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Series Transformers
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
That's because everything I touch is food for my hunger. My hunger for power!
~ Megatron, responding Optimus' words.

Megatron is the main antagonist of the 'Transformer' series. He is the power-hungry tyrant of the Decepticon army.


Eons ago, the deity called Primus created the planet Cybertron, home to a race of robots that could transform into anything on command. Chief among his new creations were the first thirteen, meant to enforce Primus’s will against that of his nemesis - the Chaos Bringer, Unicron. While unity was widespread throughout Cybertron thanks to the efforts of these Primes, one of them - Megatronus, guardian of entropy - betrayed his brothers to seek out more power for himself. So grave was Megatronus’s sin against Primus that his name was struck out of Cybertronian history, until a gladiator-turned-warlord assumed the moniker for his own as he looked to purge his homeworld of weakness: the Decepticon Supreme Commander, Megatron.

Once a lowly miner from the Decepticon capital city Kaon, Megatron was a victim of the rigid caste system that kept him in the lower parts of society. As a gladiator, he used his newfound influence among the masses to fight for a seat within the Cybertronian senate, demanding reform and justice for those who had no voice. In doing so, he would befriend a fellow low-class Autobot worker, Orion Pax, over their shared desire to see a more unified Cybertron. However, as his demands were left unanswered, Megatron turned into a violent revolutionary; now seeking a world where he and his Decepticons controlled everything, he plunged Cybertron into chaos through a civil war against the Autobots - a conflict that would span millions of years.

Megatron’s ambition made him the ideal frontline commander during the War for Cybertron; while equally as ruthless to his enemies and his subordinates, he always led by example by charging headfirst into combat and establishing his dominance. As the conflict grew, so did his own rivalry with Orion Pax - now dubbed Optimus Prime, his counterpart as leader of the Autobot freedom fighters. Even as the battles between the Autobots and the Decepticons raged on past Cybertron’s borders, going so far as to take their war to Earth, Megatron’s willingness to accomplish his goals by whatever means necessary have made him a fearsome foe who will stop at nothing to ensure his enemies are vanquished and his Decepticons reign supreme.

Powers & Abilities

  • Cybertronian Physiology: Like his allies and enemies, Megatron is a native of the planet Cybertron: a Transformer. Alternatively referred to as Cybertronians, they are a race of shapeshifting alien robots said to be created by Primus, a deity whose body makes up the core of Cybertron itself. Despite being purely mechanical beings, they are as sentient and alive as any other living being can be. Their colloquial name is a reference to their signature ability - one which allows them to scan nearly anything and transform into it. While they normally appear as humanoid robots about the size of a small building, their alternate forms allow them to take on the appearances of weapons, vehicles, animals, and more, complete with whatever benefits such transformations can provide. A Cybertronian’s ability to transform is tied to several features within their biology. The first is a transforming cog embedded in their minds, which gives them the mental capacity to activate their transformations consciously alongside their brain module. The second is the “living metal” that comprises their bodies, said to be made of the same substance that makes up Cybertron and by extension, Primus himself. Beneath their highly durable exteriors lies a Spark, their lifeforce, and equivalent of a soul. While Cybertronians are capable of withstanding large amounts of damage directed at their body, they can only be considered truly dead if anything were to directly impact their Sparks or otherwise compromise their brain modules. For the most part, Cybertronians do not rely on breathing air or eating food to replenish themselves. They mainly subsist off Energon, a versatile energy source said to be the building blocks of their very bodies and Sparks and is more or less their own equivalent of food, electricity, blood, fuel, power, and in most cases, a currency for trading and ammunition for specific types of weapons. Almost any material can be processed and converted into Energon with the proper equipment, although its raw form is volatile and unstable; trying to handle it in such a state is dangerous as a stray impact is enough for it to violently explode.
  • Decepticon Combat Training: As mentioned before, Megatron was a gladiator before founding the Decepticons. As such, he has trained and honed his skills to an insane level, making him one of the most skilled fighters on Cybertron. He’s trained in not only hand-to-hand combat but also most forms of weaponry, most notably maces, swords, etc. As a military commander, he’s picked up even more combat experience. He’s skilled enough to fight evenly with the likes of Optimus Prime, defeated squads of Junkions even while half-dead, and could process the entire situation of the war live with the Omniglobe]. He successfully fought an interplanetary war for over 4 million years, and is one of the most skilled Cybertronian combatants alive. Even if he does need to retreat a few dozen times.
  • Black Hole Up-Link: Using the spacebridge technology installed into his body, the Decepticon leader can form a remote link to a black hole in distant space. This allows him to siphon antimatter mined from it as both a weapon and an energy source. The black hole link’s power truly shines, though, in its space-time warping properties. At one point, Megatron was cast adrift in transwarp, on the edge of oblivion. His connection to the black hole allowed him to save himself, transferring his spark countless years into the future. There, he was able to possess the dying body of Reverse Convoy, an autobot who also used a link to a black hole, with this connection allowing Megatron to take over his consciousness. By traveling back through the Blasty Zone his temporal displacement had opened, Megatron was able to immediately return to his present conflict in an all-new body. He was eventually expelled from this new form, however, and transferred back to his rematerialised original body. Presumably, Megatron should be able to do this with any Transformer who uses a black hole link across the timeline, saving himself from death. 
  • Antimatter Manipulation: By far one of the Decepticon leader’s most esoteric abilities, yet arguably his deadliest. When particularly enraged, Megatron can, in a last gambit, draw upon antimatter mined from the distant black hole mentioned above and channel it through his body. This manifests as a sort of aura of antimatter that surrounds Megatron. As long as he can retain stability, Megatron can control and direct it, with this antimatter being so strong as to obliterate even the most powerful Transformers with ease, such as the entire Decepticon Justice Division. If, however, Megatron loses control, the antimatter takes a different form. Instead of being essentially just a weapon, it begins to directly react with everything it comes into contact with, as the antimatter reacts with matter to bypass defenses and explode. This becomes lethal to all, even Megatron himself. He runs the risk of killing himself at this point, so this ability is only to be used in dire situations. If it becomes too dangerous though, he can deactivate the antimatter, or try teleporting away before it detonates upon himself.


  • Fusion Cannon: Mounted on his right arm, this is Megatron’s primary weapon, capable of shooting blasts of energy powerful enough to incapacitate most Autobots and even punch right through them. 
  • Energon Mace: Megatron is a master of hand to hand combat and can fight with virtually any weapon, but his main weapon of choice is a spiked ball & chain made of Energon. Megatron is able to use this to combat Optimus Prime’s axe, and is even able to spin it fast enough to act similar to helicopter blades(which makes no sense because he can fly on his own, but eh, whatever). Much like we pointed out with Optimus’ Energon Axe, it’s worth mentioning that Megatron has only used this weapon in one episode of the G1 cartoon. But, much like Optimus, he’s used it in other G1 sources such as the comics and video games, so it’s safe to use.
  • Rail Gun: Because one gun wasn’t enough he also has another! As the man said in the image above this thing can destroy an entire city in one shot without even being fully charged.
  • Space Bridge: These portals allow for Cybertronians to easily warp intergalactic distances instantly. While usually made through specific gates which must be constructed first, certain bodies of Megatron’s have the ability to create space bridge portals directly.
  • Energon Shield: Weapons aren’t the only things that Energon can create. Megatron is able to generate an arm-mounted shield capable of blocking things like a shot from Starscream, and even attacks from the likes of Optimus and Bumblebee.
  • Buzzsaw: It’s basically his fusion cannon except it shoots out of his arm as opposed to a cannon attached to his arm.
  • Optic Weaponry
  • Force Field Generator: This was a piece of technology originally used by the Autobot Trailbreaker (or Trailcutter/Trailblazer, blame trademarks), a natural part of his body due to his Outlier physiology. After being brutally murdered by Vos and Kaon of the Decepticon Justice Division, Megatron salvaged Trailbreaker’s corpse, and spent months attempting to incorporate the tech into himself. Eventually, he succeeded, using his antimatter as an energy supply to fuel the so-called “Panic Bubbles” and make them even more powerful. Megatron can manually create these bubbles, and alter them in size. They are incredibly durable, to the point where even some of the strongest Transformers such as the DJD can’t break through them. A single bubble was tough enough to withstand all of Megatron’s antimatter detonating at once, an explosion which was sure to kill him and obliterate half the planet he was fighting on. Megatron can also let other people through the shields to trap them, preventing escape.


  • Walther P38: One of Megatron’s most famous alternate modes, he becomes a handgun, which comes with a stock and a silencer. It should be worth noting that the G1 show usually has Megatron’s gun mode wielded by one of his subordinates(usually Soundwave or Starscream), but auxiliary media such as the video games show that Megatron can aim and shoot by himself.
  • Tank Form: Basically Megatron’s gun mode on treads. This is the form that most modern G1 media has him transform. Can shoot and crash into things.
  • Stealth Bomber Form: After being gravely damaged in a climactic battle with his nemesis, Optimus Prime, Megatron was reconstructed in this new and even more powerful stealth bomber body. Connected to space bridge nodes from the Titan Metroplex alongside Megatron’s own black hole up-link, it canfreely open space bridge portals, which can be used for teleportation within a certain range, or for sending away other objects through the portals. Comes equipped with the aforementioned rail gun.
  • Galvatron: After receiving a life-threatening beatdown from Optimus Prime, Megatron was summoned by the planet-eating monster, Unicron, who reformatted him and some of his troops into more powerful bodies. Megatron had become the insane and maniacal Galvatron. As Galvatron, instead of a gun or a tank, he transforms into a cannon on wheels, with many of the same abilities his previous forms gave him, alongside serious mental instability.
  • Super Megatron: After being crushed under an iceberg in the year 2011, Galvatron had seemingly been vanquished for good, remaining inactive for at least 14 more years. That was until the mysterious evil force known as Dark Nova arrived, beaming a blast of energy directly into the makeshift tomb. Galvatron had been revived as Super Megatron. This form is similar to his original body, transforming into a Cybetronian jet. It is capable of fighting evenly with Star Convoy, a being fueled by the power of the Zodiac, which is supposedly the big bang which created all life.
  • Ultra Megatron: Injured again after another battle with the Battlestars, Dark Nova upgraded Super Megatron into the even more weaponised Ultra Megatron. Now transforming into a Cybertronian tank, it joined his benefactor in a final battle against the Battlestars. He was eventually destroyed, however, with his damaged parts falling into the hands of the merciless Lord High Governor, Straxus. Even while inactive though, his mental state proved capable of resisting Straxus’s brainwashing.



  • Dealt damage to Regenesis Shockwave, who was collapsing the main universe and had absorbed the Dead Universe
  • Powerful enough to match and even kill Optimus Prime
  • Destroyed a small mountain 
  • Blew up a stone mound
  • Comparable to Optimus Prime, who lifted and threw a large oil tanker
  • Fusion Cannon shots can stagger Devastator 
  • Lifted and threw Devastator 
  • Punched down the Washington Monument 
  • Blew apart the Deceptigod, the avatar of the D-Void and the entire Dead Universe
  • His antimatter threatened to destroy half a planet upon destabilising 
  • Should scale to Brawn, who threw the Heart of Cybertron more than 2,000 miles
  • Should scale to Devastator, who destroyed a drill that would’ve drilled into the Earth’s core and destroyed the planet 
  • Shot energy blasts powerful enough to defeat Omega Supreme 
  • Should be comparable to Tracks, who stopped a train going “100 mph too fast”
  • Vaporized Starscream as Galvatron 
  • Far above his weaker Decepticons troops, who were able to destroy Ultra Magnus



  • Survived a blast that launched Cybertron out of orbit (calculated by Death Battle to be 4.48 ninatons of TNT in a black box), which only left a few scratches in his armor 
  • Took a hit from Regenesis Shockwave
  • Tanked a blast that nearly caved in a mountain
  • Comparable to Optimus Prime, who survived a blast in Cybertron that could be seen from space
  • Survived a point blank Energon explosion 
  • Survived the explosion of an Antimatter Energon cube that leveled a factory 
  • Can twist his torso 180 degrees 
  • Survived the destruction of the Crystal of Power, which had enough energy to destroy mountains
  • Comparable to Soundwave and Rumble, who survived several Energon cubes exploding in their faces
  • Survived the aforementioned oil tanker being thrown at him by Optimus 
  • Survived falling into lava
  • Walked off a blast which left a large hole in a steel wall
  • Tanked hits from Overlord, a being so powerful, it took the power of the Requiem Blaster to take him down 
    • A shot from the Requiem Blaster left an enormous gash on Cybertron, vaporizing everything in its general direction
  • Tanked hits from a casual Megatronus, who’s powerful to effortlessly kill Predaking and stand his ground against Rodimus Cron, a Unicron-amped Hot Rod
    • Rodimus Cron was casually able to kill the Dinobot Sludge, as well as combiners like Menasor, Computron, Devastator, and Victorion
  • Body can withstand the power of the Heart of Cybertron, which powered the Nemesis to get from Cybertron to Earth.
  • Can survive a military hanger exploding in his face
  • Survived freezing at -480 degrees 
  • Survived being thrown through Unicron’s body


  • Led the Decepticons in the Cybertronian Civil War for over 4 million years
  • Slaughtered the Decepticon Justice Division
  • Ended up joining the Autobots in the IDW continuity
  • Used an Omniglobe to command thousands of battlefields at once
  • Able to manipulate the weaknesses of his enemies. He’s used Grimlock’s arrogance to convince him to turn on Optimus, and Optimus’ sense of honor to have him lose a battle to determine who stays on Earth.
  • Accidentally created sentient electricity that talks like a Pokémon and makes lightsaber noises when it moves 
  • Went toe-to-toe with the Deceptigod


  • Megatron is arrogant to a fault. He constantly thinks he’s the most powerful being in the universe, yet he gets his metal ass handed to him in every episode. Even when he had Optimus himself on death’s door, his arrogance led to a borderline mutual kill.
  • He’s also been overthrown as Decepticon commander several times in the comics

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