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Jason Voorhees is the main antagonist in the Friday the 13th franchise and the secondary antagonist in the Freddy v.s Jason film. He has made appearances in numerous comics, novels, and video games. Jason is an abstruse, non-verbal, mentally ill, undead serial killer who will murder anyone who enters Crystal Lake out of vengeance for his mother, Pamela Voorhees.


Born on June 13, 1946, in the small town of Crystal Lake, New Jersey, to Pamela Voorhees and Elias Voorhees, Jason was born with facial deformities and mental disabilities. He was raised by Pamela, who isolated him and educated him in their home. In 1957, Pamela was hired as a cook for Camp Crystal Lake, a summer camp; and brought Jason along with her. Jason was taunted and bullied by the other kids at camp, and they eventually threw him into the lake, causing him to drown. None of the camp counselors noticed this misconduct as they were preoccupied with sexual intercourse. Shortly after Jason's "death," the camp was shut down but eventually reopened a year later. After the summer camp had reopened, Pamela proceeded to murder the two camp counselors who were supposed to look after Jason, blaming them for his death, causing the summer camp to close again. However, Pamela was not aware that Jason didn't die. By some means, Jason was able to make it out of the lake safely and aimlessly lived out in the woods, thinking that his mother had passed away. Many years later, the son of the Camp Crystal Lake founders made efforts to reopen the camp again. Pamela was infuriated by his actions and murdered him and all the employees except for one. Alice, the only surviving employee, decapitated Pamela with a machete. Jason had secretly witnessed his mother's death and went on a mission to avenge her by killing Alice. He accomplished his goal, and the beginning of his mass killing sprees would start sometime later in 1984. Jason would ultimately be killed the same year by Tommy Jarvis. In 1990, Tommy Jarvis set out to unearth and destroy Jason's body. However, things don't go as planned when a lightning bolt strikes a fence post impaled in Jason's torso, resurrecting him.

Powers & Abilities

  • Nigh-Absolute Immortality: Jason is an undead being and has the power to resurrect himself via electrical resurrection and can survive injuries that would be fatal to a normal human being. He can keep on resurrecting himself unless killed by one of his family members. This happened once, but even then, Freddy Krueger was able to bring him back from the dead.
  • Enhanced Weapon Mastery & Improvised Weapon Proficiency: He has demonstrated proficiency with a wide range of weapons, particularly his machete. Additionally, he can practically turn anything into a lethal weapon.
  • Reactive Evolution: Jason's strength increases every time he is resurrected.
  • Supernatural Strength: Jason is far more powerful than the average person. He possesses a level of strength well above what is humanly attainable.
  • Supernatural Regenerative Durability Healing Factor: He survived having a chunk of his torso blown up by a grenade and healed immediately after. He has also survived a machete to the shoulder and many other injuries. It's also possible that the intensity of his regeneration enhances with each resurrection.
  • Pain Resistance/Manipulation: Does not react to any wounds.
  • Enhanced Senses: Ability to detect electrochemical reactions and smell sounds
  • Self-Sustenance: Due to being undead.
  • Unlimited Stamina: Due to being undead.
  • Mental Manipulation: His heart has hypnotizing abilities if it is outside of his body, causing others to consume it, which transfers his soul into them. Those possessed by him gain his supernatural strength, stamina, durability, resilient immortality, and pain resistance.
  • Possession: Those who consume his heart become possessed by him. When he leaves a host's body, it rots away immediately.
  • Inorganic Physiology: He is neither organic nor inorganic.
  • Teleportation/Supernatural Speed: Seemingly teleports from one location to another.
  • Heat Resistance: Unaffected by fire.
  • Poison Resistance: Survived a gas chamber and lethal injection.
  • Infinite Self Electrical Resurrection: Jason can resurrect himself only if his curse isn't fulfilled.
  • Fear Inducement/Menacing Presence: Has an overwhelmingly intense presence that can evoke fear and horror in others.
  • Feral Mind: Can enter into a state of unstoppable rage.
  • Demonic-Undead-Revenant Physiology: Due to being undead, Jason can use the traits of an undead being. He was revived as a Deadite by his mother using the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis.
  • Supernatural Survivability: Can survive severe injuries that would easily kill enhanced humans.
  • Indomitable Rage: Ability to push himself past his limits.
  • Enhanced Stealth: Despite his massive stature, he is highly skilled at stealth.
  • Bulletproof Durability: Jason is immune to regular bullets.
  • Enhanced Violence: He is incredibly skilled at harming others.
  • Parasite Physiology: Becomes a parasitic demon in Jason Goes to Hell.
  • Melting: In his demonic parasitic form, he can liquefy organisms into liquid form.
  • Supernatural Tracking: Jason can track others down easily via various means.
  • Oxygen Independence: Jason can survive without the need for oxygen.
  • Escape Proficiency: Can escape captivity even when seemingly impossible.
  • Supernatural Accuracy: Jason has better accuracy than naturally possible.
  • Soul Removal: Can remove the souls of those he has possessed.
  • Heart Entity Physiology: After being blown up, Jason's heart lived on in the form of a demonic parasite.
  • Body Recreation: He was able to recreate his body after possessing his half-sister.
  • Ambush Mastery: Skilled at conducting ambushes.
  • Killing Instinct: Jason is an unstoppable, cold killing machine with no remorse.
  • Anger Empowerment: Becomes more powerful through anger.
  • Megaton Punch: Can deliver a devastating punch. He can punch people hundreds of feet away and punch their heads off.
  • Enhanced Combat: Possesses combat proficiency, capabilities, and knowledge, notably with melee and ranged weapons.
  • Hyper Swimming Speed: Jason can swim at incredibly fast speeds.
  • Hibernation: When he is defeated, he enters a hibernation state.
  • Electricity Manipulation:
  • Soul Manipulation:
  • Supernatural Physiology:
  • Superior Zombie Physiology:


  • Machete: A large, heavy knife, his signature weapon. Jason uses his machete whenever possible.
  • Axe:
  • Pickaxe:
  • Spear:
  • Pitchfork:

Alternate Forms

  • Über Jason/Jason X: Über Jason, or Jason X, is the upgraded, more powerful, futuristic version of Jason Voorhees. After being destroyed by an android, his body was rebuilt by futuristic nanomachines. This alternative form of Jason is ruthless and will slaughter anything that crosses its path. All of his previous abilities are enhanced to a greater degree.
    • Ultimate Regeneration: Nanomachines can rebuild him atom by atom.
    • Supernatural Senses: He can see in any environment, hear the blood pumping in veins, and detect living organisms.
    • Absorption Replication: Can be enhanced via absorbing projectiles, energy, and biological matter.
    • Possession: His nanomachines can convert corpses into Über Jason clones. Also, His nanomachines can use direct injections to transform humans into Über Jason clones.
    • Intangibility: Can phase through solid objects at will.
    • Adaptive Regeneration/Resurrection: His body and nanomachines adapt on a sub-cellular level, gradually becoming resistant to whatever had previously been able to affect him. This makes it near impossible to harm him twice with the same thing. Each time he is wounded, his durability is enhanced.
    • Electricity Attacks: Can unleash lightning bolts if his nanomachines are adequately charged.
    • Radiation Resistance: Resistant to radiation manipulation.
    • Information Analysis: Über Jason can be guided by nanomachines, who can show him how to operate various devices. The nanomachines can not only comprehend Über Jason's desires, but they can also make him aware of things.
    • Vacuum Adaptation: Über Jason survived and adapted to the vacuum of space.
    • Upgraded Physiology: Über Jason has a wide variety of enhancements.
    • Resurrective Rebirth: Jason Voorhees was reborn as Über Jason after being exposed to regenerative nanotechnology.
    • Undead Bionic Cybernetic Monster Physiology:
    • Hacking Mastery:
    • Ice Manipulation:
    • No Heat Signature:







  • Aquaphobia: Jason sometimes suffers from an abnormal fear of water (Freddy v.s Jason)
  • Manipulation: He can be manipulated by those who imitate his mother.

Fun Facts

  • Kane Hodder has played the role of Jason Voorhees more than any other actor.
  • He was initially going to be named Josh.
  • He has killed at least 20,000 people (including people on board the Solaris).
  • He killed 207 dogs, 17 cats, 4713 angelfish, guppies, neons, and mollies, 3 gerbils, 14 rats, a pony, and a Komodo dragon via a space station explosion.
  • Ken Kirzinger, the tallest actor to play Jason Voorhees, wore three-inch lifts in Freddy v.s Jason, making him 6'8".
  • He acquired his iconic hockey mask in Friday the 13th, Part III.
  • Kane Hodder's favorite Jason kill was the sleeping bag kill in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.
  • Jason only spoke in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. While in a body he possessed, he says, “Freeze! Get the hell away from her, Ed!”
  • He fought Leatherface in a comic book before fighting Freddy Krueger.
  • There are twelve total Friday the 13th movies.
  • Defeated and took the Devil's pitchfork (Friday the 13th: The Game.)
  • Freddy v.s Jason is the highest-grossing film in each series, grossing over $116 million worldwide.