Series The Legend of Zelda
Age Around 17
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!
~ Link

Link is the protagonist of the CDi Zelda Game: Link: The Faces of Evil.


Not much is known about this incarnation of Link, all that is known is that he lives with Zelda and the King of Hyrule, he is the Hero of Korodai, and that he and Zelda are the only beings who can defeat Ganon.


  • Bombs: An exploding item that can destroy boulders.
  • Book of Korodai: A sacred book of many secrets that can imprison evil and beings of evil.
  • Firestones: Balls of fire that work most effectively on Ice based enemies.
  • Lantern of Vision: Brightens up areas and allows link to see invisible objects.
  • Power Glove: Gauntlets that allow Link to kill most of his enemies without ease and can break boulders with ease.
  • Snowballs: Balls of ice/snow that work most effectively on fire based enemies (somehow).
  • Winged Helmet: Makes Link's jumps go for a higher and longer distance.
  • Fire Sword: A sword embedded with the Fire Diamond that swipes with incredible power and can shoot projectiles strong enough to blow up houses.
  • Reflecting Shield: A Shield that can block attacks and reflects projectiles for twice the damage.



  • Can break and Lift boulders with the Power Glove.



  • Endured hits from Ganon who can kill men just by looking at them.


  • Can somehow kill ghosts.
  • Defeated the powerful wizard, Gorunu.


  • Seems to focus more on power than he does agility and speed.
  • Once was captured by Ganon and trapped in a mirror.
  • His games. Especially the cutscenes.

Fun Facts

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