Character Profile Wikia
Series Mortal Kombat
Age 21
Birthday February 13, 2001
Sex Male
Species Fusion of souls
Height 6'1"
Weight 87kg
Alignment chaotic Neutral
We are many; you are one. Your abilities pale before us..
~ Ermac

Ermac is a Mortal Kombat ninja and also a mysterious creation of Shao Kahn's army made up of thousands of dead warrior souls.


Ermac was created by the many souls of many Outworld warriors who died in battle in the original timeline, while the souls of the Edenians who tried to resist Kahn's invasion today. After the emperor's death, he helped Liu Kang to free his friends enslaved by Onaga in the original timeline, while in the current timeline he helped Mileena and then left her and thus allied himself with Kotal Kahn.

Powers & Abilities

  • Soul manipulation: Ermac for being a creation of souls, has access to memories of all of them and, thus, has a gigantic knowledge.
    • Soul Ball: Ermac fires a sphere of soul energy directly at his enemy. It increases the damage, depending on how many orbs are floating around Ermac when they are executed. If there are three of them around you, in addition to the large damage increase, it will also stun your opponent, setting him up for a free hit. While they are stunned, Ermac can also perform a Soul Release, which causes the green energy around the opponent to shoot them into the air.
    • Disappear: Ermac uses his soul powers to disappear from the arena and evade any enemy attack for a moment.
    • Soul Charge: Ermac flies straight at his opponent at high speed to hit them with his fists. It can also be performed in the air.
    • Soul Adherence: Ermac rises in the air to fly in any direction he wishes.
  • Telekinesis
    • Telekinetic Strike: Ermac lifts his opponent and hits the ground hard.
    • Mystical Float: Ermac uses his telekinesis to propel himself into the air for a few seconds.
      • Dive Kick: After performing "Mystic Float", Ermac dives forward with an aerial kick.
      • Mystic Bomb: After executing the Mystic Float, Ermac hits his back on the ground, creating a small shock wave.
    • Telekinetic Throw: Ermac telekinetically throws his opponent through the arena behind him.
    • Low Telekinetic Throw: Ermac does almost the same as in the Telekinetic Throw, but he throws an enemy, making him touch the ground.
    • Telekinetic Attack: Ermac increases the air pressure much higher, reaching the opponent. Works only while in the air.
    • Telekinetic tornado: Ermac makes a shield around himself, so many small hado energy projectiles rise up hitting the opponent if he is close to Ermac.
    • Force Lift: Ermac lifts his opponent by telekinesis, turns him upside down and hits him head on the floor.
    • Force Push: Ermac lifts his opponent by telekinesis, floating him backwards unaided until he attacks with a telekinetic strike.
  • Energy projection: Ermac has the ability to project green energy which it uses in various attacks.
    • Teleport Punch: Just like Scorpion, Ermac disappears in a cloud of and reappears through the green energy behind his opponent.
      • Telelift: Ermac lifts his opponent and beats him behind him before the initial strike.
    • Force Ball: Ermac sends a beam of green zigzag sliding at his opponent.
  • X-ray (MK9): Ermac lifts his opponent with his telekinetic powers and hits them on the floor with his head, breaking his skull, spine and neck. Ermac then hovers over his enemy with his mystical float and elbows his opponent in the back, crushing his spine and ribs.
  • X-ray (MKX): Ermac flies in the air before headbutting his opponent, breaking the skull, then flying back and flying back to them again, this time with a kick in the neck, snapping (making with which the opponent falls to the ground) and finally flies to the opponent, stepping on his jaw, breaking it.
  • Finish Him
  • Telekinetic Slams: Ermac levitates his opponent by knocking him to the ground several times. Soon after, the opponent dies.
  • Decapitating Uppercut: Ermac hooks his opponent to death by tearing off his head.
  • Telekinetic Tear: Ermac raises his opponent, and starts twisting him until he breaks in half.
  • Mind Over Splatter: Ermac levitates the opponent, removes his arms and legs and throws him on the ground, crushing his head.
  • Pest Control: Ermac with his powers, leaves the opponent the size of an ant and with his foot smashes him.
  • Inner Workings: Ermac makes the opponent levitate and plucks the organs from the telekinetically making them come out of his mouth like a floating snake.
  • Head Out: Ermac plucks the enemy's head telekinetically, making it pass through the stomach and heading towards his hand.
  • Babality: Ermac becomes a baby and levitates and starts to cry.
  • Friendship: Ermac levitates the opponent, then makes him disappear and turns him into a rabbit.
  • Animality: Ermac turns into a frog and swallows the opponent


  • It features an ax in Mortal Kombat Deception and Armaggedon.



  • Tore Jax's arms.
  • He defeated several Tarkatan soldiers in Mileena's onslaught against Kotal Kahn.


  • It was fast enough to stop Jax who rushed at him and yanked his arms out.



  • He arrested Jaqui with his telekinesis and threw it against a tree.


  • The longer it is and the more it enters the Netherrealm, the weaker it becomes.

Fun Facts

  • Ermac arose from a palette error in Mortal Kombat 1, where Sub-Zero and Scorpion's clothes were red due to a bug.