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Jason Lee Scott
Series Power Rangers
Age 24
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Human
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
It's Morphin' Time!
~ Jason Lee Scott

Jason Lee Scott is a character from the Power Rangers TV Series. He has been the Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger, and the Gold Zeo Ranger.


Jason Lee Scott was a talented martial artist, who enjoyed teaching others in his home town, Angel Grove. He taught a martial arts class at Ernie's Juice Bar and Gym, where he and his friends liked to excercise and hang out at. One fateful day, as Jason finished conducting one of his classes and was chatting with his best friends, Zack, Billy, Trini and Kimberly, an earthquake began across Angel Grove. As Ernie's emptied out, Jason and his friends were teleported in streams of colored lights to a mysterious hideout, where they were greeted by a robot named Alpha 5 and a huge floating head who introduced himself as Zordon. Zordon explained that Jason and the others had been chosen by him to fight the evil Rita Repulsa. In order to do so, Zordon granted the five teens the power to become a fighting force known as the Power Rangers. Jason received the Tyrannosaurus Dino Power Coin, and became the Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, leading his friends against Rita Repulsa and her squad of monsters.

Powers & Abilities

  • Skilled Martial Artist: Even before becoming a Power Ranger, Jason was already an expert martial artist, even being considered the best fighter in Angel Grove, he was even good enough to teach classes. He's skilled in kenpō, taekwondo, judo, and notably, the more unknown shinkudo, a mix of karate and Japanese sword-fighting.


  • Morpher: Morphers are devices that Jason uses to access his different Ranger powers. They allow him to morph through creating a brief entrance to the Morphin' Grid, an energy field that links all forms of life, which he passes through to gain his powers.
    • Tyrannosaurus Power Coin: The Power Coins are the source of each Ranger's powers. They could manifest the Power Crystals as well.
    • Enhanced Strength, Speed & Durability: By becoming a Power Ranger, Jason and many others receive a boost in their physical capabilities. One of those boosts is in physical strength allowing Jason the ability to lift a giant boulder with ease. Another boost is in physical speed, as Rangers such as Jason and Trini can run fast enough to cause dirt and wind to fly up behind them and appear as blurs in the background. Lastly, Rangers gain a boost in physical durability. For example, Jason, while morphed as the Red Ranger, can survive attacks from Zords, monsters, and Rita Repulsa. In later seasons, some Power Rangers actually receive other super powers.
    • Master Martial Artist: Morphin also gave Jason an unprecedented level of martial arts mastery. Even Billy, the Blue Ranger, who barely knew any martial arts at all, became a fist-fighting master after morphing.
    • Power Morpher: Jason's original Morpher, which allows him to become the Red Ranger using the Tyrannosaurus Power Coin.
    • Golden Power Staff: The staff of Trey of Triforia, the original Zeo Gold Ranger, which was passed onto Jason when he inherited Trey's position. It is what allows him to become the Zero Gold Ranger.
  • Power Sword: The Red Ranger's personal weapon. By running two of his fingers along the blade, Jason can fire waves of red energy from it.
  • Blade Blaster: The Rangers' personal sidearm, which can take the form of either a sword, or a laser gun.
  • Red Battle Bike: Used for transportation.
  • Wrist Communicator: Built by Billy Cranston, the Blue Ranger, it is a portable watch-like device that Jason can use to communicate with other rangers and teleport to the Command Center (although it doesn’t necessarily have to be the Command Center, as it has been shown to transport them to just about anywhere). It has even shown to be able to transport the Rangers In and out from completely different dimensions, like it did when it pulled them out of the island of illusions, however the teleportation can be taken away if the communicator is damaged, Zordon is destroyed,a Power Surge happens or sometimes… it just doesn’t due to the place they are in.
  • Techniques:
    • Power Punch: His fists starts glowing red before punching his opponent with it, sending the across the battlefield.
    • Tyrannosaurus Charge: Charges at his enemies with a red glowing T-Rex head chomping at his enemies.
  • Tyrannosaurus Dinozord: The Red Ranger's personal Zord, a giant war robot that Jason uses to fight enemies too strong to face on foot. The Tyrannosaurus is the strongest of the original five Dinozords, even going toe-to-toe with the Dragonzord by itself. In combat, the Tyrannosaurus mainly uses its jaws and tail as weapons, along with firing laser beams from its eyes and using its roar to release sonic blasts.
  • Dragonzord Power Coin: After Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, lost his powers, he gave what was left of them to Jason in the form of his Power Coin. Using the Dragonzord Power Coin, Jason can call upon Tommy's lost powers to give himself a boost in power and new weapons.
    • Dragon Shield: The golden shield that the Green Ranger wears on his chest. When worn, it grants Jason a power boost, making him stronger than the other Rangers, and helps him control the Dragonzord.
    • Dragon Dagger: The Green Ranger's signature weapon. The Dragon Dagger is a knife capable of firing both concussive blasts of green energy, and bolts of emerald lightning at targets. It can also be played like a flute, which allows Jason to summon and control the Dragonzord, even from outside its cockpit.
    • Dragonzord: The Green Ranger's personal Zord, which takes the form of a massive bipedal dragon. The Dragonzord is usually asleep in the ocean, but Jason can awaken and control it using the Dragon Dagger by playing it like a flute. The Dragonzord is incredibly powerful, able to defeat the much more advanced Tigerzord in combat. It fights using a drill on its tail and the missile launchers in its fingers.
  • Titanus: Titanus is a massive Zord shaped like a brachiosaurus. It serves as a carrier for the other Zords, though it does have offensive capabilities. It can shoot lightning from its mouth and turn its tail into twin cannons over its shoulders.
  • Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord: After the destruction of the Dinozords, Zordon and Alpha salvaged what was left of them and used them to create the Thunderzords, new Zords with much greater power. Jason's Thunderzord was the Dragon, which possessed two modes. In Dragon Mode, it resembled a serpentine dragon, and it had the power to fly and breathe fire from its mouth. In Warrior Mode, it takes on a humanoid appearance, making it more useful in one-on-one fights, and wields a staff in combat. Its wrists can also spin, letting it use its staff to hit enemies repeatedly like a helicopter blade.

Alternate Forms

  • Gold Zeo Ranger: When the original Gold Zeo Ranger, Trey of Triforia, was accidentally split into three aspects of himself, he needed to transfer his powers to someone else while he fixed the problem. Eventually, Jason, who hadn't been a Ranger for a while, was chosen to inherit the powers.
    • Golden Power Staff: The Gold Ranger's main weapon, and Morpher. Aside from being the source of the Gold Ranger's powers, it could also fire energy blasts, and extend to be used as a blunt weapon.
    • Pyramidas: The Gold Ranger's personal Zord, which takes the form of a colossal golden pyramid. Pyramidas is capable of interstellar travel, and it can also shoot golden lightning bolts as a form of attack.
    • Warrior Wheel: While Pyramidas was out of comission, Jason was provided with the Warrior Wheel Zord to act as a temporary replacement. While it normally resembles a large tire, it can grow arms, legs, and a head for hand-to-hand combat. It's very small, but also incredibly agile.



  • Can lift a ten-ton car into the air while morphed.
  • The Tyrannosaurus can go toe-to-toe with the Dragonzord. (Red Ranger)
  • The Tyrannosaurus can support its entire body weight with just its tail. (Red Ranger)
  • The Tyrannosaurus single-handedly overpowered the Giant. (Red Ranger)
  • Should scale to characters like Tommy and Goldar (Jason has defeated both), who can fight on par with and/or damage Rito Revolto, who withstood an impact with the moon that created a massive explosion (3.445 gigatons of TNT)
  • Could potentially scale to Rita (via Tommy and Lord Zedd), who has multiple high-tier feats such as destroying the Island of Illusion, summoning a storm, and cratering part of a city
  • Comparable to Tommy, who spin-kicked a boulder weighing over 4000 kilograms
  • Lifted a boulder weighing 116.3 tons 
  • Performed 1,010 bench presses 3 times 
  • Is constantly kicking and throwing around Putty Patrollers, humanoids made out of clay like its nothing (either Morphed or Unmorphed)
  • When used by Tommy, his sword is strong enough to hurt Titanus
  • His blaster is strong enough to hurt a monster badly enough to free himself from its grip
  • Comparable to Tommy, who can jump from ground level to the Megazord’s head in one leap (that's a distance of 101 metres) 
  • On his own he can jump from ground level to the Tyrannosaurus Zord’s head (a distance of roughly 90 metres) 
  • Comparable to Lizardnator, who could lift a car and throw it around with ease
  • Comparable to Bridge Carson, who lifted and threw a car several feet


  • Can dodge bullets and laser fire while morphed.
  • Should scale to monsters that can catch the grenades Lord Zedd throws from the moon (21% the speed of light)
  • Should scale to Rito, who dodged Zedd’s lightning, which can be fired from the moon to the Earth in under a second (5.34 times FTL)
  • Dodged stomping attacks from the Tyrannosaurus Zord and Dragonzord
  • Intercepted an attack from Alternate Kimberly 
  • Dodged a magic blast from Rita Repulsa
  • Managed to dodge this Shellshock’s beam..thing.
  • Comparable to Billy, who once moved so fast a monster lost sight of what he was doing
  • Comparable to the monster Goatan, who was able to swipe Kimberly’s arrows out of the air. 
  • Pyramidas is designed for interstellar travel. (Gold Ranger)


  • Can survive laser shots and explosions unmorphed.
  • Survived part of the Command Center exploding 
  • Survived a finger-missile attack from the Dragonzord
  • Comparable to Tommy, who took a beating and a zap from Lord Zedd
  • Got blasted by Rita Repulsa through a wall and slammed into another wall hard enough to be indented into it
  • Tanked a gas container explosion
  • Tanked this explosion
  • Tanked an attack from this abomination 
  • Took a punch from Trini and didn’t receive a bruise
  • Took hits from Black Dragon’s sonic attacks and energy blasts
  • Tanked an attack from the Brachiosaurus Zord
  • Survived a blast from a Power Blaster wielded by dopplegangers of the Rangers
  • Survived being inside a monster while the Dragonzord drilled through it
  • Comparable to Trini, who took attacks from a mantis capable of cutting down trees
  • Survived cannon-fire from this turtle monster
  • Survived his own team attack being reflected back towards him
  • Survived getting blasted by an attack from a giant flower monster
  • Can survive Tommy’s energy blasts (these same energy blasts are powerful enough to send a giant monster flying)
  • Took a beating from Goldar while unmorphed
  • Got punched by Peckster, a monster that was stated to have destroyed skyscrapers with its beak


  • Considered Angel Grove's best martial artist.
  • Chosen to lead the original Power Rangers.
  • Inherited the powers of the Green Ranger and the Gold Ranger.
  • Fought in the Legendary War.
  • Constantly foiled Rita’s plans
  • Defeated Goldar while unmorphed as well as morphed
  • Held his own against Tommy in battle and would eventually defeat him
  • Defeated numerous monsters as a Ranger, including King Sphinx
  • Defeated the Machine Empire
  • Alongside many other Red Rangers, managed to stop General Venjix from using Serpentera to destroy earth
  • Halted Rita's destruction of Earth.
  • Led a Ranger army against Lord Drakkon.
  • Was chosen by the Blue Emissary to become the Omega Ranger alongside Zack and Trini.
  • The Tyrannosaurus could match the Dragonzord in a fight. (Red Ranger)


  • Should he take too much damage, he will revert back to his normal, weaker state.
  • Strong blows can break through his suit's defenses and cause him harm.
  • Gold Ranger powers can't be sustained for long periods of time, and overuse of them could kill him.

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