Ultraman movie II
Series Ultraman
Age 20000
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 40 metres
Weight 35000 tons
Alignment Neutral Good
Ultraman is a red and silver giant from Nebula M-78 that fought kaiju and seijin to defend Earth. He is the first Ultraman to arrive on Earth. While he bonded with Shin Hayata for a while, they are now separated. Should Ultraman need a human form, he creates one that looks just like Hayata.


While chasing a Bemular that escaped from the Monster Graveyard, Ultraman arrived on Earth. There, Ultraman collided with Shin Hayata, who was on a scouting mission on his jet. Hayata died in the crash. However, Ultraman bonded with Hayata to save his life. Hayata was informed of Bemular and was given the Beta Capsule to transform into Ultraman.

Later, Hayata managed to get Bemular out of the lake he was hiding in. Hayata transformed into Ultraman and the two fought. After a battle, Ultraman was able to send Bemular back to the Monster Graveyard by destroying Bemular with his Specium Ray. Ultraman stayed in Earth afterwards to help defend it from more kaiju and seijin.

Powers & Abilities

  • Specium Ray
    • Giga Specium Ray
  • Ultra-Slash
  • Ultra-Attack Ray
  • Slash Ray
  • Ultra Air Catch
    • Ultra Air Catch V2
  • Fluoroscope Ray
  • Ultra Discernment
  • Ultra-Rings
  • Teleportation
  • Ultra Barrier
  • Ultra Shower
  • Human Disguise


  • Beta Capsule: If he is bonded with someone or is using a human form, Ultraman uses the Beta Capsule to transform into Ultraman.
  • Color Timer: This is extremely important for Ultraman. It warns him when his three minutes on earth is almost up and if he is significantly weakened.



  • Lifted Red King, who weights 20000 tons.



  • Survived his own Specium Ray.
  • Survived being near an atomic bomb going off.
  • Is resistance to chemical weathering.
  • Is resistance to electricity.


  • Somehow got to an alternate universe, along with Ultraseven, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Leo, to help Ultraman Dyna, Ultraman Zero and Ultraman Cosmos.
  • Defeated more than 34 different kaiju and seijin.
  • With help from Ultraseven, Ultraman Zero, Ultraman Mebius and a Gomora, Ultraman defeated Ultraman Belial's 100 monster army.
  • Worked together with Kamen Rider Ichigo to defeat Sasori Gadoras.


  • Coldness: Like most Ultramen, Ultraman is weak to cold because they need solar energy. However, this does not mean that Ultraman cannot fight at night.
  • Color Timer : This is extremely important for Ultraman as Earth's atmosphere filter out most of the sunlight that reaches the suface. It warns him when his three minutes on earth is almost up and if he is significantly weaken. When Ultraman Jack's color timer got ripped out by Dorobon, he as flat as a piece of paper.

Fun Facts

  • Ultraman was originally going to appear in Ultra Q, the prequel to Ultraman. However, he was going to be a alien invader instead of a hero.