Character Profile Wikia
Series One Piece
Age 25 (debut)
27 (after timeskip)
Birthday April 7th
Sex Male
Species Human
Height 186 cm (6'1")
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good

Gin is a fighter in Don Krieg's Armada from the One Piece series.


Gin accompanied Don Krieg on his trip to the Grand Line. After seven days of stormy weather, Krieg's fleet came across Dracule Mihawk. To Gin's horror, Mihawk quickly destroyed Krieg's fleet with ease, leaving only his flagship to escape under cover of an unexpected storm. This incident left a frightening image in Gin's memory as he lost his comrades. As he withdrew from the Grand Line, Gin left the fleet disguised as Krieg in order to drive Fullbody away. He was eventually captured and a prisoner aboard Fullbody's ship when it docked on the Baratie.

After starving for three days aboard the Navy ship, Gin defeated the seven guards and even killed the Mariner first class lines by shooting him in the back. So, entering Baratie, he asked for food, but was expelled for not having money, where Sanji ended up giving him free food, so, even though he was very grateful, he left the place to tell his captain a place to they feed themselves. When they returned to Baratie, Don Krieg betrayed with the arrangement and thus began a battle against the people who were in the restaurant. While Sanji was fighting Pearl, Gin took the opportunity to defeat his partner and, thus, decided to fight Sanji alone, where he ended up defeating the cook, but he couldn't kill him, because he gave him free food, thus, Don Krieg ends up poisoning Gin. Later after Don Krieg's defeat, Gin leaves the restaurant with Krieg's crew, telling Sanji that they will meet at the Grand Line.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman Physique
  • Experienced user of Tonfas.


  • Tonfas: Your weapons of choice are a pair of tonfa tipped with heavy iron balls, presumably the same size as cannonballs.



  • He broke Pearl's iron shields with a single blow.
  • Your Tonfas are capable of breaking part of Baratie's ground.
  • One blow from it was enough to make Sanji immobile.
  • Able to carry Don Krieg even after being poisoned.


  • Fast enough to defeat Pearl before he could defend himself.
  • Able to quickly retaliate, even after being kicked in the head.


  • Survived Dracule Mihawk's attack.
  • It remained alive for 3 days without food.
  • Stayed in battle even after getting kicked in the head by Sanji.
  • Survived Don Krieg's poison.


  • Defeated several navy guards and killed a first-rate marine.
  • Defeated Pearl with one blow.
  • Defeated Sanji.
  • Knocked out Don Krieg.


  • He needs to rotate his Tonfas several times to apply stronger blows, which makes his blows easier to dodge.

Fun Facts