Character Profile Wikia
Series Pokémon
Age N/A
Birthday Unknown
Sex 87.5% male, 12.5% female
Species Unknown
Height 3'11" | 1.2 m
Weight 119 lbs | 54 kg.
Alignment True Neutral
Behold, the power of aura!
~ Lucario, Super Smash Bros. series

Lucario is a fourth generation Pokémon, being a dual Fighting and Steel-type.


Lucario is the Aura Pokémon, and the final evolutionary stage of Riolu. Lucario is considered to be prideful, and is extremely loyal to its Trainer. It also seems to have a natural sense of justice. It usually lives deep in mountains very far from people to improve their skills. It is an exceptionally rare Pokémon. A Lucario is believed to have been the first Pokemon to acheive Mega Evolution. Notable Lucario have belonged to Sir Aaron, Riley, Maylene, Cameron, and Korrina.

Powers & Abilities

  • Type Resistances: Lucario's Fighting and Steel type combination makes it resistance to Normal, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Ice, Dragon, and Dark-type attacks, and completely immune to Poison-type attacks.
  • Abilities:
    • Steadfast: Lucario, if made to flinch, has its speed boosted.
    • Inner Focus: Lucario, contrary to its previous ability, can't flinch whatsoever.
    • Justified: Lucario's hidden ability. If hit with a dark attack, its attack increases.
  • Aura: Aura is a spiritual essence contained in every living being. Unlike most people or Pokémon, Lucario is capable of utilizing its own aura for a variety of purposes. It can sense the auras of others, allowing them to track people, or see without using its eyes, read the minds and actions of others, project aura in the form of barriers or attacks, transfer its aura into another living being to heal them, though this can be fatal to Lucario, or activate Time Flowers, which project visions of past events from when they were last activated. In the Super Smash Bros. video game series, Lucario can use his aura to boost the power of his attacks as he takes damage, with his strength boosting as he takes more damage.


  • Aura Sphere: While not its signature attack, it is the move most associated with it, and was the first to use it. Lucario summons up its aura into a ball that homes onto its target. It can be charged for more power, more Aura Spheres, or for a stun effect. Lucario can also release multitude of smaller spheres.
  • Endure: Lucario braces itself, letting it survive an attack that would otherwise defeat it. This move increases in potential failing unless another move is used in between.
  • Force Palm: Lucario hits the opponent with a shock wave generated from its hand, releasing a short burst of energy at the end. It has a chance to paralyze.
  • Copycat: Lucario uses the last move used by the opponent.
  • Screech: Lucario emits a horrid screech, lowering defense.
  • Reversal: Lucario uses an attack that does more damage the worse off it is.
  • Nasty Plot: Lucario thinks evil thoughts, which raises its special attack.
  • Final Gambit: Lucario sacrifices itself to do damage based on how well off it was prior to the execution of the move. Due to the mechanics of it, it is pretty much useless for a vs match, though it technically ignores durability.
  • Focus Punch: Lucario focuses its energy, and if it is not interrupted before it executes the move, it does devastating damage. Lucario can only learn this move in Gen V as a Riolu in the Dream World, though even with those requirements, it's still a naturally learned move.
  • Dark Pulse: Lucario releases a wave of horrid aura to damage the opponent. The amount of "evil" in this move can cause the enemy to flinch. Can only be learned naturally in Gens IV and V.
  • Life Dew: Lucario spreads miracle healing water around it with enough range to heal its allies too.
  • Rock Smash: Lucario smashes the opponent like it would a rock. This has a chance to lower the opponent's defense.
  • Nasty Plot: Lucario thinks evil thoughts that allow it to sharply raise its special attack.
  • Laser Focus: Lucario focuses up, guaranteeing the next hit to be a critical one. Critical hits bypass physical and special defense buffs.
  • Helping Hand: Lucario claps for its ally, which raises their special and physical attack.
  • Foresight: Lucario identifies the target, making ghosts and other intangible beings able to be hit with normal attacks.
  • Quick Attack: Lucario attacks the opponent while moving faster than the eye can track.
  • Detect: Lucario predicts an attack coming, and dodges it. This move lowers in succession unless another move is used in between.
  • Metal Claw: Lucario slashes the opponent with claws of iron. This has a chance to raise attack.
  • Counter: Lucario takes a physical hit, and does double damage back.
  • Feint: Lucario hits the opponent, getting past barriers like Protect and precognition like Detect.
  • Power-Up Punch: Lucario gathers energy in its fist and hits the opponent, raising its attack in the process.
  • Swords Dance: Lucario does a fighting dance that sharply increases attack.
  • Metal Sound: Lucario creates a horrible metallic screech that lowers special defense.
  • Bone Rush: Lucario creates an energy bone, which it uses to beat down the opponent with earth energy.
  • Quick Guard: Lucario creates a barrier that prevents it from being hit solely with moves that attempt to go first (simply being faster or using a speed-boosting technique, like Pikachu's Agility, doesn't count), and nothing else. This move lowers in use unless a move is used in between. However, in the anime, the move blocks all moves regardless, and in Mystery Dungeon, it blocks any move from more than one space away.
  • Me First: Lucario takes the move the opponent was about to use, and uses it itself prior to the opponent's execution of it, while somehow making it stronger.
  • Work Up: Lucario riles itself up, raising both, its attack and its special attack.
  • Calm Mind: Lucario focuses itself, raising its two special stats.
  • Heal Pulse: Lucario fires a burst of energy that heals those that it hits. This move, funnily enough, started out as a TCG move, but became a real move in Gen V. This move has been shown to heal the user sometimes.
  • Meteor Mash: Lucario punches incredibly hard and quickly like a meteor. This has a chance to raise its attack stat.
  • Close Combat: Lucario rushes the opponent with no regards to defense. It does massive damage, but lowers defense and special defense in the process.
  • Dragon Pulse: Lucario fires a burst of damaging draconic aura.
  • Extreme Speed: Lucario blitzes the opponent with the fastest attack any Pokémon can learn. In Pokken Tournament, it has Counter properties.
  • Shadow Ball: Exclusive to Pokemon GO, Lucario throws a shadowy blob of ghostly energy. The move has a chance to lower the opponent's special defense.
  • Agility: Lucario relaxes and lightens its body, which sharply increases its speed.
  • Bite: Lucario bites the opponent with dark energy, which can cause them to flinch.
  • Blaze Kick: Lucario coats its foot in fire and kicks the opponent. It can potentially cause burning (which halves attack and does continuous damage) and has a high critical hit ratio.
  • Bullet Punch: Lucario attempts to blitz the opponent with a tough steel straight punch reminiscent of bullets. It will do its best to go first.
  • Circle Throw: Lucario grabs the opponent powerfully and throws the opponent as far away as it can. In the games, this ends a wild Pokémon battle or switches out the Pokémon with another party member in a trainer battle.
  • Cross Chop: Lucario brings its hands down in a dual karate chop in an x fashion. It has a high chance to hit critically.
  • Crunch: Lucario crunches down on the opponent with dark energy. It has a chance to lower the defense of the opponent.
  • Follow Me: Lucario draws the attention of the opponents to itself. This is useless, if not, detrimental, in a versus match (or at least a 1v1).
  • High Jump Kick: Lucario jumps high in the air and attempts to perform a jump kick on the opponent. If it hits, it does massive damage. If it misses, it does a good amount of damage back on Lucario.
  • Howl: Lucario howls, which raises its attack.
  • Iron Defense: Lucario hardens its body like it was iron, sharply increasing its defense.
  • Low Kick: Lucario kicks the opponent near the ground, causing them to trip. The heavier the opponent, the more damage the move does.
  • Mind Reader: Lucario looks into the opponent's mind, reading their movements, and locks on to them. Lucario's next attack will not miss, even if the opponent gets out of range.
  • Sky Uppercut: Lucario uses a rising uppercut and follows through to the point where he and the opponent go airborne. If the opponent is flying, it does extra damage.
  • Vacuum Wave: Lucario whirls its hand and sends a wave of pure vacuum to attack the opponent before it can react. This move will normally go first.
  • Focus Energy: Lucario takes a deep breath and focuses to raise its critical-hit ratio.

Alternate Forms

Mega Lucario

Lucario's Mega Evolution, which can only be activated by a Trainer who has a strong bond with Lucario, a Key Stone, and the proper Mega Stone. While Mega Evolved, all of Lucario's stats but HP and Special Defense gain large buffs. The black streaks covering Mega Lucario's body are where the energy of Mega Evolution raced through its body, and its fighting style has been described by those who've seen it as heartless. Mega Lucario is thought to be the first Mega Evolution discovered.

  • Adaptability: The ability of Mega Lucario. Moves that have the same type of Lucario do double damage.
  • Aura Storm: After flying off into the sky, it reappears and then launches a powerful Aura beam against all foes within a long distance. The last pulse from this attack will always be the most powerful.
  • Aura Blast: Lucario's strongest move in Pokken Tournament, only able to be used in Burst Mode. Lucario rushes ahead and uppercuts the opponent into the air. While the opponent is elevated, Lucario charges a bunch of Aura Spheres around itself and subsequently fires them. Lucario ends by firing a large beam, resulting in a huge blue explosion. This move pierces counters, preventing the move from being counterattacked, absorbed, or reflected.



  • (8th Movie) Broke free from Registeel's grip and can match the power of Regirock's Hyper Beam.
  • (8th Movie) Its Aura Sphere was able to block a Hyper Beam from Registeel.
  • (Maylene's Lucario) Blew the roof off Maylene's gym when its Aura Sphere collided with Buizel’s Water Pulse
  • (Maylene's Lucario) Overpowered Ash's Buizel.
  • (Maylene's Lucario) Mangled a steel claw.
  • (Riley's Lucario) Knocked down an Aggron with a Close Combat.
  • (Riley's Lucario) Destroyed his own Poke Ball.
  • (Cameron's Riolu) Lifted a Gigalith.
  • (Nate's Lucario) Even with a defensive move (most likely Protect) in use, Aura Sphere could still blow the top off an ice pillar


  • (8th Movie) Was faster than a speeding car.
  • (8th Movie) Can jump pretty high.
  • (8th Movie) Dodged multiple logs while blinded
  • (Maylene's Lucario) Can dodge a barrage of Bubble Beams without being hit once.
  • (Cameron's Lucario) Could move at speeds that even Ash's Pikachu couldn't react to.


  • (8th Movie) Gets strangled and electrocuted by Registeel.
  • (Korrina's Lucario) Got back up from a blast that blew the roof off a building
  • (Riley's Lucario) Endured Pikachu's Thunderbolt attacks.
  • (Riley's Lucario) Alongside Riley, prevented the destruction of Iron Island.
  • (Korrina's Lucario) Takes a Blaze Kick from a Blaziken and is fine
  • (Gurkinn's Lucario) Easily blocked attacks from a Mega Lucario.



  • Type Weaknesses: Lucario takes double damage from Fighting, Ground, and Fire-type attacks.
  • Lack of Defense: His defenses are pretty lacking for a Steel-type, so he tends to compensate for this via speed. Unfortunately, that means he may struggle against foes who can keep up with him.
  • Enough Damage: While taking damage does increase the power of his attacks, it takes a lot of damage before Lucario is 100% maxed out, so a good enough blow could either get him the win, or take him right out.