Character Profile Wikia
Kalluto Zoldyck
Series Hunter X Hunter
Age 10
Birthday N/A
Sex Male
Species Human
Height 4′11″ (150cm)
Weight 31kg (77 lbs)
Alignment Neutral Evil
I underestimated them... I thought I'd rise quickly in their ranks. I'm far inferior... almost hopeless. But I won't give up. I'm used to waiting it out. No matter how many years it takes... I want to get my brother back.
~ Kalluto

Kalluto Zoldyck is the younger brother of Killua and a secondary character in Hunter X Hunter.


Kalluto Zoldyck is the younger brother of Killua. He was initially introduced accompanying his mother during Gon's retrieval of Killua from Kukuroo Mountain. Kalluto appears again during the Phantom Troupe arc, assisting his older brother Illumi with the assassination of the ten mafia dons that placed bounties on the Phantom Troupe's heads. After the Phantom Troupe's entrance into Greed Island, Kalluto joins as Hisoka's replacement. During the Phantom Troupe's assault on Zazan's palace in Meteor City, he reveals he joined the Spiders with the intention of finding his missing older brother Killua.

Powers & Abilities

  • Nen: Nen is the ability to use the user's vital energy, or aura, and manipulate it. Kalluto is a Manipulator-type Nen user.
    • Surveillance Paper Dolls: By attaching a piece of confetti to a person's body and creating a paper doll of that person, Kalluto can hear anything being said in the vicinity of that person, allowing him to gain valuable information without being detected. Not even skilled Nen users such as members of the Phantom Troupe realized that the technique was being used on them.
    • Dance of the Serpent's Bite: The technique is initiated when Kalluto raises his hand and drops a certain amount of paper confetti. By swinging his fan in the air with elegant movements, he can lift them up and throw them at his opponent from various angles. If someone sticks to his body, he can move his fan again to gather the remaining confetti and hurl them at the opponent again, accumulating them in the form of a stream resembling a snake. Snaking through the air, the stream pierces the part of the body where the confetti had previously stuck. If there is more than one, Kalluto can gather the confetti again to repeat the attack. Using this ability multiple times, Kalluto was able to rip through the body of a chimera ant without difficulty.
    • Zetsu: Stops the flow of your body's aura completely, closing off all aura nodules. This makes them more difficult or even impossible to perceive or feel. However, this means that the defense to any Nen, Ten attack is taken down, making it a major risk to use. Zetsu can also relieve fatigue because it interrupts the use of the aura.
  • Rhythm Echo: The Rhythm Echo is an advanced art of assassination, thanks to which the user creates multiple afterimages of their body through a varied cadence of steps. There is a complete absence of noise during movement.
  • Weapon Specialist: Kalluto is fully capable of fighting with his paper fan


  • Paper dolls
  • Paper fan



  • Defeated several Mafia soldiers who were guarding the house of the Ten Dons with the help of Illumi and Maha.
  • Helped Illumi kill the Ten Dons.
  • Easily severed a Chimera Ant's arm.


  • Kalluto was able to walk through the Zoldyck Estate within minutes.
  • After distracting Franklin and Bonolenov, Kalluto jumped out of the window and quickly disappeared.


  • Kalluto watched over Gon, Kurapika and Leorio without being noticed.
  • Kalluto found an Exorcist of Nen on Greed Island.
  • Only Hisoka was able to sense it, but he still praised his proficiency in using Zetsu.
  • Kalluto applied Nen-imbued confetti to his companions and followed their actions through his "Surveillance Paper Dolls" without being detected.
  • Killed a Chimera Ant with extreme ease.
  • He cut a steel rope three times before being able to reach him.


  • Zetsu involves keeping the aura exclusively in the body, it makes a Nen user more vulnerable to physical and nen attacks because one has no aura outside the body to protect against.

Fun Facts

  • Kalluto is the youngest person known to have joined the Phantom Troupe.
  • There is a relatively common misconception that Kalluto is female. Despite wearing a furisode, typically a traditional dress for Japanese women, Kalluto is a boy.
  • Kalluto distracting the Phantom Troupe was not shown in the 2011 anime series.
  • Kalluto's design was inspired by Hotaru Tomoe from Sailor Moon.