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Xiao Po Ping

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Series Kung Fu Panda
Age 20s
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 6'2"
Weight 260 lbs.
Alignment Neutral Good
Am I the son of a panda? The son of a goose? A student? A teacher? Turns out, I’m all of them. I am the Dragon Warrior… Get it?! See the giant dragon?! Hahaha! Get ready to feel the thunder! This is awesome!
~ Po

Po is the main protagonist of the Kung Fu Panda franchise.


Many years ago, when Po was born into his village of pandas, it seemed like he was destined to live a peaceful life. That is, until his home was raided by the vile peacock Lord Shen on the whim of a prophecy, leading to many of Po’s kind being either slaughtered or driven off. Desperate to save her son’s life, Po’s mother placed the infant in a radish basket and sacrificed herself to lead Shen away. The basket eventually found its way to the Valley of Peace, where it was found by the noodle shop owner Mr. Ping. The restaurateur gladly took in the baby and raised him to one day take over the Noodle Shop. That would have been Po’s chosen path, had he not also seen a demonstration of the art of Kung Fu from the Furious Five when fighting the villain Boar. An intense love for the martial art overcame Po, and he became determined to know everything he could about the craft, and the masters. However, he was still stuck in his father’s noodle shop, only being able to dream of fighting alongside his idols while serving tables by day.

On the day that Master Oogway was set to choose the legendary Dragon Warrior who would defeat Tai Lung, Po’s quest to see the event himself led him to falling from the sky as a ball of fire right into Oogway’s path, just as it was always destined to be. Po was given the title of Dragon Warrior, and began his training. After much hardship, mockery, and hopelessness, Po finally unlocked his true potential and the secret of the Dragon Scroll, allowing him to defeat Shifu’s estranged pupil Tai Lung, saving the Valley from his rage, and proving he was truly worthy of the title Dragon Warrior.

After some time, Po was tasked with saving kung fu itself from a terrifying new weapon, and stopping Shen in the process. Face to face with the one who had ruined his life all those years ago, Po was promptly cast out and left for dead in his former village. After finding out the truth of his past from memories and the Soothsayers’ words, Po made peace with his personal demons and achieved inner peace, using the ability to save Gongmen City and all of China from Shen’s wrath, and learning to forgive his vengeful adversary.

With his time in Gongmen, and his defeat of many notable threats like Tong Fo, Hundun, Temutai, and Pang Bing, Po soon had garnered Shifu’s trust, and was put in charge of teaching the Furious Five. But before he could go far, he had an unexpected reunion with his long-lost panda father Li Shan, just in time to be attacked by the forces of Kai, a spirit warrior hellbent on absorbing the chi of every kung fu master in China. Desperate to stop the rampage, Po traveled to the new village of pandas to learn the secret of chi, and eventually led a final stand against Kai that took the conflict to the Spirit Realm. It was here, with the blessings of all his allies, new and old, that Po was able to master chi at last, defeat Kai, and take up the mantle of Oogway’s successor, training the rest of China in the art of chi.

Since then, Po has taken up the mentoring of a new generation of chi warriors in the Four Constellations, and together the 5 have defeated notable threats like Dragon Master Jindiao and the White Bone Demon, proving that China will always be safe as long as the Dragon Warrior is on the job. As long as he isn’t stuffing his face with dumplings, anyway.

Powers & Abilities

  • Panda Physiology: Due to being, well, a panda, Po is extremely fat, and has adapted his fighting style in order to take advantage of this fact. He uses his momentum when hit by opponents to strike back with a much larger force. He can also use his furry fat to bounce off attacks. For example, he is basically immune to most standard pressure point attacks, as they simply cannot reach his nerves, only tickling him. However, if the attacks are aimed in the proper spots, it is possible to affect Po with acupuncture type pressure attacks, as seen with Taotie’s machine. However, this required an intimate knowledge of Po’s physiology.
  • Mastered Panda Style Martial Artist: Po is a master of kung fu. Kung fu is the Chinese martial art that is also known as wushu and quanfa. In China, it refers to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete, not necessarily martial arts. While there are various forms of kung fu practiced around the world with their own principles and techniques, the martial art is best known for its trickery and quickness. Po also knows some tai chi. Also known as shadowboxing, tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for defense training, health benefits, and meditation. Developed as a martial art, it is practiced for other reasons: competitive wrestling in the format of pushing hands (tui shou), demonstration competitions, and greater longevity. As a result, a multitude of traditional and modern training forms exist corresponding to those aims with differing emphasis.
  • Enhanced Senses: Po could smell the day-old garlic chow mein on Junjie’s breath to fight him in the dark, and heard the faint sound of the Qi’dan Bell Trap from the top of Jade Mountain all the way in the Valley of Peace.
  • Ground Pound: Po jumps high into the air, with the full weight of his body falling on top of his opponent soon after.
  • Roll Dash: Allows Po to increase his movement speed by rolling his body like a ball.
  • Belly Attack: After attacking with his belly, a gust of wind appears and blows opponents away.
  • Super Iron Belly Technique: A stronger variation of his regular belly attack. Sends enemies farther and harder.
  • Chi Punch: After a bit of windup, Po unleashes a punch of chi.
  • Flying Squirrel Technique: Allows Po to perform a double jump in midair.
  • Lost Panda Ball: Po curls into a ball and rolls, either into enemies or through tight spaces. Po can also roll at high speeds, allowing him to crash into enemies with incredible force.
  • Mantis Fury: Po throws objects with incredible force, letting them hit strong material with enough force to destroy them.
  • Viper Crush: Po squeezes enemies hard enough to make them pop out of their armor.
  • Panda Quake: Po bodyslams the ground and deals great damage to anything caught below.
  • Iron Claw: Po slashes forward with sharp claws powerful enough to obliterate any shield.
  • Leaping Monkey: Allows Po to jump from object to object in midair to remain airborne.
  • Spinning Feather Blossom: Allows Po to fly through the air temporarily.
  • Dragon Warrior Technique: Adds explosive damage to Po’s attacks, making them far stronger than normal.
  • Dumpling Defense: Boosts Po’s defenses.
  • Acu-Punch: Seemingly learned from Mantis, Po can execute a series of lightning fast jabs at specific pressure points in order to cause negative effects to the target’s body. Po can use this technique to put targets to sleep, as well. If Po paralyzes an opponent at the right points, they will be stuck in their position forever after about an hour.
  • Dragon: Can summon a dragon to attack a multitude of enemies.
  • Chao Wa Punch Kick: A move where Po delivers a series of pressure point strikes that allow him to totally paralyze his target.
  • Paralyzing Touch Point: The technique will cause the target to become paralyzed. If after one hour the technique is not undone, the paralysis will become permanent. The victim is also unable to talk but somehow move their eyes. The only was to unparalyzed the victim is to do the move over again.
  • Silken Moon Touch: A technique created by the legendary master Wu Shen, allowing Po to deliver a powerful strike at his greatest moment of clarity. The technique is so potent, it briefly causes the sky to turn to night as a side effect.
  • Mongolian Fireball: One of the legendary 12 Impossible Moves, allowing Po to summon a fireball as an attack. When combined with a second fireball, it produces a sort of black-hole type effect, sucking in any nearby objects.
  • Thundering Wind Hammer: Another one of the legendary 12 Impossible Moves, Po spins around incredibly fast, before firing a shot of concentrated wind energy. The attack is powerful enough to send Temutai, a ram almost twice Po’s size, miles away with one hit. The only known way to take a direct hit from this energy and not get harmed is to deflect it by using one's arms to divide the approaching energy ball and diving it by pushing it away in both hands.
  • Eyes of Bushido: Po concentrates and puts aside all thoughts of himself, enabling him to see the world as a samurai, making the world appear slow by Po’s perception.
  • Golden Lotus Clap: A powerful technique where Po performs a series of hand movements before clapping. The technique is powerful enough to easily break iron leg cuffs, and can blind anyone who doesn’t close their eyes, including Po himself.
  • Wuxi Finger Hold: A technique developed by Master Wu-Xi in the 3rd dynasty. With a flex of the pinky finger, the user sends the victim to the Spirit Realm, effectively the KFP universe’s equivalent of the afterlife. The technique is useless against those who are already classified as spirits, however.
  • Resurrection/Portal Creation: Po is capable of creating portals in and out of the Spirit Realm at any time. Because the Spirit Realm is where the dead go in Kung Fu Panda, it essentially offers a level of resurrection to Po as long as his soul remains intact.
  • Inner Peace: A technique Po was able to master after coming to terms with his past. The move allows Po supreme precision, enabling him to do feats like guiding a single raindrop to the ground without dispersing it, or catching and returning cannonballs.
  • Possession/Infection Resistance: Po has shown great fortitude when fighting off attempts to control him.
  • Possible Acasuality: Po was able to remember Shifu and the Furious Five, even after Fenghuang erased them from history via time paradox. However, this is likely only because of the power of the Shuyong Seeds.
  • Paralysis Resistance: Could resist the effects of the Hopping Ghost Death Breath, which paralyzes victims.
  • Chi: A natural life energy exists within Po and other living beings in the Kung Fu Panda universe. Chi is spiritual energy that’s a power presumably associated with kung fu. Surprisingly enough, the mastery of this art seems to stem from the pandas.
    • Soul Manipulation: Chi is capable of manipulating the souls of others as shown during the fight against Jindiao where the Panda Village used chi to remove Jiandao’s soul from his body. Po has this ability as all the members of the Panda Village were able to help with removing Jinandao’s soul.
    • Elemental Manipulation: Po can use his chi in order to manipulate the elements around him. With the help of 4 other pandas, he could solidify lava.
    • Transmutation Resistance: Chi users can use their chi to prevent others from being transmuted as shown in Kung Fu Panda 3 where Panda Village prevented Kai from transmuting Po.
    • Chi Restoration: When Jindiao stole Po’s chi, Po was able to reclaim it by concentrating within the Spirit Realm.
  • Hero´s Chi: Po also possesses a special type of chi known as Hero’s Chi. This special chi belongs only to a select number of Kung fu masters. Master Oogway was given Hero’s Chi as a gift from the universe and later gave the Hero’s Chi to Po when the old tortoise passed on.
    • Energy Manipulation: Po can manipulate chi energy to do all sorts of things, whether it be defense or offensive. For example, shooting a beam that blows up the big baddie of Kung Fu Panda 3.
    • Healing: During his battle with the demon Ke-Pa, Po’s Hero Chi was drained with the panda nearly finished off. However, a peach tree sapling of the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom re-energized and enhanced his Hero's Chi, allowing Po to defeat Ke-Pa and his demon army.
    • Physcial Augmentation: Po can use his chi as a means of augmenting his physical abilities, allowing him to run faster and jump higher. His chi should also augment his durability, though that has not been shown in the series.
    • Chi Construction: During his final battle against Kai, Po created a dragon construct to truly showcase his status as THE Dragon Warrior, and everything else he was. He can fly and use the dragon’s long body for a new way of fighting with its belly and tail. This form is not to be confused with his dragon form from the TV series.
      • Dragon Warrior Form: When in the Spirit Realm, Po can assume his “true form,” that being a dragon, which boosts Po’s stats to allow him to better compete against Jindiao. It should be noted that Jindiao was boosted by Wellspring, which is all the chi in the universe. This is easily Po at his most powerful.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Wings of Light: One of Master Yao’s Five Mystics of Kung Fu, this ability gives Po wings to fly, whilst in his standard form.
    • Nao Yuedu: Allows Po to read minds. However Po has no control of this and without proper discipline Po can go complete mad.
    • Invincible Thunder Kick: Po can attack enemies with electricity-infused kicks while wearing the Helmet of the Invincible Thunder Kick
    • Fluttering Finger Mindslip: Learned from the Sacred Scrolls, this technique allows the user to erase the short term memory of the target. If performed enough times, the target forgets more long-lasting memories as well, until they forget how to breathe. Although Po erased his memory of the technique, it is possible he relearned it, considering his memory is restored in future events.
    • Hopping Ghost Curse: Temporarily, Po also assumed the form of a Jiang-Shi, a Hopping Ghost, which provided Po the ability to levitate, turn invisible, phase through objects, shoot paralyzing Death Breath, and infect others with the Ghost Curse. However, this form is weak to sunlight.


  • Master Oogway's Staff: An artifact gifted to Po by Oogway upon Kai’s defeat. The staff seemingly helps augment Po’s chi. The staff was carved by Oogway from the wood of the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom, which can ward off evil.
  • Morning Star: A morning star is a medieval club-like weapon that consists of a shaft with an attached ball, resembling a mace, adorned with one or more spikes. However, the spiked ball is attached to the shaft through a long metal chain. The morning star uses a combination of blunt-force and puncture attack to kill or wound enemies. Po is fairly proficient with this weapon.
  • Nunchucks: Po is quite capable of craftsmanship, as he made a pair of nunchucks from the bark of a tree in seconds. Nunchaku is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope. The intended use of nunchaku is for it to be a training weapon, since it allows the development of quicker hand movements and improves posture. The nunchaku helps teach self-restraint and posture, as the weapon is liable to hit the wielder more than the opponent if not used properly. It can be whirled around, using its hardened handles for blunt force, as well as wrapping its chain around an attacking weapon to immobilize or disarm an opponent. Training with the nunchaku has been noted to increase hand speed, improve posture, and condition the hands of the user.
  • Ninja Stars: Po has also been shown to have some proficiency in using shurikens. Also known as ninja throwing stars, shurikens are Japanese concealed weapons used as hidden daggers or metsubushi for distractions or misdirection. Though supplementary weapons, they often had an important tactical effect in battle. Targets for shurikens were primarily the more exposed parts of the body: the eyes, face, hands, or feet. Shurikens would sometimes be thrown in a way that slashed the opponent in a glancing blow and travelled on, becoming lost, leaving the opponent confused about the cause of the wound. There are other various ways to use shurikens. They can be embedded in the ground, injuring those who stepped on them, wrapped in fuse to be lit and thrown to cause fire, or wrapped in a cloth soaked in poison and lit to cover an area with a cloud of poisonous smoke. A shuriken can also be used as a handheld weapon in close combat.
  • Tri-Bo-Yao: A three-pronged, extendable staff with twin iron hammers attached at both ends, enabling incredible striking power. Po isn’t very proficient with the weapon, though
  • Miscellaneous: Over his adventures, Po has acquired and lost many items, including:
    • Shuyong Seeds: Seeds that come from the fruit of the Shuyong Tree, or the Tree of Eternity. Throwing a seed on the ground causes the user to travel back in time a few seconds. Throwing more seeds increases the time sent back, to the point where one can travel to before the beginning of time. Planting a seed creates a new Shuyong Tree, and eating its fruit allows the user to time travel as they please.
    • Mystical Mirror of Yin and Yang: When held up to a person’s face, it splits the target into two halves, good and evil. Whichever half is hurt has the pain felt by the other half. The evil half is the user fighting while bloodlusted, which usually results in that half being a more skilled fighter than his original half, without any sense of morality.
    • Kung Fu Shoes: Increases Po’s kung fu fighting capabilities a thousandfold. However, the shoes evaporate upon touching water.
    • Hopping Ghost Staff: Allows Po to control Hopping Ghosts, or potentially other types of ghosts as well.
    • Phantom Crystal: Enables Po to phase through any solid matter.
    • Doll Dagger: Aka Doll of the Dagger. A dagger that can extend into a sword, which shoots concussive energy blasts.
    • Shift Stone: Allows Po to change his form to look like anyone else in the eyes of everyone around him.
    • Spirit Urn: A magical urn capable of sealing souls.
    • Sword of Heroes: A sword that is so sharp, one can cut themselves just from looking at it. Although not used by Po very often, he has shown some level of proficiency.
    • Helmet of the Invincible Thunder Kick: A helm that grants the user tremendous power, infusing their kick with lightning and further strength.
    • Parasol: When trapped in the village of the Ladies of the Shade, Po briefly fought with the use of a parasol, showing decent proficiency.
    • Hand Wraps: Gloves that Po uses to strengthen his punches.
    • Bamboo Staff: A staff made of bamboo that Po can use to fight at a distance.



  • Easily flung a stone hammer into the sky hard enough that it was smoking when it came down
  • Superior to Kim the Invincible, who pushed apart the Great Wall of China
  • Buttbounced Tai Lung hard enough to make the latter smash through a stone building wall, then belly-slammed him so hard he flew above the cloud layer
  • Alongside Tigress, carried a ruby-encrusted stone statue of Oogway several miles without stopping
  • Picked up and tossed the giant crocodile Lidong
  • Chopped a boulder in half with one strike
  • Held up a wooden water tower
  • Held up a giant stone statue of himself
  • Superior to the Furious Five, who fought Tong Fo wielding the Sacred Hammer of Lei-Lang, which can shatter mountains
  • Likely superior to the Whooping Sun Diamond Blade, which can slice through massive boulders in one stroke
  • Without chi, is comparable to Lei Kung, who can create small storms
  • Superior to Tigress, who destroyed a massive boulder when she was younger
  • Superior to Master Black Tortoise, who shattered a meteor with his chi shield (Calc Part 1, Calc Part 2, Calc Part 3. Feat came to 3.068 Tenatons aka Dwarf Star Level)
  • Po’s chi was too much for Kai to absorb. Kai, by this point, had the chi of every other notable Kung Fu Master, in both the Spirit Realm and in the mortal realm.
  • Superior to a depowered Sun Wukong, who reshaped (and had full control over) a dream dimension containing a moon and many stars (although the latter may have been illusions due to the existence of a fake sun in the realm)
  • Skadoosh'd 173,000 tons of clouds.
  • Fought on par with Jindiao after the latter absorbed the Wellspring. The Wellspring is the source of all chi in the universe (Paws of Destiny Episode 1, 13:11), an endless energy source (PoD Episode 11, 00:45), and the source of all light and life in the universe (PoD Episode 24, 9:12). Upon absorbing the Wellspring, Jindiao grew so powerful that he was able to break out of the Spirit Realm with raw power. This is something noted to have never been done before (ruling out the possibility of portal creation like Kai performed). Blue Dragon stated that “the Spirit Realm is a place of great power, and it would require an even greater power to find a way out” (PoD Episode 12, 8:30), implying Jindiao had surpassed the power of the Spirit Realm itself.


  • Ran fast enough to ignite his paws (Mach 5)
  • Reacted to and redirected cannonballs
  • Whilst physically augmented by Chi, ran up several flights of stairs in a couple of seconds.
  • Dodged attacks from Jindiao in his Dragon Form
  • Comparable to Tigress, who caught an arrow without looking
  • Kept up with Tai Lung, who ran up the Jade Palace steps in a couple seconds
  • Can keep up with Crane, who was able to dive downwards at high speed to catch Po when he was falling
  • Dodged Bian-Zao’s electricity, which are stated to be lightning bolts, albeit mystical ones
  • Comparable to Black Tortoise, who was able to create a chi shield around the planet before a meteor could hit (Relativistic)



  • Became the legendary Dragon Warrior
  • When not holding back, casually stomped the Furious Five and Shifu single handedly, multiple times
  • Was one of the only characters able to fight evenly with Fenghuang, the most powerful member of the previous Furious Five (which included Shifu)
  • Defeated Tai Lung, one of the most skilled kung fu masters in Po’s world, and someone who previously could defeat the Furious Five and Shifu with relative ease
  • Learned 3 of the 12 Impossible Moves
  • Beat Tigress in 70 contests in a single day
  • Overcame the power of Shen’s cannon, which killed Master Thundering Rhino in a single hit. Tigress noted how Rhino’s horn defense was “impervious to any technique”.
  • Defeated Lord Shen
  • Defeated Kai, someone who had previously bested Master Oogway
  • Earned his title as Oogway’s successor
  • Entered & returned from the Spirit Realm via his own power
  • Defeated Ke-Pa the demon, who easily destroyed the Jade Palace in a single stroke
  • Fought on par with Dragon Jindiao, the Dragon Master who had absorbed the power of the Wellspring, the most powerful energy source in the Kung Fu Panda universe containing all the universe’s chi. Also fought the White Bone Demon and staggered her, who was also powered by the Wellspring
  • Defeated Jindiao.
  • Successfully mastered advanced chi techniques before even Shifu could
  • Helped train a new generation of kung fu warriors


  • Po is a panda, and pandas are naturally bulky and not all that graceful. As a result, more dextrous abilities can be troublesome for Po.
  • He loves food and can be generally lazy sometimes, meaning that he doesn’t have much experience overall.
  • Po is also sometimes guilty of being too cocky and arrogant due to his title, which has caused him to underestimate characters like Ke-Pa, almost causing total destruction.
  • Po has used many kung fu relics and powers throughout his adventures, but almost all of them are stripped away relatively quickly.
  • Po’s chi, while incredibly potent, has been stolen on at least one occasion, forcing Po to concentrate in order to reclaim it. And while Po can reclaim his chi in the Spirit Realm, and while the Spirit Realm is where Po is at his strongest, it also marks Po at his most vulnerable, as a death in the Spirit Realm is permanent.