Series Undertale
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
Your time's up, villain! You won't hurt anyone else. A knight in shining armor has appeared. And all the pain you have inflicted on the fallen... Every hope, Every dream you have turned to dust... She's gonna send right back through her spear! NGAHHH! I'll show you how determined monsters truly are. Come on! Step forward and let's end this!
~ Undyne
Undyne is a character from the indie roleplaying game, Undertale.


As a child, Undyne tried to prove she was the strongest by trying to fight Asgore. Even though she couldn't land a single hit, he trained her to beat him. She eventually managed to knock him down, and sent went on becoming the head of the royal guard and training Papyrus.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spears: Undyne can create spears like some energetic force, and can use them for attacks, and for projectiles. She's been shown to throw tons of them in different directions.
  • Yellow Spears: Yellow Spears point in a opposite direction when thrown, and when they encounter a foe, they go behind them, for a trick attack.
  • Determination: Monsters with a strong determination have a stronger soul.
  • SOUL Manipulation: Renders the opponent immobile, but also grants them a shield.


  • Armor: Very durable, but it slows Undyne down and it might overheat her if she's fighting in a hot area.

Alternate Forms

Undyne the Undying

Undyne the undying

Undyne the Undying

When nearly dead, Undyne transforms into Undyne the Undying. This form increases her strength, durability, and everything too much higher levels. She becomes far more powerful in this form, and is the only boss monster in the Genocide Run to take more than one hit in this form.



  • Suplexes boulders just because she can.
  • She can break rocks with her fists.
  • Have managed to hurt and kills Chara with ease.
  • As Undyne the Undying, has 99 ATK, the same as LVL 20 Chara, who destroyed the multiverse.


  • Traveled from her house to Snowdin in mere seconds.
    • To put this into perspective, she has to go across a waterfall and across a mountain.
  • Her spears are difficult to dodge, even for Frisk.


  • Can still fight after receiving fatal wounds.
  • Alongside Sans, she is one of the few monsters who can pose a threat to Chara and the only one who withstood their hits.
  • As Undyne the Undying, has 99 DEF, the same as LVL 20 Chara, who took hits from Sans.


  • received training from king Asgore himself, who is regarded as one of the best fighters in the underground.
  • As a child, she was able to knock down Asgore, but only after the latter trained her to do it.
  • The strongest monster in the Underground's Royal Guard.
  • Trained the rest of the Royal Guard.
  • Implied to have killed the six other human that fell into the underground.


  • Hot-headed
  • Her armor greatly slows her down
  • Her armor can overheat her
  • Her honor can put her at a disadvantage
  • Overusing determination, such as when in Undying form can causes her physical body to melt

Fun Fact

  • She really likes anime about magical princesses and warriors who wield over the top weapons.
  • Her online name is StrongFish91