Character Profile Wikia
Miles "Tails" Prower
Series Sonic the Hedgehog (series)
Age 8
Birthday November 21, 1992
Sex Male
Species Mobian/Fox
Height 48cm (Classic) 81cm - 98cm (Modern)
Weight 20 lbs
Alignment Lawful Good
Sonic actually asked me for the first time to do something for him. I won't let him down! I WON'T GIVE UP!
~ Tails

Miles Prower, better known as Tails, is a mobian fox from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is Sonic's best friend.


Tails was born with two tails, but because of this he was often bullied by his peers. One day, he met Sonic and was inspired to become a cool hero like him after seeing him run like the wind. He started to follow him, and eventually became his best friend and sidekick.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Using his twin tails, Tails can spin them to fly.
  • Super Speed: Tails is able to move very fast.
  • High Intelligence: Tails is incredibly smart, inventing many things and even rivaling Dr. Eggman in intelligence.
  • Tail Swipe: Tails does a 360° spin, lashing out with his twin tails to damage any enemies in front of him.
    • Super Tail Swipe: Tails performs a Tail Swipe at high speeds, forming a large, light blue wave as his tails are swung, increasing his attack range.
    • Rapid Tails Attack:An advanced form of the Tail Swipe move where Tails performs a chain of continuous Tail Swipes in rapid succession.
    • Tornado Attack: Tails performs a Tail Swipe at such incredible speeds and force that it forms air currents around him, making him resemble a mini tornado.
  • Spin Attack: Tails curls into a ball while rolling along the ground.
    • Spin Jump: A variant of Spin Dash used to attack enemies mid-jump.
    • Spin Dash: Tails rolls in place to charge up, then dashes forward at high speed in ball form. It is said that Tails was the first to create the spin dash by imitating Sonic's performances.
    • Homing Attack: Tails can spin jump and home in on his enemies and attack them with such velocity and speed.
  • Dummy Ring Bomb: Tails throws several dummy rings that explode on impact.
  • Dummy Ring Snipe: Tails throws a single dummy ring after aiming.
  • Dummy Ring Blitz: Tails throws a box filled with dummy rings from the air that explode and release several dummy rings that explode on contact.
  • Insta-Shield: Tails creates a temporary shield for a split-second that can slash enemies and items within their range without having to touch them.
  • Tails Heal: Tails utilizes a healing machine in order to recover from damage.
  • Magic Hand: Tails uses the Magic Hand to deliver a punch at opponents. The Magic Hand appears to be a boxing glove attached to a spring-like object, allowing him to swing the invention around his body before hitting the opponent.
  • Energy Ball: Tails summons the Energy Ball, a red arm cannon, and shoots a yellow sphere-shaped energy projectile at the opponent.
  • Flick: Tails summons the Big Hand, a large, gloved hand, which appears from underground to flick opponents.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Tails deploys a temporal field around an ally, boosting their speed and granting them the Hyper status effect.
  • Fast Swimming: Tails is able to use his tails to propel himself through the water.
  • Spin Dash: Much like Sonic, Tails is able to spin dash.
  • Tail Swipe: Attacks with tail by whipping it around
  • Thunder Shoot: An attack that shoots an ally as an electrically charged projectile.
  • Expert Pilot: Tails is an expert pilot and can fly his plane with great skill.
  • Healing: Using robots he built called Medi Bots, Tails is able to heal himself and his allies.


  • The Tornado: Although it actually belongs to Sonic, Tails is freely able to use it whenever he needs.
  • The Cyclone: The Cyclone is a Tornado-style mech resembling the Tornado 2. The Cyclone most noticeably has three alternate modes which it can reconfigure its structure into: a plane mode, a walker mode, and a cart mode. In plane mode, it becomes a rocket-powered monoplane. In walker mode, it becomes a bipedal mech suited for combat. In cart mode, it becomes a four-wheeled cart which can drive at high speeds. The Cyclone is one of Tails' most powerful creations, capable of overpowering all kinds of robot drones belonging to GUN and can even overpower Dr. Eggman's Eggwalker. It is armed with various weapons, including the Volkan Cannon mini-gun, a laser target, a grabbling hook, and two kinds of missile launchers which can either shoot homing missiles at locked targets or missile barrages. Its most potent weapon however, is a large multi-colored laser which it can fire from the front.
  • Magic Hook: A boxing glove attached to a spring that Tails using to swing around and hit enemies.
  • Energy Cannon: A hand cannon, à la Mega Man or Samus, that can shoot balls of energy.
  • Big Hand: A giant hand invented by Tails, it is used to flick opponents.
  • Explosives: Tails uses multiple types of explosives to help him in or outside of battle.
    • Bombs: Tails has bombs that he is able to throw at enemies.
    • Napalm Bomb: An incendiary weapon that can burn through dense grass.
    • Chu² Bomb: A mouse-like robot that chases opponents and then explodes near them.
    • Dummy Rings: Tails can use rings that cannot be collected and cause explosive damage to enemies
    • Flash Bangs: Tails uses a flash bang to stun enemies.
  • The Helmet: A black dome with a slit in it for Tails to see through, it makes him impervious to enemy attacks.
  • Ring Boomerang: A ring that Tails can use as a boomerang. It can also be use to pull objects towards him.
  • Medi Bot: Tails deploys a robot that heals him and his allies.
  • Shield Bot: Tails deploys a robot that generates a forcefield.
  • Jet Anklets: Boosts flight speed
  • Rhythm Badge: Helps maintain balance
    • Rapid Tails Attack: A powerful continuous chain of Tail Swipes that requires the Rhythm Badge to use
  • T-Pup: A canine-like robot that can fly via a propeller that comes out of its back, can project holographic images with his eyes and can also use them to cast light, and can even swim and dive underwater. All of those functions are useful for field missions and basic functions.
  • Miles Electric: A multi-functional electronic handheld device that serves as Tails and his allies' most frequently used gadget and tool. It is like an advanced hand-held computer that possesses several advanced functionalities, including video communication and radar operation for detecting hostile targets. It can as well interface with Tornado-1, essentially turning it into a control panel for the bi-plane. In Sonic Colors, Tails upgraded the Miles Electric into an alien translator, allowing it to translate Wisp language, albeit only into binary code, meaning only Tails could read it.

Alternate Forms

Super tails sonic world by nibrocrock-d88omq9.png

Super Tails

Super Tails is Tails' transformation when he uses either the seven Chaos Emeralds or Super Emeralds. As Super Tails, Tails is incredibly strong and fast. He also has unlimited energy, as well has his abilities being boosted as well. He also gains Chaos Energy Manipulation, and can pass it onto Flickies so they can achieve a super state of their own.



  • Is able to destroy and harm large metal robots.
  • Can blow up rock walls with his bombs.


  • Top speed: At least 5x light speed
  • Can run up to 768 mph without his tails
  • Can keep up with Sonic's casual run.
  • As Super Tails, he is able to keep up with Super Sonic.


  • He can take hits from even the strongest bosses and survive.
  • Can be hit with explosions and fire and survive.


  • Tails is an expert plane and mech pilot.
  • Tails has an IQ of 300.
  • He has built many robots and devices that can do many different things.
  • Defeated Wendy Witchcart
  • Saved Station Square from a nuke
  • Defeated the Battle Bird Armada
  • Defeated Eggman on the ARK
  • Unified the Chaos Emeralds to complete the Great Harmony


  • Astrophobic: Tails is afraid of lightning.
  • Low Self-Confidence: Although it has been improving, Tails still lacks self-confidence.
  • Over-Reliability: Usually needs help from Sonic
  • Youthful Naiveté: Still a child with a lack of experience
  • Needs Constant Energy: Tails can only be Super Tails if he has a sufficient source of Ring Energy.
  • Spectrophobic: Tails is also afraid of ghosts.
  • Talks Too Much: Tails is shown to sometimes talk and reveal too much.
  • Meakness Towards Women: Tails is shown to easily get flustered by girls.
  • Dizziness: Gets dizzy easily
  • Lacks hand-to-hand combat skills