Character Profile Wikia
Morty Smith
Series Rick and Morty
Age 15
Birthday September 19th, 2002
Sex Male
Species Human
Height 5 '4" / 162.56 cm
Weight 120 lbs / 54 kg
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Morty Smith is one of the two titular main protagonists of the science fiction adult animated comedy series Rick and Morty.


Morty Smith (September 19th, 2002) is a fifteen year old boy and son of Jerry Smith and Beth Smith. He frequently goes on adventures with his grandpa Rick and occasionally his sister Summer. Morty is a good-hearted, well-mannered kid, although he isn't always the smartest. Despite this, he occasionally shows moments of intellect.

Morty tends to be the opposite of his grandpa. While Rick is rude, self-centered, and a genius, Morty is kind, caring, and somewhat of a dummy. This makes him a perfect sidekick for Rick, as his "Morty waves" cancel out Rick's and makes him undetectable.

Powers and Abilties

  • Car Transformation: Morty has been shown to uncontrollably turn into a car. Rick said he altered Morty's DNA long ago to give him the ability to do this.
  • One True Morty: In the episode "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind", Morty was dubbed the One True Morty by a group of other Mortys after giving them a speech. This causes them to do what he says.



None notable.


None notable.


  • Took hits from much bigger aliens and survived.


  • Figured out how to tell whether or not someone is real or a parasite in the episode "Total Rickall".
  • Manipulated and tricked his grandfather.


  • Crappy Decisions: Although Morty isn't stupid, he's shown to make bad decisions. Especially if it involves something morally right.
  • Uncontrollable Car Transformation: Morty is unable to choose when he turns into a car.
  • No Self-Confidence: Morty often lacks confidence in his choices and himself.
  • Braps Too Much: His braps are very smelly.

Fun Facts

  • Morty shares a voice actor with Rick, as well as Lemongrab from Adventure Time and Blending Blandin from Gravity Falls.