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Harleen Frances Quinzel
Batman arkham knight harley quinn by ivances-d7b0qa1.png
Series DC Comics
Age 25 (Comics, Currently)
Birthday September 11 (Virgo)
Sex Female
Species Human
Height 168 Comics 5'7")
Weight 140 lbs. | 63.5 kg
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Jingle bells, Bratgirl smells, Birdboy laid an egg! The batmobile lost a wheel and Puddin' got away!
~ Harley Quinn

We're bad guys. It's what we do!
~ Harley Quinn to Rick Flag.

I want you alive so I can see the look on your face when I'm runnin' this town.
~ Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is the former girlfriend and sidekick to the Joker; a criminal psychologist turned flamboyant criminal menace. While her intentions are typically good, her methods often betray her insanity.


Harleen Quinzel was born in Canarsie, Brooklyn, New York, the oldest of four children and the only girl. Her interest in criminal psychology grew early in her childhood, and blossomed when she met a boy named Bernie Bash, who turned out to be troubled enough to commit murder as a way to prove his love for her.

She was an Honor Student and a Gymnast. She attended Gotham University and initially went to college for Veterinary and Biological Science, but for some unknown reason she left that field to pursue Psychiatry. She excelled in her field, eventually earning a place as a psychiatrist at a prominent hospital, but her interest in criminal psychology led her to transfer to Gotham City's famed Arkham Asylum. Soon discovering that the other doctors could not penetrate the minds of their patients, Harleen went undercover as a patient herself. The Joker - whom she had thought was misdiagnosed by his previous doctors - saw through her disguise, and opened up to her. Her confidence and savvy in the face of the Joker's madness impressed him. On their tenth session, he revealed to her that he knew about the fact that her father had been killed by a drunk driver who had had the connections required to get off without any punishment. He then promised that he could teach her how to become as powerful as he had, by failing to care about life's rules.

Unfortunately, Harleen's supervisor, Dr. Sterano, discovered her crush on the Joker after stealing her psychiatric notes with the intention of publishing them as her own. In a rage, Harleen tried to kill Sterano, but was interrupted by the guards. Rather than surrender, she killed a guard and broke the Joker out of his cell. That night, the Joker took her to the Ace Chemical Processing Plant where his persona had been born, and promised that this would be her birthday. Realizing his intention, she had struggled, but he shoved her into one of the chemical vats and watched her sink to the bottom. Afterwards, he drained it and found her inside, alive, but changed. She had lost touch with reality, which meant that she could do whatever she liked. He dubbed her Harley Quinn, and the two of them were together - until he tired of her.

Freed of the constraints and strict regiment of her former life, Harley chose a uniform for herself, forming a mosaic of all of the people she was or wanted to be. Any guilt for the crimes she committed as Harley Quinn was repressed along with Harleen Quinzel.

Powers & Abilities

  • Poison Ivy's Serum: Harley was born a normal human, but received enhanced abilities from a plant serum created by Poison Ivy.
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Durability
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Reflexes
    • Superhuman Stamina
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Toxic Immunity: Harley is immune to most types of toxins or poisons including Joker Venom and Poison Ivy's touch.
    • Underwater Breathing: Harley can breathe indefinitely underwater. This is due to the serum including elements from the Aquavilla vines of Portugal.
  • Psychiatry: Trained as in the field of psychoanalysis.
  • Gymnastics: She is a spectacular gymnast.
  • Acrobatics
  • Intimidation
  • Stealth
  • Leadership
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Even without any memory, Harley has been forced to fight and survive an infinite loop of battles, possessing incredible muscle memory, combat skill and making her a very experienced combatant. Harley being Harley, stated that she loved fighting in the Nexus point.
  • Indomitable Will
  • Pickpocket: Harley bragged that she was taught how to pick a pocket by Catwoman.
  • Weaponry
    • Firearms
    • Swordsmanship


  • Mallet: A giant, cartoonish wooden mallet. Harley can use and throw this heavy and deadly weapon without problems.
  • Squeaky Hammer: A giant hammer, similar to the wooden mallet, but inoffensive. Used to scare and trick her foes (into thinking it is the wooden mallet).
  • Baseball Bat: A normal baseball bat.
  • Extract-O Punching Glove: A pull-out revolving boxing glove that can break walls
  • Mateba Autorevolver: A semiautomatic revolver.
  • Pop Gun(s): An oversized "joke gun" that shoots a cork attached to a rope. Harley has various pop guns, each with different projectiles:
    • Rope and Cork: The normal popgun's projectile, but with a longer rope than usual. Used to tie people up.
    • Knock-Out Gas: The popgun releases a gas that instantly knocks out the victim.
    • "BANG!" flag: The popgun releases a pole and a flag with "BANG!" written on it. Used to impale people.
    • Pop Pop: The popgun shoots a small cannonball followed by a pink aura. Can be charged to shoot bigger cannonballs.
  • Rubber Bullet: The popgun releases a rubber projectile that bounces everywhere. Mortal if hits a living being. Harley can dodge the rubber bullets without problems.
  • Grenade Launcher: Shoots grenades powerful enough to blow up cars.
  • Shurikens: Normal shurikens (ninja stars).
  • Kunai: Similar to a dagger, used as a projectile.
  • Pie Landmine: Landmines disguised as pies.
  • Snare Trap: A normal snare trap.
  • Pop Rocks: Dozens of small explosives.
  • Explosive Bubble Gum: Chewing gum that can be used as an explosive.
  • A picture of the Joker: A photo of her old love, the Joker. By kissing it, Harley motivates herself and regains strength.
  • Boxing Glove: An extending boxing device that is strong enough to smash through walls.
  • Poison Ivy's Plant: One of Ivy's plants. It heals whoever sniffs it.
  • Flower Spray: A spray that spirts acid.
  • Time Bomb: A bomb with a timer on it.
  • Grenades: Normal grenades.
  • Explosive Cream Pies: Cream pies with explosives in it. Some explodes by contact, others have a timer. Harley likes to place them under the victim's genitals.
  • Jack-In-A-Box Bomb: A bomb that looks like a Jack-in-a-Box. It lures the enemies into the area and then explodes.
  • Taser Yo-Yo: A yo-yo that can shock and knock out opponents.
  • Fake Moustaches: Harley's very own sketch, used to have a good laugh with her foe before beating the living crap out of someone.
  • Syringe: Used to inject the enemy with harmful substances
  • Truth Serum: A serum that makes targets speak the truth
  • Silly String Wrap: Spray cans that can tie up enemies.
  • Jetpack: Self-explanitory
  • Forcefield Device: A wrist-worn device stolen from STAR Labs, which covers her body in a protective forcefield.
  • Scepter: A scepter originally belonging to Granny Goodness, which Harley was given after technically winning their trial-by-combat. Allows her to summon and command an army of parademons.
  • Motorcycle: Used as a form of transportation
  • Poison Ivy Potion: After taking this potion made by Poison Ivy, her strength, speed, agility, and durability boosted to insane levels. She also doesn't need to breathe underwater and granted Harley immunity to poisons and toxins.




  • Dodged point-blank gunfire.
  • Dodged missiles and lightning,
  • Fast enough to evade hits from both Cassandra Cain and Tim Drake.
  • Dodged rockets from Penguin's umbrella.
  • Blocked Batman’s attack
  • Has kept up with Batman on many occasions.
  • Outpaced Joker
  • Blitzed Two-Face
  • Kept up with Catwoman
  • Repeatedly dodged bullets
  • Jumped through the air and performed multiple headshots
  • Dodged Static’s electric blasts for a while, which can reach orbit in a second
  • Scales slightly above Batgirl, who could block lightning
  • Deflected lasers
  • Jumped through a series of lasers
  • Scales above the likes of Alanna Strange, who dodged near-lightspeed lasers (0.6216 - 1.119c)
  • Could scale to Black Canary



  • Did multiple somersaults, flips and acrobatics without stopping and without being even a little tired.
  • Can stand on a finger.
  • Managed to flip over the Arkham Gate with just a jump.
  • Flattened by a mallet, literally bounced back.
  • Shot in a rocket, survived without a scratch.
  • Beated the crap out of the Joker: he didn't even see her attacks.
  • Beated an entire bar all alone.
  • Almost killed Catwoman.
  • Knocked out Wonder Woman with her toxins.
  • Beats both Robin and Batwoman all alone.
  • She actually died and went to hell, but got kicked out for being too good spirited
  • Blinded little children.
  • Defeated the Post-Crisis Superman without his powers on a planet with a Red Sun.
  • Beat up the Joker's goons and trashed his lair to the point it collapsed.
  • Managed to outsmart Aquaman by getting him to shatter an aquarium, so he'd be too distracted saving the sea life to fight the villains.
  • Killed the Penguin.
  • Became Joker’s partner/punching bag in crime for many years
  • Fought Batman and his family on many occasions
  • Formed and joined the Gotham Sirens and Birds of Prey
  • Became a key member of The Suicide Squad
  • With Poison Ivy, helped defeat a Black Lantern
  • Survived the events of DCeased and Injustice
  • Became a wielder of two fused Lantern Rings
  • Chosen to become a Green Lantern for a short time
  • Fought Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Green Lantern, Black Canary, Superman, Lobo, Booster Gold, and Wonder Woman
  • Defeated Batman, Joker, Nightwing, Tim Drake, Killer Croc, and Punchline


  • Allergies: Harley is allergic to cats.
  • Mental Instability
  • Hallucinations
  • Her infinite love for the Joker could distract her (even after she dumped him)