Character Profile Wikia
Series Hunter X Hunter
Age N/A
Birthday N/A
Sex Male
Species Human
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Alignment Neutral Evil

Jed is the main villain in the movie Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission.


After seeing the death of his comrades at the hands of Netero and seeing so many difficulties on Earth because of the Hunters, Jed was consumed by his hatred of the Hunters and believed strongly that all Hunters were evil. His was such that, Jed ended up reviving himself in search of revenge, however, even though he was consumed by hatred, he still cared about his companions and, above all, promised that he would avenge them. Even after his defeat, Jed realized a minimum of value some Hunters like for example Gon, but that still wouldn't forgive Netero.

Powers & Abilities

  • On: Created by Jed, On is the counterpart of Nen, also called the energy of death, which is much more powerful than Nen and is not divided into categories, but they are not subject to Nen's limitations and can use all of them Nen's categories with 100% proficiency, including specialization.
  • The Grudge of One-Hundred Demons: Rakshasa: Jed emits a gigantic and powerful Rakshasa comparable to the 100-type Bodhisattva of Netero. He can stretch his limbs to attack even the most distant enemies and shoot large beams of On towards them from his mouth and palms. When not using its rays, the Rakshasa attacks the opponent with a flurry of blows with open palms several times.



  • Destroyed an aircraft with several soldiers inside.
  • The emission of its ON caused damage to the Tower from which the battle was taking place.
  • He managed to fight on equal terms with Netero.


  • Dodged blows from Gon and Killua.
  • He landed a blow with the ON on Gon, even though he started the attack before Jed.
  • Their speed is compared to Netero's, as they were fighting evenly.


  • He ignored the cut Killua had made across his face.
  • He still remained standing and walking towards Netero for a short period of time even after Gon delivered the final blow to Netero.


  • He was able to revive himself through hate.
  • Its ON can be emanated at great distances since it managed to hit objects that were too high.
  • Able to nullify Gon's Jajanken.
  • Corrupted Gon using his ON.


  • Jed's blood doesn't just work on Isaac Netero because it has limited his ability.

Fun Facts

  • Jed is a non-cononic villain from Hunter X Hunter, as he only appeared in the movie Hunter X Hunter: The Last Mission.
  • Despite being consumed by hatred, Jed showed concern for his companions, as when he felt Gaki's death, he cried and swore he would not let it be in vain.
  • Rakshasa, also called "Maneater" and sometimes used interchangeably with Asura, is a demon as being originally in Hindu mythology and later incorporated into Buddhism.