Strider Hiryu
Series Strider
Age Over 2000 year old
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
No place for amateurs.
~ Strider Hiryu
Strider Hiryu is the protagonist of the videogame series with the same name. He's the youngest Strider ever to reach Special A-Class in the organization's history.


Nothing is known about Hiryu's past, outside the fact that he's an orphan of Asian heritage, with him claiming at one point a Japanese identity while in a disguise. He took the Striders' training program alongside Kain, Sheena and Kubira, and became a close friend of the former two. During training, Hiryu's excellence in every category and incredible display of skills at such a young age gained him a reputation among other Striders for his inhuman strength and mastery of the Cypher.

Together with him in the Striders was his sister, Mariya, a person he respected and loved dearly. One fateful day, however, Mariya suddenly went insane and murdered ten Strider trainees. As she was a very skilled agent on her own, Director Kuramotodecided to assign the mission to stop her to her brother, a decision he came to regret later. Hiryu desperately fought his mad sister while trying to reason with her, but was finally forced to kill her in self-defense. This incident would weight heavily on Hiryu's mind. Carrying the burden of her murder, Hiryu lost the will to live and became increasingly reckless and careless during missions, becoming a "demon of destruction" who simply sought to die in the battlefield.

Powers & Abilities

  • Mobility Skill:
    • Double Jump: Hiryu can perform a second jump in mid-air.
    • Diagonal Jump: Also known as Cartwheel Jump, Hiryu does a long cartwheel jump forward. He can do it while standing still or running.
    • Acceleration Jump: By running down steps or inclines, Hiryu uses the momentum to perform a longer jump. It's used most effectively to clear large pits.
    • Triangle Jump: By jumping into a wall and then jumping in the opposite direction, Hiryu can perform a wall jump and reach places that are otherwise inaccessible. 
    • Hassou Jump: While clinging to a wall, Hiryu can propel himself off it and perform a mid-air dash forward. Can be used to switch positions or move faster in between locations.
    • Backwards Somersault: While in the middle of a sliding kick, Hiryu quickly makes a somersault back flip in the opposite direction. 
  • Offensive Skill:
    • Sliding: Also known as Slide In. Hiryu's signature sliding kick attack, which he can use to go below hazards and enemy attacks. 
    • Slide Assault: By focusing plasma on his feet, Hiryu can perform a high-speed slide kick that can slice any enemy in his path, as well as break through closed ducts.
    • Savage Slash: Also known as Midare-Giri. Hiryu jumps in mid-air and does several slashes in quick succession all around him. 
    • Plasma Catapult: Hiryu can travel in the air like a bullet by ejecting plasma energy from his feet. This technique requires recharging after each use.
    • Downstrike: A powerful downward thrust with concentrated plasma on the Cypher. It releases a shockwave upon landing that destroys nearby enemies, and can break through specific floors.


  • Cypher: Hiryu's primary and preferred weapon.
  • Climb Stickle: A climbing tool which allows him to climb any geographical feature with ease. Although very rarely, Hiryu has used it as a weapon as well.
  • Glider: A flying hang-glider. Hiryu can seemingly summon it when needed to fly across the sky at high speed.

Options: A set of support robots that he can call in for assistance.

    • Option A: A small, mushroom shaped bipedal robot which surrounds Hiryu and protects him from harm, while assisting with ring-shaped lasers. Hiryu can only keep up to two at a time.
    • Option B: A tiger-shaped robot which lunges at enemies with its sharp claws. Hiryu can only summon it alone for a limited amount of time.
    • Option C: A bird-shaped robot which swoops down from above to slice enemies with its sharp wings.
    • Kunai: Hiryu carries a set of Kunai he uses as throwing weapon. 
    • Bombs: As part of a Strider's equipment, Hiryu carries a number of miniature bombs he can place during battle and detonate remotely. 
    • Boots: Special boots which allows Hiryu to walk on water and across magnetic walls, as well as upgrade his Slide In.
    • Plasma Capacitors: A set of small capacitors installed in Hiryu's boots, which allow him to release focused bursts of plasma for different purposes, such as enhancing his Slide Kick or to perform a Double Jump. 
    • Gauntlet: A mechanical gauntlet worn in his right arm, which also works as a plasma capacitor. It charges up an amount of plasma to be later used in the Plasma Catapult, and uses a laser sight to guide the technique's path. It can also absorb plasma upgrades. 
    • Option-D: A small Option used for communication with HQ and navigation, it can perform several tasks including mapping out surrounding areas, tracking power sources and discover weakness in structures and enemies. 




  • Dodged shadowtag bullets.
  • Can dodge electric outbursts which are Mach 176



  • Defeated people like Matic, Faceas Clay, Striders and Grandmaster Neio.
  • Defeated armies and dinosaurs.
  • Is over 2000 year old.
  • was the youngest person ever to become a class A strider.
  • is able to single-handedly infiltrate and wipe out entire fortresses of well armed enemies.
  • Destroyed a moon-sized space station


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