weaknesses
  • 7 Fun Facts

This is where you would put the character's official backstory, including their…

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