Character Profile Wikia
Series Kirby (series)
Age 30
Birthday April 27, 1992
Sex Male (localizations)
Gender Neutral (Japan)
Species Kirbys
Height 0'8"(20 cm)
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good
~ Kirby Smash taunt since 64

Kirby is the titular pink puff and main character of Nintendo's game series 'Kirby'. Kirby lives in his dome-shaped home in Dream Land, a country on his home planet called 'Planet Popstar'. His adventures take him throughout Dreamland and occasionally into the local star system for various reasons mostly to save his homeland. His name in Japanese is カービィ (Kābī or Kābyi).


Kirby is a warrior destined for greatness. He came to Dream Land during a Spring Breeze, where he saved Dream Land from the selfish King Dedede. The people of Dream Land thank him by building him a dome-shaped house. Kirby soon became a regular denizen of Dream Land and constantly saves Dream Land from the gluttonous Dedede, Dark Matter, or a cosmic villain.

Powers & Abilities

  • Float: Kirby's weight is unknown, but he is able to float for an infinite time. (Although this was not the case in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards)
  • Inhale: One of Kirby's basic attacks and his signature move both in his games and SSB series. He is able to suck in enemies and copy their abilities; with a little more effort he can also spit them out in form of star projectiles. He can eat almost everything: large rockets, energy beams, ghosts, poison, most of a gigantic cake, large groups of enemies, as well as King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Dee (at once) and with no trouble at all.
    • Copy Abilities: Using the power of inhaling, he is granted to copy any type of enemies ability, but when he gets hit, he might lose the ability. Here is the list of abilities:
      • Animal - Kirby grows claws and can dig through rough soil.
      • Archer - Kirby gains a bow and quiver and can shoot arrows.
      • Backdrop - Allows Kirby to grab an enemy and perform a backdrop on it. The precursor to several other abilities.
      • Ball - Kirby turns into a ball and can bounce up and down.
      • Balloon - Kirby turns into a light balloon that can burst, defeat enemies in an area.
      • Baton - Kirby zaps the enemy with a baton, taking control of its movement (only present in the anime "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!").
      • Beam - Kirby gains a magic wand and can shoot several different types of beams, from wave beams to large energy spheres.
      • Beetle - Kirby wears a beetle head helmet and can stab enemies with the horn.
      • Bell - Kirby grabs two bells and attacks enemies ringing them.
      • Bomb - Kirby can produce and throw an infinite number of bombs from his hands.
      • Bubble - Kirby can produce a plethora of bubbles, which absorb and defeat the enemies.
      • Burning - Kirby dashes forwards in a fiery ball. Later became a part of Fire's moveset.
      • Circus - Kirby can juggle, make balloon animals, and jump through a hoop.
      • Clean - Kirby gets a broom and sweeps enemies to death. We're not kidding.
      • Copy - Kirby can copy an enemy's ability without eating it.
      • Cupid - Kirby gains wings, being more manoeuvrable in flight and shoots arrows.
      • Cutter - Kirby can attack with and throw a sharp boomerang.
      • Doctor - Kirby gains a lab coat and can start crafting potions to attack the enemies.
      • ESP - Kirby gains psycho-kinetic powers (a reference to the videogame "Mother", known as "Earthbound" in America.)
      • Fire - Kirby gains pyrokinesis and can attack with fire.
      • Fighter - Gains a bandanna and much greater skill in martial arts, can pull off many moves resembling those of Ryu from the "Street Fighter" franchise and is one of his most versatile abilities.
      • Freeze - Can breathe an ice mist that freezes opponents and other obstacles making it possible for Kirby to kick them at other enemies. Was later incorporated into ice.
      • Ghost - Kirby becomes an intangible spirit and can possess enemies.
      • Hammer - Gains a large hammer that he can use to crush enemies, he can charge it up to produce incredibly powerful blows.
      • Hi-Jump - Increases Kirby's jumping capabilities, allowing him to jump or dive straight through blocks.
      • Ice - Gives Kirby cryokinesis, allowing him to create and manipulate ice at will.
      • Iron - Kirby turns partially metallic, gains a staff to deflect attacks and can turn into a golden statue of himself (only present in the anime "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!").
      • Jet - Kirby gains a jetpack, and can charge it up to propel himself forward at high speeds.
      • Kabuki - Kirby is dressed in a warrior-monk's outfit and hat and carries a rod to smack enemies with (only present in the anime "Kirby: Right Back at Ya!").
      • Laser - Gives Kirby the ability to fire highly concentrated beams of energy at opponents. Fast, but notably weaker than other abilities.
      • Leaf - Kirby can cause leaf whirlwinds, summons a beanstalk, and even become invulnerable by hiding in a leaf pile.
      • Magic - Gains a large top hat, and can do all sorts of magic attacks, such as releasing doves, throwing cards, and even summoning a giant jack-in-the-box.
      • Metal - Turns Kirby into solid metal, slowing him down, but giving him a large boost in strength and durability.
      • Mini - Becomes small enough to fit into tiny crevices. Cannot float or inhale while in this form.
      • Mirror - Can reflect projectiles, create barriers, and produce clones of himself.
      • Missile - Turns into a missile and flies towards enemies and obstacles.
      • Needle - Gains a spiky helmet, and can shoot spikes and extend the needles on his helmet to prick enemies,
      • Ninja - Gains ninja-esque abilities (such as being able to cling to walls), and can throw knives, swing a katana, and disappear in a puff of smoke, among other abilities.
      • Parasol - Protects against nearly all projectiles, and slows his descent when falling.
      • Plasma - Gains the ability to shoot plasma bolts, and he can build up kinetic energy to fire a more powerful blast. Later incorporated into Spark.
      • Poison - Similar to water (see down below), but with puddles of poisons that leave a residue.
      • Smash - Gains his Super Smash Bros. moveset. Includes Hammer, Fighter, Cutter, and Stone, among many other moves.
      • Spark - Kirby can electrically charge himself, create an electric force field, and can fire lightning bolts from his body.
      • Spear - Can produce and throw an infinite amount of spears, which have a long-range and are good in close-quarters-combat.
      • Stone - Kirby turns to stone to land on enemies and becomes almost completely invulnerable to attacks.
      • Suplex - Can grab enemies, and perform a large number of different throws, backdrops, and suplexes on whoever is unfortunate enough to be caught. by the grab
      • Sword - One of his most famous abilities. Dons a green Link-esque cap, and can perform over a dozen moves with his sword. It can also fire beams when at full health.
      • Throw - Can grab and throw enemies in one of four directions. Later incorporated into Suplex.
      • Top - Kirby can send out dozens of spinning tops with star designs on them, which can slice up anything they touch and then explode. It is very similar to the Yo-Yo ability.
      • Tornado - Can turn into a nigh-invulnerable whirlwind, speeding all around the area.
      • UFO - Turns into a flying saucer. Kirby can fire different, chargeable beams that vary in power and range.
      • Water - Gains hydro-kinesis, allowing Kirby to create streams of water, surf on land, and even spew waterfalls.
      • Wheel - Allows Kirby to transform into a tire, and roll around at high speeds.
      • Whip - Straight from Indiana Jones, Kirby gets a long-ranged whip, with which he can grab and pull enemies and items.
      • Wing - Kirby gains wings, increasing his already superb flight capabilities. He can also fire razor-sharp feathers, and perform loops and dives in the air.
      • Wrestler - Wrestler focuses grabs and body blow maneuvers to deal damage.
      • Yo-Yo - Kirby can whip around a yo-yo to attack enemies, can do a hammer drop, and, most importantly, breakdance!
  • Super Copy Abilities: By absorbing a Super Enemy, he can get one of five Super Abilities, which are copy abilities enhanced multiple times over.
    • Ultra Sword: Kirby can slash opponents multiple times at high speeds with various oversized swords and sword-like objects. It is strong enough to overpower Magalor and chop a volcano in half.
    • Monster Flame: Can summon a massive fire dragon that covers almost the entire screen.
    • Flare Beam: Kirby summons a gigantic energy ball that can be moved around to attack enemies or activate out-of-range switches.
    • Snow Bowl: Kirby turns into a big snowball, and can roll over nearly everything in his path.
    • Grand Hammer: Can use an enormous, chargeable hammer that can create shockwaves, and is many, many times more powerful than his regular hammer ability.


  • Hammer: After swallowing a enemy with a mallet, Kirby can use his copy ability and gain a hammer. He also have his own Hammer.
  • Sword: After swallowing an enemy with a sword, Kirby uses the Sword Ability, giving him a sword.
  • Star Rod: By inhaling his Warp Star, Kirby obtains the Star Rod, allowing him to fire stars and beams from it, and it alone possesses enough destructive capability to destroy a part of the moon. Even when it cuts through small pieces, it is easily shown to be put back into pieces.
  • Warp Star: Kirby's main mode of transportation. He can summon it at any time by calling it from his cell phone, or he can simply create one at any time. It can either travel without Kirby's aid and even fly when over-encumbered. He can also inhale it to obtain the Star Rod. It can smash through walls, gates, boulders and enemies and has attacks that involves spinning or bashing. It can travel through between planets and even galaxies regularly and can decently weave through obstacles.
  • Rainbow Sword: By collecting all of the Rainbow Drops, Kirby obtained this sword, which is specifically designed to destroy darkness.
  • Triple Star Cane: A special cane belonging to Daroach. It can fire up to three stars at a time, doing massive damage to evil entities.
  • Galaxia: A legendary sword. While not technically his sword, Meta Knight has often lent it to him on occasion.
  • Robobot Armour: A mech that Kirby hijacked from the Haltmann Work Company. The armour can copy enemy abilities, just like Kirby. It can casually lift large objects or even destroy them, and the arm can transform into a drill or a wrench which have impressive weight. It can restore the pilot in full health. It has flight capabilities with the Jet ability, it's strong enough to rip planet-sizes robots in half, and can make long jumps. It can make a giga-size drill which can rip through Star Dream, who is a planet-sized computer and reality warper, can destroy two huge walls armed with teeth with defensive artillery, and can shoot down an upgraded version of the Kabula.
    • Halberd Mode: A powerful mode of the Robobot armour. Once it scan's Meta Knight's ship, it turns into a pink version of Meta Knight's halberd. It is powerful enough to fight off the shell, the heart and the body of a robotic planet and can blow off large flaming meteors. Capable of travelling from the ocean depths to the far reaches of outer space within a minute. Also, the front switch is used to eject Kirby of the ship.
      • Combo Cannon: Halberd can shoot a continuous stream of fire that is its main move and projectile. It can also comes with an impressive laser cannon despite not being used against the Star Dream.
      • Planet Buster: A more powerful move than the standard Combo Cannon, the blasts can become even more powerful, stronger and dangerous depending on how much Kirby inhales.
      • Capture Inhale: He can inhale the debris of space and can convert it into energy for the Planet Buster.
      • Sail Wing: The Halberd can perform a barrel dodge, deflect or even destroy both physical and energy based attacks.
  • Bow:
  • Parasol
  • Whip
  • Spear
  • Broom
  • Love-Love Stick

Alternative Forms

  • Hypernova Kirby: By absorbing a Miracle Fruit, Kirby can transform into his Hypernova form, which increases his already insane inhale capabilities. In this form, he can inhale anything, from giant tanks to kaiju-sized monsters. He can inhale gigantic lasers and several incredibly sized eels. The Hypernova is strong enough for Kirby to throw four dragons into a volcano which caused to erupt badly as well as redirecting missiles and pulling a large metal block.



  • Cracked in half Planet Popstar with just a karate chop.
    • In the manga he completely destroyed Popstar
  • Threw a monster-sized Popon all the way to the sun.
  • Punched a hole in the earth.
  • Reflected a meteor with just simple cannonballs.
  • Can throw foes into different planets.
  • Decimates several incredibly large peg-shaped buildings. Each of them is large enough to reach outer space and is wide enough to cover an entire small continent.
  • Regularly chucks Dedede miles away through the sky.
  • Kirby once systematically destroyed a massive warship while fighting off Meta Knight's army in the process. He destroyed the ship's gun, the ship's left wing, indirectly destroyed the ship's right wing during the fight and finally baited the security system to shoot off the reactor.
  • Reduced giant robots to scrap metal several times.
  • Defeated both Master Hand and Crazy Hand on his own.
  • Defeated a mini-boss that can quickly cut mountains in half.
  • With the Ultra Sword ability, sliced a volcano clean in half.


  • Able to run on water.
  • His Warp Star is able to travel faster than light.
  • With Wheel ability, drove around the entire kingdom of Dream Land about five times.
  • Can outrun light-consuming vortexes by Magolor and Marx.
  • Can catch with his mouth enemies that fly at high speeds.
  • Able to display a split-second reaction time.
  • With the Circus Ability, can leave blur lines from attacks.
  • With the Ninja Ability, can perform faster-than-an-eyesight attacks.
  • With the Fighter Ability, his punches and kicks are supersonic and jabs so quickly that looks as if he's attacking from multiple angles at a time.
  • With the Jet ability, it's heavily implied that he can fly at least at Mach 1.


  • Survived a planet-explosions.
  • Survive 1000 tons of pressure.
  • Has been able to fight in black holes
  • Tanked hits with the likes of Magalor (who has unlimited magic potential) and Marx (who absorbs every life on a planet).
  • Shrugs off hits from King Dedede with ease.
  • Shrugs off getting trampled by a stampede.
  • Tanks really long falls.
  • Shrugs off being spit into orbit.
  • Can continue fighting after taking two shots from a massive cannon.
  • Gets shot through several layers of brick, only stopping after he destroys a large bell with his body. He's perfectly fine afterwards and immediately follows up on this by running an obstacle course.
  • Had once a battle that caused earthquakes and could collapse an ocean wave.


  • Defeated Nightmare and Dark Matter.
  • Defeated Magolor who has a crown that gives people cosmic powers, and is powerful enough to conquer the entire universe, though Kirby needs Super Abilities to destroy and uses his regular powers to fight him off for the vast majority of the fight.
  • Destroyed Nova, who is planet sized.
  • Built a Rocket Ship in a minute.
  • Defeated Meta Knight on different occasions, one of the strongest knights in the galaxy.
  • Defeated Marx twice, who gains enough power to conquer a planet.
  • Defeated Queen Sectoria, who is a magic manipulator and body snatcher, and merges herself with a giant plant that made her large enough to squeeze an entire planet.
  • Defeated Yin-Yan while having a power nerf, who rips apart planet Yarn.
  • Defeated Claycia, who can drain all of the life on Earth and create a solar system in place.
  • Defeated Drawcia who turned Kirby into paint and turned him into blobs.
  • Defeated Necrodeus who can destroy floating islands simply by shouting.
  • Got all the pieces of the Star Rod back from Dedede's army and the King himself.
  • Saved Planet Popstar on multiple occasions.
  • Regularly beats King Dedede both in one-on-one and much more unfair fights


  • Very Impulse-Driven: Kirby has shown to act on impulse on multiple occasions, and it's more or less a double-edged sword. An example of this is when he accuses Dedede of interfering with the Fountain of Dreams in Kirby's Adventure, and then leaves to retrieve the pieces of the shattered Star Rod without even letting Dedede explain himself. This recklessness can often lead him into trouble or cause him to create trouble (such as when he accidentally released Nightmare). However, in recent games, he seemingly no longer does impulsive acts. 

Fun Facts

  • It is speculated that Kirby's name is named after a vacuum product, Kirby. It's no surprise that a vacuum Kirby and Kirby himself can suck things up.
    • Not only that, but it is also speculated he is named after a lawyer called 'John Kirby'. The same lawyer that stopped the case Nintendo's copyright claim of Donkey Kong and King Kong.
  • Kirby was originally going to be named PoPoPo. This was referenced in Kirby Mass Attack, where there's a place named PoPoPo Islands.
  • Kirby was originally white on the Gameboy game cover-arts, because the developers were unsure of what color to make Kirby, due to the Gameboy being black-and-white.