Character Profile Wikia
Sōsuke Aizen
Series Bleach
Age Unknown
Birthday May 29th
Sex Male
Species Soul
Height 186 cm (6'1")
Weight 74 kg (163 lbs)
Alignment Neutral Evil
Any betrayal you can see is trivial, what is truly frightening and much more lethal, is the betrayal you cannot see.
~ Sōsuke Aizen

Sōsuke Aizen is an antihero throughout most of the story of the anime/manga series Bleach. He is a Shinigami who wants to acquire unimaginable power.


Aizen spent much of his career in the 5th Division of Gotei 13, eventually becoming its lieutenant under the former captain, Shinji Hirako. Shinji kept Aizen under his view during this time because he felt there was something dangerous about him. 100 years ago, Aizen's experiments on Shinigami/Hollow hybrids involved using an unknown method to cause spirits to transform into Hollows, eventually culminating in the creation of the Visoreds. He framed Urahara for the hollowfication process and forced him to leave Soul Society.

During that time, Aizen met Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tōsen, and lured them to his side. Aizen became captain of the 5th Division later on.

When Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends invade Seireitei to rescue Rukia Kuchiki from execution, he manages to lay hands on the Hōgyoku with an elaborate plan involving Rukia's execution and the attempts to rescue her, manipulating most of the other captains of Soul Society according to his will. After obtaining the Hōgyoku, he declares his intentions openly.

The principal antagonist of the series, he resides in Hueco Mundo together with Ichimaru and Tōsen, commanding an army of Arrancar and Hollows, his ultimate goal being to overthrow Soul Society along with the Soul King and take his place as god of the world.

Powers & Abilities

  • Monstrous Spiritual Pressure: Aizen possess powerful spiritual pressure, which is strong enough to destroy those with less power. It is so powerful it can stun his opponents and induce fear/psychological damage to victims. It can even create pain to opponents think they've been damaged even though they are not. He claimed that his spiritual power is stronger than the entire Espadas and much more stronger than an average captain-level Shinigami.
    • Incredible Reiatsu Control: Marechiyo stated that Aizen's mere presence is ridiculously overwhelming. His Reiatsu is so strong that it can send Grimmjow to his knees with little effort, to the point where he stated that his spiritua; pressure can destroy the entire Soul King's palace as well as the Soul Gate if he wasn't restrained. His Reiatsu is also strong enough to send Shinigamis backwards just be releasing it. His Reiatsu can also nullify abilities, can be used as a shield that can vaporise low level beings metres away and can break through extremely dense shields that are permeated with Reishi just by focusing his Reiatsu.
  • Highly Intelligent: Aizen has shown multiple times his strategic prowess. He is a master of deceit, seeing how he framed Kisuke Urahara for his Hollowfication experiments on other members of the Gotei 13. Even without using his illusory powers, he can easily manipulate others. He's more than capable of leading his own army. He is also the ome responsible for the creation of Arrancers and Visoreds.
  • Healing Factor: Aizen can heal injuries thanks to the Hogyoku. His healing factor allowed him to heal his destroyed heart.
  • Shunpo (Flash Step): He possesses one of the fastest versions of this technique. He can move at enough speed to be considered undetectable. He can easily outmanoeuvre some of the fastest characters in the series.
  • Kidō: Aizen is one the most powerful Kidō users in all of Soul Society. Even without the full incantation, his spells can incapacitate Captain-Level Shinigami.
    • Enchanted Flowers: Can stun the enemies by casting an illusion of flowers.
    • El Escuda: Aizen summons a transparent barrier to block an attack by raising his arm.
    • Millon Escudo: Summons a light greeen barrier that is a shape of a hexagonel, which is fixed in one central area. If inactivated, it will remain invisible and upon contact in attack mode, it absorbs energy and disperses it. 
    • Bakudō #26: Kyokko: Aizen bends light to hide his Reiatsu and his physical form.
    • Hadō #63: Raikoho: Shoots an orb of lightning above Aizen's palm, and builds up energy ready to fire at the foe with a devastating lightning attack.
    • Bakudō #81: Dankū: A defensive wall is created to protect against an enemy's attack. It is strong enough to withstand strong spell attacks.
    • Hadō #90: Kurohitsugi: Aizen's signature spell. Kurohitsugi is a high-level Kidō which seals its target in a black spiritual coffin. If the full incantation is pronounced, the spell has the power to distort space and time.
    • Hadō #99: Goryutenmetsu: Aizen proceeds to have the ground rise up in pillars, rising the air that takes the form of a massive dragon made out of air.
  • Immortality: After his exposure to the Hōgyoku, Aizen can heal from any wound and can be considered immortal.
  • Master Swordsman
  • Master in Unarmed Combat
  • Flight
  • Immense Strength: He can easily stop other Shinigami's Soul Slayers and knock them out with little to no effort.


  • Hōgyoku: Orb composed of a unique substance thought to have been capable of dissolving the boundaries between Shinigami and Hollow, allowing one race to attain the powers of the other. However, its true power lies in its ability to sense the hearts of those around it and materialise their deepest desires.
  • Reiatsu Concealing Cloak: A cloak that hides the wearer's reaiatsu. It also allows the wearer to blend in with the air around them by incorporating Kidō into the cloak, almost completely concealing them from sight.
  • Kyōka Suigetsu: His Soul Slayer takes the form of a katana. Aizen is highly skilled at using it. It can activate its secret ability by releasing it.
    • Shikai - Complete Hypnosis: Aizen uses it to fool others into believing what Aizen wants. It can cast powerful illusions, like decoys. After seeing the sword's release just once, this person will completely succumb to the hypnosis. Afterwards, every time it is released, this person will fall under the thrall of the hypnosis. The hypnosis is so powerful that even if they knew they are trapped under an illusion, Aizen will have free will over their five senses and have no escape. It also has addition abilities ranging from making people attack copies, seeing copies of themselves and making them unable to determine fried from foe. It's also long lasting as it lasted for 110 years on the Visored.

Alternate forms

Aizen takes on different forms depending on how much has the Hōgyoku assimilated him.

First Fusion

In this form, Aizen undergoes a huge buff in strength and durability, while also gaining a healing factor.

Second Fusion (Chrysalis)

After suffering heavy damage from an attack, the Hōgyoku gives him a new form with even bigger buffs in strength, durability, speed, regeneration and spiritual power.

Third Fusion (Post-Chrysalis)

Once he breaks out from his chrysalis, he gets yet another increase in power and spiritual power. If a regular human touches him while in this stage, they will vanish from existence.

Fourth Fusion (Trancendent Aizen)

After Gin nearly killed him, he gains yet another form, this one resembling some sort of butterfly. Aside from the obvious strength and regeneration power increases, he gains a new, faster, form of teleportation. In this form, his sword swipes are strong enough to heavily damage the environment around him.

Final Fusion (God Aizen)

After Aizen is struck by Ichigo, the Hōgyoku forces another transformation upon him, which Aizen claims occurs because it does not want him to lose to a human. In this form, Aizen takes on a distinctively Hollow-like form. Aizen retains all previous buffs and gains two new abilities.

  • Fragor: Aizen can release bluish-purple energy spheres from the Hollow-like skulls on the top of his wings. A single blast is strong enough to create a large crater and is accompanied with a shockwave which can be felt miles away. It's also stated that it's more powerful than a nuclear warhead.
  • Ultrafragor: Surrounding his target with his wings, Aizen uses the Hollow-like skulls atop his wings to generate a circle of spiritual energy around a target. Upon creation, the ring reverberates with power and solidifies, while forming three more larger solid rings in concentric formation. 



  • Singlehandedly killed an army of Hollows.
  • Effortlessly defeated Tier Harribel.
  • Stopped Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu and incapacitated him with just a finger.
  • Incapacitated Sajin Komamura with just one Hadō Spell.
  • Defeated Shinji Hirako under the effect of his Shikai.
  • Broke Komamura's giant Soul Slayer.
  • Caught Rōjūrō's Soul Slayer with his bare hands.
  • Impaled Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto through the chest.
  • Defeated Yoruichi Shihōin, Kisuke Urahara and Isshin Kurosaki with minimal damage.
  • Destroyed The Cleaner just by looking at it. This creature heavily ages anything that goes near it.
  • His clash with Ichigo caused the destruction of multiple mountains.
  • Incapacitated three captain-level people in an instant.
  • Can block Renji Abarai's attacks and destroy his Zanpakuto with his bare hands.
  • Sliced Ichigo Kurosaki almost in half, leaving him held together by literally only his spine
  • Far stronger than Ulquiorra, who created a massive hole in Las Noches with his Cero Oscuras (419.739 teratons of TNT) and moved large amounts of sand with his Lanza del Relampago (4.34 teratons of TNT) (Las Noches size explained here)
  • Stronger than the Gran Rey Cero, which can destroy Las Noches (4.18 teratons-13.431 petatons of TNT)
  • His Fragor created a massive crater and an explosion visible even from the battlefield to Karakura Town (77.11-322.42 gigatons of TNT)
  • Muken Aizen is stronger than Dangai Ichigo, who busted a mountain (1.55 megatons-1.31 gigatons of TNT)
  • Superior to Kisuke Urahara, whose Hado 99 could vaporize an artificial ocean covering the sky of Karakura Town (2.42-12.13 teratons of TNT)
  • Stronger than Bankai Yamamoto, via transcending all Shinigami. Yamamoto can destroy Kurakura town in Shikai, and can evaporate all the water in Soul Society and life-wipe it in a short time frame in Bankai. (1.54-783.1 Petatons)
  • Superior to Kenpachi, who destroyed Gremmy’s meteor (792.2 petatons of TNT)
  • One-shot a being immune to reiatsu
  • Scales to the Sokyoku by the end of the series, via being comparable to True Shikai Ichigo who is as strong as Mugetsu. Mugetsu is stated to be stronger than anything in the story at that time.
  • Was going to shoot down the Royal Palace with his energy over 54000km away, and destroy Yhwach’s curtain of darkness in the process.
  • Comparable to True Shikai Ichigo, via his showings with Yhwach. True Shikai Ichigo vaporized a small sea
  • Stronger than the entire Gotei 13 at the end of the series. Squad 0 is also stated to be stronger than the Gotei 13. Hōgyoku Aizen was even noted to be able to incur the soul society’s doom, which would include Squad 0
  • Has comparable energy to Yhwach, as both together were keeping hell sealed with energy
  • Could cut Yhwach’s attacks, who was capable of lifting the Wandenreich to the Soul King’s palace in a short timeframe casually (45.44-131.6 exatons of TNT) (Wandenreich mini q/a)
  • Stated to be able to beat Hikone, a Soul King candidate meant to replace Yhwach’s Corpse




  • Many centuries, has planned to become god and overthrowing the Soul King.
  • Managed to make Yhwach lose his perception of time even when imprisoned.
  • Fooled Hitsugaya, Kyōraku and Suì-Fēng into impaling Momo Hinamori.
  • Turned the King of Hueco Mundo into his servant.
  • Made Tier Harribel and Coyote Starrk serve under him.
  • Out willed Gin's true Bankai, a poison that had already destroyed his heart and spread through his body.
  • Tricked the entirety of the Soul Society with the following of faking his death, framed Kisuke, made people think that former captains are evil and even made fools of his own soldiers.
  • Effortlessly defeated Komamura, Rōjūrō ŌtoribashiLove AikawaLisa YadōmaruIzuru KiraTetsuzaemon IbaTōshirō HitsugayaSuì-FēngShunsui Kyōraku and Shinji Hirako.
  • Killed Gin Ichimaru.
  • Aided Ichigo and Uryu to defeat Yhwach and save the Soul Society.
  • Everything goes according to his plan
  • Learned of the Original Sin
  • Became Captain of the 5th Division of Gotei 13
  • Deceived the Gotei 13 and the Soul Society for hundreds of years
  • Obtained and achieved the powers of the Hōgyoku
  • Responsible for Invasion of the Soul Society
  • Conquered Heuco Mundo without much difficulty
  • Mastermind behind the creation of the Arrancars, Visoreds, and the major plots of Bleach, including Ichigo’s inception
  • Became a Kido Master and mastered all the spells, even forbidden ones
  • Nearly created the Oken to invade the Soul Palace
  • Defeated Ichigo (Pre Dangai), Harribel, Gotei 13, Visoreds, Yoruichi, Urahara, Isshin
  • Finally, let go of his “persona of the envoy”


  • Kyōka Suigetsu ability does not work on the blind or those who have not seen its release.
  • The Reiatsu of Kyōka Suigetsu gives it away to those keen enough to sense its actual presence past the illusions created by its complete hypnosis.
  • The sole way to escape the ability of Kyōka Suigetsu is to touch the blade itself before complete hypnosis is activated.