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Fox McCloud
Fox SSBU.png
Series Star Fox
Age 18 (before the Lylat Wars)
22 (Titania Conflict comic)
26 (Star Fox Adventures)
27 (Star Fox: Assault)
29-30 (as of Star Fox Command)
Birthday March 26, 1993
Sex Male
Species Fox
Height 152 cm (4'11¾")
Weight 46 kg (101.4 lb.)
Alignment Lawful Good

Fox McCloud is the main protagonist of the Star Fox series of video games, produced by Nintendo.


He was trained at the Cornerian Academy and raised by his father James, who formed the first generation of StarFox. But soon, the planet Venom was rising with its leader Andross. James was sent to investigate but was killed and betrayed by Pigma, a member of the StarFox team and was in league with Andross.

Outraged by the betrayal and the government not doing any action, Fox dropped out of the Academy and formed the second generation of StarFox with Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi, and Slippy Toad.

Powers & Abilities

  • Fox Illusion: A quick physical attack which greatly helps him cover some distances.
  • Fire Fox: A fire-based physical attack, it consists of surrounding himself with flames and charging against his foes.


  • Arwing: Fox's signature ship. It comes equipped with Twin T&B-H1 Lasers, Nine Smart Bombs and a G-Diffusion Shield. It can reach an atmospheric speed of Mach 4.2.
  • Blaster: A heavily modified laser pistol with two shooting modes: Rapid-Fire and Charged.
  • Reflector: An energy shield that can deflect any projectile, even Arwing lasers.
  • Booster Pack: Fox can use this to propell himself for several seconds.



  • Capable of lifting large rocks with ease.
  • His blaster can destroy armoured turrets.



  • His reflector has blocked shots from gunships.


  • Killed Andross three times, with one of them being an Andross clone.
  • Defeated Star Wolf and its leader, Wolf O'Donnel, several times.
  • Survived on Planet Sauria, which is filled to the brim with dinosaurs.
  • Ended the Lylat Wars
  • Stopped the Aparoid Invasion.
  • Defeated the Anglar Emperor.


  • A bit reckless, he lets others do the thinking for him.
  • Not very cunning

Fun Facts

  • He is based on his creator, Shigeru Miyamoto.
  • His silver boots are rumoured to actually be Bionic Legs that he uses to reduce the effect of G-Forces, but this theory has been debunked several times.