Character Profile Wikia
Shadow the Hedgehog
Series Sonic the Hedgehog (series)
Age 18 (Physically)
50+ (Chronologically)
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Hedgehog/Black Arms
Height 3'3"/100 cm
Weight 80 lbs/37 kg
Alignment Chaotic Good/Neutral

Shadow the Hedgehog is a bio-engineered hedgehog and one of the main characters from the Sonic franchise. He is Sonic's sworn arch-rival.

Goodbye forever, Shadow the Hedgehog...
~ Shadow the Hedgehog


Shadow was created by Doctor Gerald Robotnik with the intention of researching immortality. He made use of the demonic alien Black Doom's DNA. Robotnik's activities attracted G.U.N.'s attention, and once they found out about his deals, they tried to kill him, but ended up killing Robotnik's granddaughter. G.U.N. captured Shadow and froze him for fifty years, but Doctor Eggman freed him from his icy prison and put him up against his soon-to-be rival, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Speed: Just like most characters in the franchise, he can run at staggering speeds. Without his hover shoes, he can break the barrier of sound.
  • Superhuman Strength:
  • Superhuman Durability:
  • Superhuman Agility:
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant:
  • Sonic-based Techniques:
    • Spin Attack: Shadow curls up into a ball and charges towards the enemy.
    • Homing Attack: Shadow locks on a target and attacks it. Can be used to cross long distances.
    • Spin Dash: Adds higher speed to the attack, making it deadlier.
    • Spin Jump: Curls up into a ball in midair before dive-bombing the opponent.
    • Chaos Attack: A combination of punches and kicks enhanced by Chaos energy.
    • Sonic Boost: Shadow spears ahead in a comet of his own aura at an intense velocity, hovering above the ground in the torrent of increasing speed.
    • Light Speed Dash: A special ability that allows Shadow to travel along a trail of rings at light speed. If opponents are standing within the ring trail when the ability is used, they will take damage.
    • Light Speed Attack: It allows Shadow to rapidly attack various enemies in his vicinity at light speed, albeit only after performing a “charge up’ period. Needing to charge the move can make the ability a bit cumbersome though.
    • Black Tornado: Shadow jumps and rapidly spins around an enemy causing a minute tornado. Can fling enemies into the air, disorient them or disarm them of held items.
    • Spin Kick: A spinning breakdance kick that Shadow can empower with his hover shoes. It can create a tornado if used many times.
  • Chaos Energy: A powerful resource that Shadow can use by tapping into the power of the Chaos Emeralds. There are many ways to use it:
    • Chaos Control: Allows Shadow to manipulate time and space. He can slow down time and teleport himself and others.
    • Chaos Spear: Shadow shoots arrow-like projectiles of Chaos Energy that ignore the enemy's armor.
      • Chaos Lance: Upgraded version. This one is explosive.
    • Chaos Snap: Enhanced version of the Chaos Attack.
    • Chaos Boost: Augments Shadow's power.
    • Chaos Blast: A devastating explosive technique that can only be used after Chaos Boost. It has a circular-radius blast with a reach of 20 meters. It also can be used in the form of an energy beam.
    • Chaos Burst: A special attack where Shadow will use chaos control to teleport across the battlefield, only to reemerged will producing a powerful white sphere of energy that damages nearby opponents.
    • Chaos Magic: A special attack where Shadow uses some chaos energy to create a purple temporal rift that damages opponents. Shadow can control where the rift appears allowing it to act as a projectile of sorts, though he needs to concentrate for a period of time the farther away he wants to manifest it.
    • Roaming Chaos: Shadow uses some chaos energy to create a roaming ball of distorted space that follows him around the battlefield. It damages opponents if they come in connect with it. Shadow can only use one at a time.
    • Chaos Nightmare: A heavy attack where Shadow will use chaos control to distort space at both his fist to produce an explosive attack.
    • Chaos Upper: An attack where Shadow distorts space to create an energy sphere that blast opponents into the air.
    • Shadow Guard: A blocking stance said to be fortified with chaos energy. In Sonic battle all guard skills create a spherical shield of energy upon activation capable of nullifying most attacks.
    • Shadow Heal: A healing skill that restores health with chaos power. Shadow’s version of this skill is somewhat mediocre compared to the other characters in Sonic Battle (he’s on the bottom half tier wise).
    • Chaos Rift: Shadow opens a rift in time and space meant to banish a foe. If the target resist the attack, they will become distracted.

Weapons & Equipment[]

  • Air Shoes: Rocket-powered shoes that were designed to make Shadow even faster than he already is. With them, Shadow can reach hypersonic speeds, with his top speed being Mach 25.
  • Inhibitor Rings: They were created to restrain Shadow's true potential, but Shadow can release them at any time. The downside is that Shadow's energy drains even faster when he's not wearing them.
  • Pistol
  • Black Sword
  • Shadow Rifle: A long-range firearm with really high firepower. Most enemies die from one shot of this weapon.
  • Barrier
  • Heat Barrier
  • Lightning Shield
  • Dark Rider
  • Flame Ring: A red ring that grants a flame aura to Shadow’s somersault attack.

Alternate Forms[]

Hero Shadow[]

A super form achieved by Shadow if his mind is full of justice, this form uses the positive energy of chaos. In this state Shadow uses chaos control to rush forward at incredible speeds, and also gives him the ability to slow down time. This form lasts for a limited time

Dark Shadow[]

A super form shadow gains if his mind is full of evil thoughts. This form utilizes negative chaos energy, granting him the ability to use Chaos Blast and be impervious to projectile attacks for a limited time.

Super Shadow[]

After tapping into the full power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Shadow transforms into this nearly invincible form. He gets a massive boost to all his stats, but most importantly, it gives him the ability to move and fly at the speed of light. Aside from getting buffs in all of his Chaos Attacks, he also uses new techniques in this form.

  • Chaos Arrows: A rapid-fire attack where he shoots dozens of Chaos Spears.
  • Spear of Light: Shadow shoots nine homing Chaos Lances at the same time.
  • Super Sonic Boost: A propelled tackle at the speed of light.
  • Chaos Regeneration: An ability that heals or prevents someone from dying. When using it, Super Shadow concentrates his energy into a ball of energy then throws it at the desired individual.

This form is limited to how many rings are in Shadow's possession, but he is capable of maintaining it for five minutes without them, too.



  • Overpowered Sonic the Hedgehog in combat.
  • Defeated the Biolizard, a prototype Ultimate Life Form.
  • With the help of Sonic, defeated the Finalhazard, a version of the Biolizard fused with the Eclipse Cannon and ARK.
  • Matched Mephiles who had 2 Chaos Emeralds.
  • Defeated Mephiles the Dark and sealed him away.
  • Destroyed Black Doom's final form.
  • Capable of destroying tanks and ships with the Shadow Rifle.
  • Can easily flip vehicles.
  • Inhibitor-released Shadow can destroy perfect copies of Mephiles the Dark.
  • Obliterated a city with his Chaos Blast.
  • Knocked out Silver the Hedgehog with a single roundhouse kick.
  • Destroyed the Death Egg with one Chaos Blast.
  • Can smash metal, rubble, large doors, stone structures, and large machines
  • Shattered a meteorite
  • Casually tossed a robot with enough force to detonate it
  • Fought on par with Seven Chaos Emeralds Emerl, who was stated by Gerald Robotnik to be capable of destroying planets; also likely superior to Ultimate Emerl, who had absorbed some of the energy of the Final Egg Blaster that destroyed a star cluster
  • Superior to enemies amplified by a single Chaos Emerald, which are capable of moving continents. (1.4 Yottatons of TNT)
  • Wields the power of one Chaos Emerald; 6 Chaos Emeralds together could power the Eclipse Cannon, which destroyed part of the moon. (10.86-43.42 exatons of TNT per Emerald)
  • On par with Sonic, and more powerful than him when the rings come off.
  • Should reasonably scale to Sonic and Silver’s super forms
  • His Super Form should logically be superior to Eggman’s Final Egg Blaster, which can destroy entire star clusters in seconds (5.7 exafoe)
  • Wields the full power of the Chaos Emeralds in his Super Form, which should be comparable to the full power of the Sol Emeralds; the Sol Emeralds are capable of merging universes
  • Comparable to Super Sonic, who fought evenly with the Egg Wizard with the Power of the Stars (who could sustain parallel dimensions), the Egg Salamander (which was set to tank the collision of Sonic and Blaze’s dimensions), and the Time Eater (who could erase time and space on a universal scale)
  • Fought Solaris and destroyed its light shells and consciousness. Solaris was capable of destroying all existing timelines and dimensions in Sonic’s history. This possibly extends to the 326 alternate pathways in Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as Maginaryworld, a dimension consisting of everyone’s dreams manifested as physical worlds, which Eggman was aware of when making the statement.
  • Can reach the power of a whole Chaos Emerald when he takes off his Inhibitor Rings.
    • Keep in mind that Sonic once used all Seven Chaos Emeralds to literally rebuild the earth (2,821 Zettatons of TNT).
  • Likely comparable to Base Erazor Djinn, who had absorbed significant portions of the energy of the Arabian Nights universe when he fought Sonic, and restored the universe while in a weakened state
  • Restrained Final Mova, weighing 280 billion tons.


  • Nearly equal in speed to Sonic, who can outrun the pull of a black hole (260,664.7x Speed of Sound).
  • In base form, easily reaches massively hypersonic speeds.
  • In Super Form, easily reaches the Speed of Light.
  • Destroyed dozens of robots without being visually noticeable.
  • Can create tornadoes.
  • Maneuvered through a circuit when turned into lightspeed particles
  • Collected one of the Chaos Emeralds after Solaris flung them “to the distant corners” of the distorted world he was in (a time-space rift).
  • While he has even admitted that Sonic is ultimately faster than him, he still regularly keeps up with the Blue Blur.
  • Should be at least comparable to the attack speed of the Final Egg Blaster in his super form, due to fighting enemies that are far superior to any technology Eggman has created on his own (18.77 billion c)
  • Superior to Metal Sonic in Sonic 4 Episode 2, who traveled from Little Planet to Earth in seconds (15-72 c)
  • Kept up with and tagged Solaris, a being who exists across all of time and needed to be damaged at all points of time he existed at once to be beaten



  • Capable of defeating most characters in the Sonic series, including Dr. Eggman and Sonic himself.
  • Teleported the ARK into orbit.
  • Is somewhat able to understand systems as complex as Omega's.
  • Defeated both Ifrit and Metal Sonic 3.0 a the same time.
  • Aside from the Black Arms, Shadow has a good deal of mind resistance.
  • Teleported the Black Comet
  • Has bested Sonic in combat
  • Froze time around an entire planet.
  • Withstood the vacuum of space,
  • Can skydive without a parachute
  • Defeated Black Doom, Black Death and Metal Sonic
  • Took out an entire Metarex fleet
  • Fought through a legion of G.U.N soldiers
  • Held his own in combat against Silver the Hedgehog
  • While recovering from a weakened state, gave a good fight to Emerl with 6 Chaos Emeralds & the fighting patterns of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, and Cream; later fought on par with Emerl alongside Sonic when Emerl had 7 Emeralds
  • Helped Sonic defeat Imperator Ix and the Nocturnus Clan
  • Defeated Iblis, who was capable of burning the world’s surface to ash, and the Ifrit, who could perform a similar feat
  • Harmed Metal Madness, a far superior version of Metal Sonic, alongside Team Dark
  • In his super form, defeated Black Doom’s form, Devil Doom
  • In his super form and with Super Sonic and Silver’s help, defeated Solaris
  • Stomped Infinite back when the latter didn’t wield the Phantom Ruby
  • Has defeated many of Eggman’s robots, including mechs powered by Eggman himself


  • Arrogance: Really arrogant.
  • Overconfidence: Tends to underestimate his enemies and not use his full potential.
  • Energy Limitation: After releasing his Inhibitor Rings, he loses a lot of energy very quickly.(Sonic X only.)
  • Super Powered Time Limitation: Super Shadow has a time limit.
  • Memory Losses: Prone to amnesia.
  • While not having any physical weaknesses, Shadow was initially a somewhat easy target for manipulation during the time he had amnesia due to his confusion about who he was and his eagerness to learn anything more about his past. Dr. Eggman could deceive him with lies about his past and Black Doom could subtly manipulate him using visions. Similarly, it is heavily implied that the reason he thought Maria's last wish was revenge against humanity was that Gerald Robotnik implanted false memories of her death. However, after learning of his true purpose, Shadow was no longer as easily deceived.
  • Being part Black Arms, Shadow is partially an extension of Black Doom, making him vulnerable to mind control exerted by Black Doom himself. However, Shadow can fight this influence through sheer resolve and willpower.

Fun Facts[]

  • Likes: Maria Robotnik, Chocolate, Coffee, Tiramisu.