Character Profile Wikia
Series Dragon Ball
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil

Raditz is an antagonist in Dragon Ball and brother of Goku. He is the first villain to show up in the Sayian Arc and by extension the first of the Dragon Ball Z series


Raditz was the oldest son of the Saiyan warrior Bardock. As a child Raditz became a warrior himself. At some point, was he sent to a mission together with Vegeta and Nappa, where Vegeta refused an order to come back to Planet Vegeta, which saved Raditz's life from the planet's destruction in the hands of Frieza.

After the destruction of his planet, so did he become a soldier of Frieza's army.

Powers & Abilities

  • Saiyan Biology: Being a Saiyan, Raditz have a physical strength and agility way beyond that of humans. It also makes it so that every time he is beaten or damaged to near death, his Ki will permanently strengthened.
  • Flight
  • Ki Beams: A red unnamed beam of Ki, which he shoots out of his palms.
  • Martial Arts: Like the rest of the Saiyan, so is Raditz a very skilled combatant with a technic greatly reassembling that of martial arts.


  • Battle Armor: An armor given to soldiers of Frieza. The armor is made of an unknown material that is extremely durable and stretchy. It's so stretchy that it doesn't break when Saiyans turn in to their Great Ape form.
  • Power Scouter: A device that senses someone's power level.

Alternate Forms

  • Great Ape: Just like all other Saiyans with a tail, he can turn into a giant ape when looking at a full moon. This form times his power by 10. While Raditz haven't turned into this form himself, so does there not exist any reason for him to not being able to turn into this form.



  • Kneed Goku hard enough to leave him paralyzed by the pain for several minutes.
  • His Ki beam obliterated several mountains after he missed Goku with it.


  • He could deflect a Kamehameha from Goku.


  • He moved fast enough so that Goku and Piccolo couldn't track him with their eyes.
  • He Barely dodged Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon.

Please note that neither Goku or Piccolo were not near their full potential when they faced Raditz.


  • Saiyans experience a great deal of pain when someone grabs their tail.
  • Overdependence on Power Levels.
  • Raditz has a very high confidence of his power and acts very arrogant, even though he is very weak compared to his fellow soldiers.