Character Profile Wikia
Series Akame ga Kill!
Age 20
Birthday February 29
Sex Female
Species Unknown
Height 5'7"
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
The weak are destined to lie beneath the boots of the strong. If that angers you, overcome your deficits.
~ Esdeath

Esdeath is a primary character in the anime/manga series Akame ga Kill!, as a general for the Empire.


Born in the Northern Frontier Lands as the sole remaining survivor of her village, Esdeath spent most of her childhood with her father, who was the chief of his tribe. Even at a young age, Esdeath was a very skilled and formidable fighter and even hunter, living by the creed "The strong live and the weak die". After witnessing her entire tribe, including her father, dying, Esdeath vowed to become the strongest. She joined the Empire's military and rose through the ranks quickly, and after taming a chained off Teigu, she earned the title of the strongest in the Empire. Eventually, she fell in love with a young man named Tatsumi, even though they were destined to be enemies, leading to a story of psychotic Romeo and Juliet, in a way.

Powers & Abilities

  • Masterful Swordsmanship
  • Superhuman Speed: She can move faster than the eye can track.
  • Cryokinesis: Esdeath's Teigu, Demon's Extract, allows her to manipulate and control ice, even creating it from nothing. She managed to freeze over a lake within a matter of seconds, and uses this to create ice daggers, as well as freeze people to death.
  • Chronokinesis: Esdeath's trump card, Mahapadma, allows her to temporarily freeze time, giving her an advantage in battle. However, she can only activate her trump card once per day.


  • Flight: If she feels like it, Esdeath can create floating ice around her body which gives herself the ability to fly.
  • Weissschnabel: Creates dozens or even hundreds of icicles from thin air and fires them forward like darts.
  • Grauhorn: Creates a massive icicle to pierce through targets. Effective on larger enemies.
  • Hagelsprung: Creates a massive ball of ice and throws it at the opponent.
  • Ice Cavalry: Esdeath's second trump card, which lets her summon an army of ice centaurs to use as soldiers.
  • Ice Storm Commander-In Chief: Ice Storm Commander-In Chief is Esdeath’s tertiary trump card as well as her ultimate technique with Demon’s Extract. By absorbing all of her Ice Cavalry soldiers at once, Esdeath’s ice manipulation powers get severely amplified. With this amount of power, she was able to cause a massive snowstorm on a country wide scale and cover everything in ice and snow. It’s her way to “weed out the weak from the strong” while also giving herself an easier time at making ice constructs.
    • Ice Shields: For defensive purposes, Esdeath can create ice shields to protect herself from enemy attacks. She can create separate shields with multiple layers and small armors to cover her blind spots.
  • Ice Armor: If she wants to bring out the big guns, Esdeath uses her ice manipulation to encase herself in a giant suit of armor and pilot it like a mech.
  • Freeze Capture: One of Esdeath’s deadliest ice manipulation abilities is Freeze Capture (also known as Flash Freeze), a technique in which she encases her enemy in a block of ice to impede their movement whether by on contact with her skin or just by thinking about it despite not looking. It’s an instant counter move if she ever gets tagged by an enemy. With this ability, Esdeath was able to freeze a large river and even multiple Ultimate-Class Danger Beasts that dwarf multi-story buildings.


  • Rapier






  • Defeated Leone, Najenda, Susanoo and Tatsumi at once by herself.
  • Has decimated numerous tribes that dare to oppose the Empire
  • Defeated nearly half of Night Raid without breaking a sweat.
  • Doesn't have an opening.
  • Kills a danger beast as a child.
  • Kills a rare bird danger beast and by "sticking it out" a few days in the mountains
  • Can fight three people at once.
  • Leader of the Empire’s Jaegers
  • Single handedly conquered the Northern Tribes and reduced their prince into a mindless pet.
  • Killed Susanoo and Numa Seika
  • Massacred Danger Beasts, soldiers, and civilians throughout her career
  • Defeated Nuge.
  • Killed 40,000 enemies by burying them alive
  • Capable of easily taking on an equivalent of 1 million soldiers
  • Nearly defeated Akame, and possibly could have if she took the fight more seriously
  • Broke the Fourth Wall. Seriously, she did that.


  • Tatsumi Obsession: In love with Tatsumi due to seeing his strength and combat skills. She genuinely loves him, however her love can come off as possessive and controlling.
  • Too Sadistic: Esdeath loves war and will do anything to prolong it all for the sake of her own bloodlust.
  • Mental Stability: Often questionable whenever she is committing her acts on behalf of the Empire.