Character Profile Wikia
River Zastory
Series Black Cat (series)
Age 19
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 179 cm
Weight 66 kg
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

RIver Zastory is a supporting character in the manga Black Cat. He serves as an ally and rival for Train Heartnet in the final act of the series.


River takes great pride in his Garbell Commando fighting style. Garbell Commando is a fighting style created in the nation of Tarika under an extended civil war. It was created to make the body of oneself a weapon equal to that of the gun. River's grandfather was a master of Garbell Commando and taught River at a young age. With the skills of this deadly combat technique, so did he decide to put them to use by being a Sweeper(bounty hunter), where he became one of the best of the profession.

Powers & Abilities

  • Garbell Commando: River's Fighting style. This technique focuses mostly on combat with the fists and is a counter for arms, meaning that its user most have reflexes well beyond that of an average human and use metal-clad gloves(or have their fist wrapped in any other material that bullets have a hard time penetrating) to used in its maximal potential.
    • Superhuman Reflexes and Strength: Through River's training have he achieved strength and reflexes better than that of any normal human being.
    • Cyclone Grenade: The strongest attack River have been shown to use. Cyclone Grenade is a strong punch where he twist his arm at a high speed to give the blow a drilling effect.
    • Sonic Fist: A Gerbell Commando attack used from a distance. When doing a high-speed punch so does River create a sonic wave strong and concentrated enough to deliver a hard blow to enemies at a distance.


  • Gloves: Metal-clad gloves River mainly used deflect bullets and to deliver harder blows.



  • Could punch a bullet to make it go the reverse way with a still high speed. (Chapter 122)
  • Could destroy a boulder with a Cyclone Grenade. (Chapter 123)
  • Punched right through an Apostles of the Stars grunt's Body armor, which can withhold the explosion of grenades. (Chapter 144)
  • Could crack the exoskeleton of Setsuki. (Chapter 150)


  • Moved his arm faster than the eye could track. (Chapter 121)
  • Blocked and deflected bullet multiple times.
  • Could almost dodge a ricocheting bullet that came from his backside with only it scratching his cheek. (Chapter 123)
  • Is fast enough to create after images. (Chapter 135)


  • Could survive an extensive one-side battle with Setsuki. (Chapter 145-150)


  • Defeated Preta Ghoul single-handedly, who decomposes everything he touch. (Chapter 135)


  • He have a tendency to act rash and not think logically.