Series Undertale
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Ambiguous
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment True Neutral
Frisk is the protagonist from the video game, Undertale.


One day, Frisk climbed Mount Ebott, a mountain above the barrier that sealed monsters underground, and accidentally fell into the Underground. After encountering Flowey, a flower who tried to murder them, they met Toriel, a loving goat monster who wanted to take care of Frisk and protect him from the other monsters. However, Frisk wanted to find a way home, and reluctantly, Toriel let them leave the Ruins where they landed. Frisk then started their long journey through the Underground, either killing or befriending monsters along the way.

Powers & Abilities

  • Physical attacks: Can attack with melee weapons like a knife.
  • Save and Load: Can save and load the game. Thus, they can rewind time if they die and try over and over again.
  • Determination: Alongside their save & load ability, Frisk can be simply immortal and comes back from being delete from existence by sheer determination. They can also increases their strength, speed and durability via determination too.
  • Flight: They can apparently levitate or fly during fights.


  • Various weapons, toy knives, frying pans, note book, real knives, ballet shoes, empty gun etc.
  • Various armors, faded ribbons, stained apron, glasses, lockets, tutus, cowboy hats etc.
  • Various food, pie, hot dogs, hot cats, snowman pieces etc.



  • Can fight on part with most monsters with ease.
  • Knocked over a tomato.
  • Managed to (slightly) hurt Photoshop Flowey.


  • Could keep up with a plane.
  • Dodged a barrage of lighting bolts.
  • Dodged bullets made out of light.
  • Could act and move without any time and space.


  • Tanked being hit by a barrage nuclear bombs.
  • Survived magma thrown at by a small volcano.
  • Resisted some of Photoshop Flowey's attacks.
  • Tanked Asriel's attacks.
  • Came back from the dead multiples times, and even outright didn't die with their soul being destroyed.



  • No Non-Physical or Magical Attacks
  • Lack of Range
  • Pacifist Nature leads to a Power Drawback

CPW's Conclusions



  • Ness (Mother/Earthbound)

Fun Facts

  • They possess a fashion sense extremely similar to Chara's.
  • They are designed to be a Ness Expy.

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