Character Profile Wikia
Kuro (Klahadore)
Series One Piece
Age 33 (debut)
35 (after timeskip)
Birthday April 22nd
Sex Male
Species Human
Height 207 cm (6’9")
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
I'm done with being a pirate... Do you wish me to fight as a normal citizen?
~ Kuro.

Captain Kuro is an East Blue pirate from the One Piece series.


Tired of being a pirate, Kuro hatched a plan for Morgan to take his double to be executed in his place with the help of his pirate Jango's hypnosis. Kuro went to Syrup Village wearing a destitute appearance, and was taken in by Kaya's wealthy father, where he eventually became Kaya's butler under the code name Klahadore. Kuro planned for Kaya to leave him his wealth in his will and then kill her with the help of his old crew, and he worked to gain the villagers' trust to ensure no one suspected he was Kaya's heritage.

3 years later, Kuro decided to put his plan into action, however, he wanted to prevent Usopp from reaching Kaya to tell his lies, so he was punched in the face, in which Klahadore's face was hurt. Kuro then found a new pair of glasses Kaya had given him to celebrate his third birthday at work, and he stepped on them as he grew bloodthirsty at the sight of the crescent moon. As Merry was shocked by his action, Kuro stated that he wanted everything Kaya owned and decided to give up his act as he unraveled his claws and cut Merry. The next morning, Kuro waited for his crew at the agreed time, but, due to the delay, he went to them, where he ended up finding his pirates being stopped by the Straw Hats. Kaya then came to the clearing to face Kuro, having learned of his betrayal due to Merry managing to survive. Kaya said that she would give Kuro anything he wanted if he left the village, but Kuro told her that she needed to die to keep someone from going after him. Kaya then drew a pistol and pointed it at Kuro, but he was able to weaken her resolve and make her drop it, degrading her and the memories they had shared for the past three years. Usopp ran to attack Kuro, but Kuro dodged him with his speed and yearned to repay Usopp for punching him the day before. Before Kuro could attack, however, Luffy punched him with Gomu Gomu no Pistol and knocked him down. Luffy and Kuro then began to fight while his subordinate Jango would go after Kaya and the children in the forest. Taking the worst in the battle, Kuro got angry and thus began to cut off his entire crew and Luffy using his enormous speed along with his cat gloves, which made Luffy get furious with the attitude taken by Kuro and kill his own allies. Luffy then grabbed Kuro and thus used the Gomu Gomu no Kane, defeating Captain Kuro who was thrown to his crew who eventually fled the place.

Powers & Abilities

  • Nuki Ashi: Kuro performs a maneuver that combines speed and stealth for almost undetectable movement, moving at superhuman speeds, about 100 meters in 5 seconds, almost appearing to have teleported. His inhuman speed is due to his powerful legs, so he also has powerful kicks.
    • Creeping Cat: He has more control over his speed and moves freely while appearing invisible. The downside is that he needs to return to normal speed when starting attacks, making him automatically visible at that point.
    • Shakushi: Kuro's ultimate technique, he boosts himself at the fastest speed he can, killing everything his claws hit over a large area at random.


  • Cat Claws: Cat gloves Kuro owns, in which each nail is a large katana.



  • Easily massacred a navy ship.
  • He kicked Luffy in the face, throwing him away.
  • He managed to cut off his crew members and also cut off Luffy.


  • Fast enough to dodge Sham and Buchi's attacks and trap them, placing his claws in their necks as a threat.
  • He dodged Usopp's blow and placed his claws between Usopp's head.
  • He easily dodged a punch from Luffy, managing to kick him in the face before he could pull his arm.
  • The same began to cut all his crew at a speed that they could not even see the same.
  • His speed was enough to be able to defeat a navy ship.


  • He took a punch from Usopp and ignored the wound.
  • He received a Gomu Gomu with Luffy's pistol in his face.
  • He was thrown to the ground by Luffy and still got up.


  • Defeated several marines from a navy ship.
  • It has a great speed that its subordinates are afraid of.
  • He showed the Nyaban Brothers that he was still very strong, placing his claws close to their throats.
  • He blocked Zoro and Usopp's way, temporarily preventing them from going after Jango.


  • When using Shakushi, he cannot see where he is going and attacks randomly, he becomes furious and attacks anyone, even allies, when he sees a crescent moon.

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