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Speed-O'-Sound Sonic
Speed of Sound Sonic-0.png
Series One Punch Man
Age 25
Birthday May 8
Sex Male
Species Human
Height 5' 9"I 1.74 m
Weight 64 kg
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
You bunch with your little game of 'Let's pretend to fight for justice' can't win against a truly strong opponent nor can you protect anything.
~ Speed-O'-Sound Sonic

Speed-O'-Sound Sonic is one of the main characters in the MadHouse series One Punch Man.


Not much is known about Speed-o'-Sound Sonic, from all we know he is a so-called eternal rival of Saitama and is a S-Class criminal. 

Powers & Abilities

  • Incredible Speed: Sonic's main attribute. As his name suggest, he can travel at the speed of sound with ease and move faster than the eye can track.
  • Hail of Carnage: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic jumps into the air and crazily throws many explosive shurikens at his enemies continuously. 
  • Wind Blade Kick: Performs a formidable axe kick onto his enemies.
  • Four Shadow Burial:Sonic uses his speed as he runs around his enemies creating afterimages. The afterimages surrounds the target and strike the target with the Ninjato.
  • Ten Shadow Burial:Considered to be his "ultimate technique", its pretty much his Four Shadow Burial but with ten afterimages this time.


  • Ninjato: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic's main weapon, its a 1.5 ft long sword that can easily slice through steel and humans with relative ease.
  • Exploding Shurikens: Shurikens that can explode with enough to destroy walls and take down Tank Top Tiger.
  • Smokescreen Shuriken: A shuriken that leaves behind a trail of smoke.
  • Kunai: Combat knives used for combat. They are strong enough to cut through the thick skin of Hammerhead, which can withstand any blunt or bladed weapons directly onto his head.



  • Dislocated a man's shoulder by just walking into him.
  • Easily slice through humans with his blade.
  • Stunned Deep Sea King with his wind blade kicks, who can take blasts from Genos.


  • Can travel at the speed of sound obviously .
  • Can move faster than they eye can track.
  • Easily creates up to ten afterimages with ease.
  • Dodges a blast from Genos with his Four Shadow Burial.
  • Dances around Deep Sea King.
  • Dodges and cuts through Sea King's eels.
  • Bounces around Saitama at full speed.
  • Blitzed Hammerhead's men.
  • Evaded blows from Sea King.
  • Outran Genos.


  • Can take Saitama's punches to the nuts.
  • Can take the explosions of his own explosive shurikens.
  • Barely fazed from his own shockwaves oh his own sonic boom.
  • Took a karate chop to the head by Saitama, which has enough force crashing concrete in the process.


  • Said to be the fastest character in the series.
  • Would've killed the Sea King if his weapons were with him.
  • Held his own against Sea King despite bringing no weapons.
  • Stated to be an S-Class Criminal.
  • Stated that a fight between Genos and Sonic would be a draw.


  • His afterimages can be cancelled or vanish.
  • Is arrogant and completely cocky.

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