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Fluffy is an antagonist of the 2010 Action-Adventure game: Naughty Bear and Naughty Bear Panic in Paradise, he acts as a super-genius who builds the creations of paradise island, in his first main appearance he uses Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonators (Z.P.Q.G.R) to power up a super-brain to destroy the universe and in his second appearance, him and Professor B. Brightness to create quantum portals to the 5th dimension.


Fluffy is a purple scientist teddy bear who was originally invited to Daddles` birthday part but then later in the game, decided to build R0B0-B34R5 to help him in his goals which was to use Z.P.Q.G.R`s to destroy the universe but was killed by Naughty Bear, then in P.I.P him and Prof. B. Brightness teamed up to a place to test experimants with quantum energy to make quantum portals to the 5th dimension, then he likely helped in creating R0B0-B34R-PR1M3 and MK.IV which was designed to kill Naughty but Naughty Bear was able to easily destroy them all and kill Prof. B. Brightness.

He also created R0B0-B34R-Z1LL4 which is the hardest robot to make and is so powerful it can one-shot Naughty Bear despite his armour.

Powers and Abilities

  • Extreme Genius Intelligence: Can create and work with quantum portals.
  • R0B0-B34R5: He always has a few robotic bears by his side to protect him, his strongest being robo bear zilla.
  • Super-Brain: a universe-destroying brain.
  • Various quantum weapons: He has several weapons that can destroy his own robots.
  • Resurrection: Has been killed twice and came back even when in the 5th dimension.
  • Portal Creation: Can create portals to the 5th dimension/Dark World.
  • Lasers/Energy Projection: Raygun.
  • Sound Manipulation: Sound guns.


  • R0B0-F1575
  • Quantum Gloves
  • Hand-Saw
  • Giant Pipe
  • Leg of beef
  • Ham leg
  • Hand-mounted minigun
  • Quantum Stick
  • Quantum Shovel



Can kill/match Naughty Bear who kicked the R0B0-B34R-Z1LL4 into the clouds with one kick.


Is slightly slower than naughty bear.


Can take hits from Naughty Bear.


Is highly skilled in science to the point of making quantum portals, and has made robots more skilled than army men.


  • His portals can absorb him too.
  • Isn`t as fast as Naughty Bear
  • Has been scared to suicide before

Fun facts

  • Is the smartest bear on the island, only matched by Prof. B. Brightness and Naughty himself.
  • The R0B0-B34R-PR1M3 have their head on a clothing item in Dead by Daylight which was also created by bEhaviour
  • there is a robo-bear named R0B0-505 which is a referance to 505 Games, a company who helped create Naughty Bear.
  • R0B0-B34R-Z1LL4 is a referance to Godzilla.