Character Profile Wikia
Series Hunter × Hunter
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment True Neutral

Kastro is a minor character from Hunter × Hunter, only appearing in the Heavens Arena arc.


Kastro was a fighter in Heavens Arena aiming to become a floor master. Two years prior to the events of the show, he was defeated by Hisoka and because of that event, he trained to improve his Nen to have a rematch against Hisoka.

Powers & Abilities

  • Nen: Kastro is able to use the primary source of power in Hunter X Hunter, which is Nen. Nen is a technique in which someone can manipulate their life energy or aura. Kastro has been shown to be able to suppress is aura to mask his present, sensing others' aura to a great extent and to enhance his physical strength, though it's likely he can other Nen abilities too. In Hunter X Hunter so do everybody have a certain type aura which can effect their Nen abilities. Kastro have the type that is called Enhancement, which means he can increase the aura of objects and his own body better than non-Enhancers. He has some Nen based abilities which are:
    • Tiger Bite Fist: An attack where Kastro strengthens his hands, places them to mimic the claws and fangs of a tiger and attacks with great strength.
    • Doubleganger: An ability he has kept hidden until his rematch with Hisoka where he creates an double of himself that can attack or trick his opponent.
    • True Tiger Bite Fist: Kastro creates an double and both attacks with Tiger Bite Fist simultaneously.



  • His Tiger Bite Fist decapitated Hisoka's arms. (chapter 53 & 54)




  • Could trick and sneak up on Killua. (chapter 52)
  • Hadn't lost any matches in the 200th floor in Heavens Arena expect against Hisoka.


  • He needs a lot of focus to create or to sustain the double.