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Series SCP Foundation
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Unknown
Species Unknown
Height Varies
Weight Varies
Alignment Chaotic Evil

SCP-682, also referred to as "Hard-To-Destroy Reptile," is a massive reptilian like creature that appears in the SCP Foundation.


The real name of SCP-682 is Atanti-ql-Paneu, a Leviathan descendant of The Scarlet King and A'zieb, the fourth Scarlet Bride. SCP-682 is a large beast of unknown origin, somewhat reptile-like. It appears to be extremely clever and was found to engage in a complex conversation with SCP-079. SCP-682 seems to have a hatred of all life which was expressed in several containment interviews.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Strength: 682 possesses incredible physical strength that allows him to tangle with his fellow Keter-class SCPs, dig into the earth with little effort, mow down multiple peak human SCP personal guards, and smash through metal doors, buildings, tanks, etc.
  • Superhuman Speed: 682 is also faster than most vehicles on foot, to the point where he could react to a flying helicopter in mid-flight. He can react to bullets, missiles and tank shots, and keep up with SCP-096, who as you all know can sprint across the entire planet in just two hours.
  • Superhuman Durability: 682's title of "Hard-To-Destroy Reptile" is well earned by the fact that he can shrug of just about anything thrown his way. Explosions, high-powered lasers, blades, bullets, and highly corrosive chemicals alike have to failed to kill him.
  • Intelligence: 682 is also far from just a mindless brute. He is extremely intelligent and capable of speech, though he rarely converses willingly with staff, and cannot be reasoned with at all. 682 has displayed an innate understanding of the workings of certain instances after only a short exposure, and possesses a memory that stretches back a staggering length.
  • Regeneration: One of SCP-682's most broken traits is his healing factor that allows him to take so much abuse. He can instantaneously regenerate from wounds that no other organism should, like having 87% of his body destroyed, living in a room filled with acid, and regenerating from 0.03 ml of blood, he can even recover from reality warping, crystalization, mind control and even possession.
  • Consumption: By consuming matter, whether organic or inorganic, 682 can increase his mass with theoretically no limit. The largest instance of this was when he grew to the size of Jupiter.
  • Adaptation: When injured in a specific way, 682 will adapt to that negative stimulus, sometimes by incorporating it into his own body, which has lead to many, many, many, many, many, many, many, MANY different adaptations over the years. 682's adaptations can include changing his size, growing extra appendages, becoming immune to all known diseases and viruses, shifting his own genetic makeup, reanimating himself from death, absorbing other's abilities, become multiple entities, and even creating localized space-time anomalies as either a defense mechanism and for dimensional travel.
    • Reality Warping: Can create localized space-time anomalies as a defense mechanism, similar to both the sudden appearance and disappearance of a black hole or the theoretical event of a hole forming between one dimension and another, it allows him dimensional travel, though 682 only uses this ability sparingly.


  • Teeth: Used for catching and thrashing his prey.
  • Claws: Can lift, grab, claw and slash things, used to mutilate his prey.
  • Tail: Used for whipping and clubbing.



  • Able to tangle with Keter-class SCPs who could take down multiple armed forces.
  • Easily mows down multiple peak human SCP personal guards.
  • Able to dig into the earth with little effort.
  • Can tangle with beings which are supposedly far out of his range.
  • Able to smash through large structures with ease.
    • Metal doors, buildings, tanks and so forth.
  • Can destroy a helicopter in a single tail swing.
  • Has destroyed his containment chamber, a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m chamber with 25 cm reinforced acid-resistant steel plating, multiple times.
  • Fought and killed SCP-076, who is able to harm him.
  • Was able to lift and swing SCP-162 around as a weapon.


  • Can keep up with SCP-096, who can run across the entire planet in just two hours.
  • Held his own against SCP-173.
  • Reacts to bullets, missiles and tanks.
  • Faster than most vehicles on foot, to where he could react to a flying helicopter.
  • Reacted to a flying helicopter in mid-flight.
  • Can outrun Mobile Task Force units, who are all physically peaked soldiers.
  • Kept up with SCP-076.
  • Was able to adapt to being thrown around at the speed of light.
  • Adapted to become as large as Saturn and was able to easily traverse the solar system.


  • 682's body is just the 3-Dimensional shell of an extradimensional being.
  • Was unaffected by being struck multiple times by natural lightning.
  • Guns have little to no effect on him.
    • Neither do missiles or most military weapons.
  • SCP-096 destroyed 87% of his body mass and he was fine.
  • Main containment has him bathe in highly corrosive chemicals.
  • Has been chopped up by lasers and remained active.
  • Bone structure is immune to the mucus of SCP-811, which can melt a full-grown man in seconds.
    • Became completely immune to it after exposure.
  • Resists explosions, supernatural occurrences and so forth on a daily basis.
  • SCP-738 stated that it would be impossible to destroy 682 without causing serious damage to or outright destroying the universe.
  • SCP-2855 was unable to do anything to 682.
  • SCP-001 (Dr. Clef's Proposal) was unable to kill 682 and only knocked him out after striking him multiple times.
  • 682 is unable to even kill himself.
  • Cannot be killed as SCP-343 will not allow him to die.


  • Able to outblink SCP-173 and keep it at bay by forming Omnidirectional Vision.
  • It's theorized a 60-megaton Bomb would be absorbed by his adaptability.
  • Got cut by a laser and formed into three separate entities.
  • Got sent to another dimension and rejected by the latter itself, forming wings not too soon after.
  • SCP-826 created a book called "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Can And Will Kill SCP-682 Permanently if it So Much As Spots That Damn Lizard" and placed 682 in the room. 30 minutes later, SCP-682 emerged more enraged with a 209-page book called "The Generally Nice, Friendly Thing That Tried To Kill SCP-682 Permanently But Failed" which explained the whole battle.
  • Ate SCP-743 for hours, basically becoming an infinite source of sustenance with 743's ants devouring 21% of his mass.
  • Placed in a room with SCP-096. Soon afterwards 682 was shown to have 87% of its mass gone and 096 huddled up in a corner.
  • States that in the off-chance that 682 does die half of the universe goes with him.
  • After being exposed to SCP-409, became immune to being crystallized.
  • Became immune to SCP-689 by gaining the ability to die and revive at will.
  • SCP-738, a being who could do anything for a certain price, refused to kill him due to the price of half the universe being destroyed.
  • SCP-807 tried killing 682 with his own food and gained a freak heart-attack. Soon afterwards, he adapted, being perfectly fine afterwards.
  • SCP-343 refused to kill him.
  • After being exposed to and severely damaged by SCP-272, a nail that embeds itself in a person's shadow and limits them to movement inside said shadow, evolved luminescence from its skull.
  • Was able to absorb SCP-513's powers and used them to breach containment by creating site-wide illusion copies of himself to create mass hysteria and kill 67% of site staff and 45% of site D-class personnel.
    • All of this was done while he was asleep.
  • Threw SCP-1548 off of Earth.
  • Resisted being absorbed by, and instead took control of, SCP-1361.
  • Regenerated from being reality-warped into a house cat by SCP-1237.
  • After being exposed to SCP-063, gained the ability to change his biological makeup from organic to inorganic, and vice versa, at will.
  • Fought SCP-076-2 (Abel).
  • Survived ingesting 200L of bodily fluids from SCP-1933.
  • SCP-2599 destroyed 200% of SCP-682 and it was fine by contradicting his commands.
  • Refused commands from SCP-061.


  • While he is hard to kill, it doesn't mean he's invincible.
  • SCP-343 did state that whilst he cannot remove him, it still means he's susceptible to death.
  • Has been known to die multiple times in canon.
  • Actually has been known to be temporarily tamed by some SCPs.
  • Bullets and other weapons have been known to sterilize him.
  • Needs to either absorb or consume biomass to adapt to said obstacle.
  • Some adaptions also wear off over time, while some don't.
  • Healing factor can be overclocked to where he can become vulnerable.
  • Reality warpers can still effect him meaning it has little protection against supernatural threats.
  • Power can sometimes be inconsistent.
  • Always known to be in a fit of omnicidel rage.
  • While not from this world, other entities can still harm him.

Fun Facts

  • SCP-053 is the only thing that SCP-682 won't try to kill.
  • SCP-079 is seemingly the only thing closest to a friend to SCP-682, which may be due to SCP-079 being an A.I. and not a conventional lifeform.
  • SCP-682 is based on a real-life sea monster found by a group of soldiers after a Tsunami in 2006 on an island Sakhalin in the east part of Russia and near Japan. The remains of the carcass have been scientifically identified to be that of a beluga whale.
  • Top15s placed SCP-682 as number 10 in the top 15 dangerous SCP creatures.
  • In the "revised entry" of SCP-173, in which SCP-173 was able to multiply itself and seemingly create a hive mind, they were able to rip apart 682, which put a smile on the face of a researcher.
  • He has a history with SCP-082. 082 considers 682 a friend but 682 states it isn't mutual.
  • He is aware of SCP-1364 and considers him his opposite.