Character Profile Wikia
Series Doom
Age Late 20's to early 30's
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 6'6" (1.98 m)

6'8" (2.03 m) (armored)

Weight 230 lbs. (104.33 kg)

360 lbs. (163.29 kg) (armored)

Alignment Chaotic Good
At this particular moment in time I don't believe I have a healthier or more deeply felt respect for any object in the universe than this here shotgun...
~ Doomguy's quote in the 1996 comics.

Doomguy (also known as Doom Slayer) is the protagonist of the entire Doom franchise.



Doomguy (also known as Doom Slayer and Doom Marine) is a Marine from the United States Marine Corps, one of the toughest warriors on Earth itself. Doomguy has been incarcerated on Mars after killing a senior officer when ordered to shoot down innocent civilians, it is then he is taken to Mars where he worked among side the Union Aerospace Corporation where they did research on interdimensional travel and secret experimentation.

Despite the signs of anomalies and instability, the UAC has managed to continue its further research on Mars, but when something goes horribly wrong to the point where the armies of Hell swarm out of the teleportation gates on Deimos and Phobos, quickly overpowering the defensive response from base security. All known personnel at this point are either killed or turned into zombies.

It then gets to the point where a military detachment from Mars pays a visit to Phobos as Doomguy finds himself tasked with securing the perimeter as the assault team with heavy weaponry is brought inside to clear up the base. It then gets to the point where Doomguy hears screams, orders being shouted out and then... silence.

Realizing that Doomguy is the only last person standing against incredible odds, he realizes that the only way to escape from the Moon Base itself is to go inside and fight through the complexes. n

Doom II

After being stranded on Phobos Anomaly in addition to fighting demons in Hell. Doomguy manages to return to Earth only to realize it too has fallen victim to the demonic hoard.

As he takes note of even the major cities that have fallen into ruin, the remaining leaders intend to use a spacecraft to transport the rest of Earth's population by means of the starports which the demons have held under heavy guard. The remaining soldiers make a desperate assault to recapture the starports only to be slaughtered, save for Doomguy who remains the last one standing.

Doomguy then enters Hell again who he eventually found himself confronting a gigantic demon called The Icon of Sin. Doomguy manages to give it a gruesome death thus causes devastation on Hell and manages to seal the portal.

TNT: Evilution

As Doomguy managed to put another stop to Hell's Armies, he was seen as a hero in the eyes of the people, a celebrity that has been talked about for fighting the Legions of Hell itself. Despite all this, the one thing the people don't talk about is that he was the only survivor...

Doomguy who's now in command of the marine deployment was off duty who was walking until he was attacked by an Imp, he then rushes back to base thus realizing that a huge demonic ship is hovering above it, thus swearing vengeance on the monsters that killed his deployment.

As Doomguy sets out by killing as many demons as he can find, he then ends up defeating a powerful demonic entity called the Demon-Spitter. It is then he takes note that "something rumbles in the distance. A blue light begins to glow inside the ruined skull of the Demon-Spitter".

The Plutonia Experiment

Doomguy in this story among with a powerful unit of Marines decided to put an end to the quantum accelerator with Doomguy arriving first. Knowing full well the Legions of Hell are too powerful, he decides to go himself and put an end to a Demon known as the Gatekeeper who is responsible for keeping the seventh gate of Hell to remain open and he manages to kill the Gatekeeper to close that portal once and for all.

Doom III

Doomguy is sent to Mars City and upholding the rank of Corporal as he came along with Counselor Elliot Swann and Jack Campbell aboard the Darkstar. It is pointed out that Doomguy in this story came as a replacement for a previous Marine that died during an operation.

It is then that Master Sergeant Thomas Kelly requested for Doomguy's immediate assistance to locate a missing scientist named Jonathan Ishii who was last seen in the old Communications Facility. He then finds Jonathan Ishii with the intent to bring him back only for the Demonic Invasion to begin, forced to shoot down Jonathan Ishii the moment he turned into a zombie.

It then gets to the point where Doomguy manages to discover a section of Hell that has crept into the Martian underground and deep within the bowels of this Hellscape. He then finds himself in combat against none other but The Cyberdemon who was guarding the Hell Hole. After an Epic Battle, Doomguy kills the Cyberdemon and the Soul Cube then seals the Hell Hole forever.

Doom 2016

It is stated that this version of Doom is actually an origins story. Doomguy awakes taking note that he's been chained to an altar in a UAC basement on Mars, and realizes that something is amiss, escapes imprisonment and gains his Praetor Suit. Making his way across the Martian surface, he enters an industrial building that houses a satellite. After re-aligning the dish array, he hopes to learn the source of the demonic invasion, and preps himself to stop it.

Doomguy then finds himself eventually allying himself with Doctor Samuel Hayden among with his A.I. called VEGA to put an end to Olivia Pierce and her plans. Doomguy eventually slays her the moment she changes into a Spider Mastermind and Samuel betrays him shortly afterward.

Doom Eternal

Eight months after the events of 2016's DOOM, Earth has been overrun by demonic forces, wiping out 60% of the planet's population, under the now-corrupted Union Aerospace Corporation. What remains of humanity has either fled Earth or have banded together as part of ARC, a resistance movement formed to stop the invasion but have gone into hiding after suffering heavy losses. The Doom Slayer, having previously been betrayed and teleported away by Dr. Samuel Hayden, returns with a satellite fortress controlled by the AI VEGA to quell the demonic invasion by killing the Hell Priests; Deags Nilox, Ranak, and Grav. The priests serve an angelic being known as the Khan Maykr who seeks to sacrifice mankind. The Slayer teleports to a destroyed Los Angeles and kills Deag Nilox, but the Khan Maykr teleports the two remaining priests to unknown locations, forcing the Slayer to continue searching.

After retrieving a celestial locator from the Sentinel world of Exultia, the Slayer travels to Hell to retrieve a power source from a fallen Sentinel known as the Betrayer. He warns the Slayer that humanity's time has come before giving him the power source and a special dagger. VEGA directs the Slayer to a citadel in the Arctic where Deag Ranak has taken refuge, and the Slayer kills him after defeating his guardian Doom Hunters.

In response, the Khan Maykr moves Deag Grav to a hidden location and accelerates the invasion of Earth. Forced to change tactics, the Slayer destroys the Super Gore Nest in central Europe, where the invasion began. With no leads on finding the last Hell Priest, VEGA suggests finding Dr. Hayden, who knows the location of Deag Grav. The Slayer makes his way to an ARC compound where he retrieves Hayden's robotic shell, as well as the Crucible before facing a Marauder, a demonic Sentinel sent to stop the Slayer.

Upon uploading Hayden's mind into the fortress, he reveals Deag Grav is hiding on Sentinel Prime. With the only portal to Sentinel Prime located in the ancient city of Hebeth in Mars' core, to which there is no immediate access. The Slayer then travels to a facility on Phobos where he uses the BFG 10000 to shoot a hole in Mars, which he uses to reach Hebeth. After reaching Sentinel Prime, flashbacks reveal the Slayer to be Doomguy. Found badly wounded by Sentinels, Doomguy was brought before the Deags and was forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena. Impressed by Doomguy’s ruthlessness in battle, the Deags inducted him into the Sentinels, while the Khan Maykr inquires into Doomguy's knowledge of the Demons. In the present, the Slayer finds Deag Grav in the arena and defeats a massive demon known as the Gladiator. Despite knowing that it is against Sentinel law to murder Deag Grav on sacred ground, the Slayer kills him anyways and returns to the fortress.

Upon his return, the Slayer's fortress is shut down remotely by the Khan Maykr to prevent any further interference in her plans. She reveals her intentions to resurrect the demon world-eating super-predator, the Icon of Sin, to consume mankind before having the Slayer attacked by demons. Surviving the ambush, the Slayer uses the demonic Crucible's latent Argent energy to reactivate the fortress and travels to Argent d'Nur to retrieve his own Crucible from his time in the Sentinels.

Powers & Abilities

Badass Incarnate

Due to the sheer fact that Doomguy has fought countless demons in addition to being a capable warrior eventually allowed him to be an incarnation of badassery itself thus making him invincible and unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Supermortal Attributes

As Doomguy is known for a number of Supermortal attributes are mentioned below...

  • Supermortal Strength: Doomguy's Supermortal Strength allows him to just rip, tear and crush through even powerful opponents at ease, mainly demons and cyborgs in his case. This is demonstrated in the form of Glory Kills that is mentioned in a different section within Powers & Abilities.
  • Supermortal Durability: Doomguy's Supermortal Durability allows him to keep moving even while taking hits that would otherwise cripple down a person.
  • Supermortal Stamina: Doomguy's Supermortal Stamina allows him to keep moving even while hauling the heaviest of items, this alone is demonstrated when he can haul the Chain Gun with the Mobile Turret Modification as it doesn't hinder his movement. Further more, he can already hold dozens of items in his inventory and isn't ever hindered by holding all of them.
  • Supermortal Speed: Doomguy's Supermortal Speed allows him to move at an extremely fast pase, his mobility and agility alone allows him to traverse and maneuver around the environment and battle arenas whilst also battling Demons and dodging attacks.
  • Supermortal Intelligence: Despite being known for violence, Doomguy is also known to be amazingly intelligent which is demonstrated through modifying his weaponry in ways that he has come to understanding.

Argent Energy Absorption

Doomguy's ability to absorb Argent Energy via his Praetor Suit, which reroutes it throughout the suits subsystems and into his body. This alone will grant him the following benefits as seen below.

  • 200% Health: The moment Doomguy has managed to absorb five pieces of Argent Energy eventually allowed him to naturally gain 200% Health, this means he doesn't necessarily have a need for a Mega Health to gradually regain his health beyond the normal limits.
  • 150% Armor: The moment Doomguy has managed to absorb five pieces of Argent Energy eventually allowed him to carry more armor then normal up to 150% total.
  • More Ammunition: The moment Doomguy has managed to absorb five pieces of Argent Energy eventually allowed him to carry more ammunition. In the 2016 version of Doom, Doomguy can carry an additional 40 shotgun shells, an additional 70 .50 caliber FMJ rounds, an additional 30 rockets, and an additional 250 cell rounds.

Rune Absorption and Usage

Through means only known to Doomguy himself, he is able to tap into the mystical powers of the runes themselves. The moment he does so allows him to equip at least three runes at a time which grants him augmentations to his already impressive abilities.

Master Combatant and Weapon Mastery

Doomguy is capable of mastering every weapon he comes across, which includes firearms as he is known to handle them with care. He is also a capable weapon modifier that allows his already impressive weaponry arsenal to much deadlier effects.

Glory Kills

As seen in the 2016 version of Doom brings about Doomguy's ability to perform Glory Kills. Doomguy has different sets of Glory Kills as he can only perform them whenever his enemies become staggered for any reason. Furthermore, Doomguy's ability to perform Glory Kills causes his enemies to drop health every time.

  • Arm Rip & Face Smash: Doomguy rips the arm off of his opponent and uses it as a weapon thus smashing his opponent in the face with his opponent's own arm.
  • Back Punch & Face Smack: Doomguy hits his opponent behind their back and smacks them in the face from behind afterward.
  • BFG-9000 Mouth Shove: Against an huge sized opponent, Doomguy can shove the BGF-9000 up his opponent's mouth and pull the trigger thus causing his opponent to explode in pieces (no joke).
  • Body Shatter: While Berserk, Doomguy can pull his opponent's arms while pressing his foot up against his opponent's chest thus shattering his opponent's body in the process.
  • Chest Puncture: While Berserk, Doomguy can punch right through his opponent's chest.
  • Curb Stomp: While in mid-air, Doomguy can land on his opponent and perform a curb stomp.
  • Eye Punch: If fighting against a big one-eyed opponent such as a Cacodemon, Doomguy can punch right through his opponent's eye, thus causing them to explode from the inside afterwords.
  • Face Crush: While in mid-air, Doomguy can perform a face crush on his opponent.
  • Face Rip: While Berserk, Doomguy can rip his opponent's face apart.
  • Face Slam: Doomguy slams his opponent's face up against a wall, shattering it in pieces.
  • Fang Slice: Doomguy can rip a fang off of his opponent and slice his opponent with it.
  • Horn Gorge: Doomguy can rip a horn off his opponent and stab his opponent with it.
  • Jaw Breaker: From behind, Doomguy can break the jaw of his opponent thus ripping it away.
  • Leg Snap: Doomguy will snap his opponent's leg off and slam his opponent's own foot right at the face.
  • Lower Leg Step: Doomguy breaks his opponent's lower leg and follows in with a punch which results in a smack in the face.
  • Lower Leg Step & Neck Breaker: Doomguy breaks his opponent's lower leg by kicking it which is followed by a neck breaker afterwords.
  • Organ Rip & Shove: Against certain opponents such as the Mancubus, Doomguy can rip such opponent's organ and shove it down it's hroat, causing it to explode afterwordard
  • Sweep & Smack: Doomguy performs a sweep kick and smacks his opponent right at the face.
  • Wall Slam & Face Kick: Doomguy slams his opponent up against a wall and kicks his opponent in the face.
  • Wall Slam & Face Punch: Doomguy slams his opponent up against a wall and punches his opponent in the face.



Doomguy has a powerful arsenal of weaponry, most of them with two separate modifications he can swap at will as seen below.

  • Brass Knuckles: Doomguy's basic melee weapon whenever he punches.
  • Flashlight: While its main purpose is to light up dark corridors, Doomguy can use this as not only a tool but also as a blunt melee weapon (Doom 3).
  • Fire Axe: Doomguy can use this Axe to beat down zombies at close range in addition to break down beaten-up doors (Doom RPG).
  • Fire Extinguisher: While primary used to put out fires, this is very effective against fire-based enemies such as Lost Souls & Arch-viles (Doom RPG).
  • Chainsaw: While their has been no known use for the Chainsaw being on Mars didn't stop Doomguy from using it, he can use this weapon to cut through many demons at ease as it's capable of dealing constant damage upon contact.
  • Ionized Plasma Levitator: This unusual weapon allows Doomguy to hold certain objects above the ground for a limited time and can throw them with great force in addition to the fact it can also allow him to grab incoming fireballs thrown by enemies, reach otherwise inaccessible pickups, \destroy certain enemies and remove obstacles in the player's path.
  • Frag Grenade: Doomguy can throw this frag grenade once every ten seconds, he can throw a total of two of these and only wait for twenty seconds to throw two at a time again.
  • Hologram: Doomguy can create a hologram that not only acts as a dummy but can even shoot. He can use a hologram once every ten seconds and can use a total of two every twenty seconds at a time.
  • Siphon Grenade: This functions similar as the Frag Grenade as it deals damage to enemies within the radius. In addition, the Siphon Grenade not only deals damage to enemies but also partially heals Doomguy as well.
  • Pistol (UAC EMG Sidearm): In the 2016 version of Doom, Doomguy can shoot this at an unlimited amounts of times as he wishes. As soon as he fires this, it compresses up to 4 megawatts of Argent Energy into a hardened plasma gel as it launches the slug at high velocity. The gel has the same impact properties as conventional ammunition thus making it feel like an actual firearm.
    • Charge Efficiency: Doomguy manages to modify the Pistol to decrease the duration period it takes to power up a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Quick Recovery: Doomguy also managed to modify the Pistol to decrease the recovery duration period after he fires off a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Light Weight: Doomguy has managed to make it so that the Pistol is light weight, meaning he can move at his normal speed when using a Charged Energy Shot.
    • Increased Power: This further increases the maximum power of a Charged Energy Shot.
  • Chain Gun: Also known as "The D12" by operatives, the Chaingun is a high velocity heavy weapon that is capable of suppressing multiple targets all at once. It should be pointed out that recent changes to the firing mechanism has managed to push the Chain Gun to the physical limits of a ballistic weapon as an Argent Infused Piston compresses gas within the firing crucible to over 220,000 PSI. The moment it's released will launch a 15mm Tungsten Slug with a muzzle velocity of nearly 5,000 feet per second.
    • Gatling Rotator: A 3rd party modification overrides the crucible release safety, allowing Doomguy to fire the Chain Gun immediately and without having to wait for maximum rotation. While it dose prolong the duration period it needs to reach full speed, Doomguy can fire off a volley of bullets instantly.
      • Improved Torque: This upgrade that Doomguy made on the Gatling Rotator allows it to further increases the spin-up speed in order to fire the Chain Gun sooner then later.
      • Uranium Coating: This upgrade allows the Gatling Rotator to fire off bullets that have a Uranium Coating which allows them to penetrate through targets at ease.
      • Incendiary Rounds: This upgrade allows the Gattling Rotator to deal even more damage the moment the Chain Gun reaches it's maximum rate of fire.
    • Mobile Turret: While this modification unbalances the Chain Gun, this allows Doomguy to fire off twice the normal amount of rate of fire but at the expense of overheating it. The moment Doomguy activates the Mobile Turrent causes the barrel of the Chain Gun to split into three separate mini-barrels that fire off a barrage of bullets. This modification allows the Chain Gun the sheer capable of rivaling the BFG-9000.
      • Rapid Deployment: This upgrade allows the Mobile Turret to deploy itself at a moment's notice.
      • Uranium Coating: This upgrade allows the Mobile Turret to fire off bullets that have a Uranium Coating which allows them to penetrate through targets at ease.
      • Ultimate Cooling: This upgrade allows the Mobile Turrent to not overheat, thus allowing Doomguy to fire off a barrage of bullets for as long as he wishes while using the Rich Get Richer Rune so as long as his Armor remains 75% and above or until he runs out of bullets whichever happens first.
  • Combat Shotgun: The standard military issued combat shotgun forged out of high quality Titanium Steel, Doomguy can use this to shoot down any target at close to melee range. Its pump-action and it's spread ranges from 7 to 10 pellets in a single blast.
    • Charged Burst: This modification allows Doomguy to fire off an automatic fire-up that shoots up to 3 shell rounds in a rapid succession. Utmost useful against Doomguy's foes at close range as it is capable of taking down all but the most resilient of adversaries.
      • Speedy Recovery: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification to recover more quickly between fired bursts.
      • Rapid Fire: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification with an increased fire rate.
      • Quick Load: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification a more quicker loading duration period.
      • Power Shot: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Charged Burst Modification a further increase in damage on the next burst. This only happens the moment Doomguy manages to successfully land all three shots on a single target.
    • Explosive Shot: This mod allows Doomguy to incorporate a glycerin fuse within a shell that detonates an Octanitrocubane gel upon impact to create a wide-area of effect. This mod is highly effective against either multiple targets or when detonated to the ear of enemies in defilade.
      • Speedy Recovery: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification to recover more quickly between fired bursts.
      • Bigger Boom: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification further increases the size of the explosion radius.
      • Instant Load: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification will remove the loading duration period for the Explosive Shot itself.
      • Cluster Strike: This upgrade allows the Combat Shotgun with Explosive Shot Modification will create a series of Cluster Bombs the moment Doomguy scores a direct hit on his chosen target. The Cluster Bombs will deal additional damage to said target plus other targets near-by.
  • Super Shotgun: Despite being removed from the Union Aerospace Corporation's approved weapon arsenal didn't stop Doomguy from using the Super Shotgun thus making it extremely ideal in close quarters combat should he ever have to.
    • Faster Reload: Doomguy has managed to improve the Super Shotgun thus allowing him to reload it quicker then usual.
    • Uranium Coating: Doomguy has managed to modify the Super Shotgun to the point where the shells now have Uranium Coating, thus causing the shells to penetrate through even multiple targets.
    • Double Trouble: Doomguy has managed to modify the Super Shotgun to the point where he can fire twice before having to reload, this modification still makes the Super Shotgun as if Doomguy fired off two shells in a single blast.
  • Heavy Assault Rifle: Despite being replaced with the Plasma Rifle, the Heavy Assault Weapon is still the ideal weapon due to its dependable mechanical firing mechanism in addition to it's high accuracy at lon- rangd targets.
    • Tactical Scope: This allows Doomguy to zoom into targets and snipe them down from a long distance as it allows him to fire multiple .50 caliber FMJ rounds without having to deal with unmanageable recoil.
      • Uranium Coating: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Tactical Scope Modification to fire off the .50 caliber FMJ rounds that have a Uranium Coating which allows them to penetrate through targets at ease, this only takes effect while Doomguy is zooming with the Tactical Scope Modification.
      • Skull Cracker: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Tactical Scope Modification to deal even more damage to enemies when Doomguy aims for the head of such targets.
      • Light Weight: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Tactical Scope Modification to be more relayable as Doomguy made it weigh less.
      • Devastator Rounds: In addition to Uranium Coating, Doomguy has managed to make it so that the Heavy Assault Rifle with Tactical Scope can fire off of what appears to be an experimental yet heavy damage dealing ammunition rounds. Doomguy can only fire off these rounds whenever he's zoomed into his chosen target.
    • Micro Missiles: This multi-chambered cylinder that is located under the primary barrel is something that Doomguy can load up to six HMX missiles. The small-but-deadly rockets are designed to deliver multiple payloads to even a single target and can subdue multiple targets within a tight kill-zone.
      • Ammo Efficient: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Modification reduces the ammunition cost for using the Micro Missiles.
      • Advanced Loader: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Modification to quickly reload the Micro Missiles themselves.
      • Quick Launcher: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Modification to instantly activate the Micro Missile rack the moment it is ready to fire.
      • Bottomless Missiles: This upgrade allows the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Modification to fire an almost seemingly endless supply of Micro Missiles which only stops until Doomguy runs out of ammunition or until he chooses to stop whichever happens first. He can fire endlessly so as long as his Armor remains at least at 75% and above upon using the Rich Get Richer Rune.
  • Plasma Rifle: This standard issue military weapon is capable of delivering a rapid salvo of plasmoids that deal not only impact but also thermal damage to Doomguy's chosen targets.
    • Heat Blast: This modification allows Doomguy to cause the Plasma Rifle to absorb residual thermal energy thus instantly transferring the heat to the borosilicate diffusion chamber. As soon as the meter is full will allow Doomguy to unleash a heat wave from the end of the weapon that deals localized damage in addition to the possible chance it will create a pressure wave that will knock back targets.
      • Super Heated Rounds: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification causes the heat within the Heat Blast Modification to build up faster then normal, taking at least 3 seconds for Doomguy to max out the Heat Blast's heat bar thus allowing him to unleash the Heat Blast.
      • Improved Venting: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification significantly reduces the Heat Blast Modification's recovery the moment Doomguy fires off a Heat Blast from it.
      • Expanded Threshold: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification further increases the amount of heat that can be contained within the Heat Blast Modification itself, thus allowing Doomguy to deal even more potential heat-based damage from it.
      • Heated Core: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Heat Blast Modification to generate heat on a passive scale, thus making it so that Doomguy won't have to use up ammunition to build it up. It takes the Heat Blast Modification 10 seconds to build upon its own without Doomguy having to fire the Plasma Rounds.
    • Stun Bomb: This modification for the Plasma Rifle allows Doomguy to fire off a powerful pulse that will stun near-by targets caught in the radius. The modification requires cooling between uses.
      • Quick Recharge: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Stun Bomb Modification allows the Stun Bomb to recharge at a faster rate.
      • Big Shock: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Stun Bomb Modification further increases the radius effect for the Stun Bomb detonation.
      • Longer Stun: This upgrade allows the Plasma Rifle with the Stun Bomb Modification slightly increases the duration period up to 4 seconds total thus causing anyone caught within the radius of the Stun Bomb itself.
      • Chain Stun: The moment Doomguy manages to kill his chosen targets while they remain under the effects of the Stun Bomb will release a secondary stun that will detonate and stun other targets near by if any.
  • Gauss Cannon: This weapon is the result of the basis for numerous industrial projects over the years with the Argent Tower being one of those projects. The Gauss Cannon is capable of scoring near perfect accurate hits due to it's aerodynamic design of the projectiles with the ammunition being cheap and readily available.
    • Precision Bolt: This standard telescopic sight is used to allow to further improve it's already near-perfect accuracy at long ranges. Doomguy can accumulate additional magnetic charge within it's launch chamber and when released will fire off the flechettes as an even greater speed. A fully charged flechette is almost seemingly unstoppable as it will pass through even multiple targets within Doomguy's sight.
      • Energy Efficient: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Precision Bolt Modification to reduce the duration period to charge up the bolt to maximum power. Further more, it also reduces the duration period between shots as well.
      • Light Weight: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Precision Bolt Modification to be lighter in weight, thus allowing Doomguy to move at normal speed while using it's Zoom In ability.
      • Volatile Discharge: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Precision Bolt Modification to fire off a Volatile Discharge, which causes a target who's weak enough to explode thus dealing damage to anyone caught in the explosion itself.
    • Siege Mode: This allows Doomguy to shoot a plasma beam once fully charged. Because of it's precise nature of the modification itself, safety valves prevent the weapon itself from discharging until the Argon has been fully ionized. While Doomguy charges this also prevents him from moving anywhere until he manages to release the plasma beam which is capable of penetrating up to multiple targets at once thus producing a concussive blast at the final point of impact.
      • Outer Beam: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Siege Mode Modification a devastating area of effect around it, thus dealing damage to other enemies caught within the area of effect.
      • Reduced Charge Time: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Siege Mode Modification reduces the duration period for the beam to fully charge up thus only taking one second to charge up.
      • Mobile Siege: This upgrade allows the Gauss Cannon with the Siege Mode Modification allows Doomguy to move while charging up the Gauss Cannon while using it's Siege Mode Modification. Further mor,e if Doomguy aims it dowd after it's fired allows him to perform up to a triple jump.
  • Rocket Launcher: This heavy-duty weapon is a standard issue to Heavy Weapons Specialists in all known military forces due to it's unparalleled direct impact and radius damage. Utmost ideal for Doomguy when he's firing the rockets at either a group of demons or against a highly resistant one.
    • Remote Detonation: This simple yet useful modification allows Doomguy to allow his rocket to detonate by remote upon his decision.
      • Improved Warhead: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Remote Detonation Modification to allow the rocket itself to cause a larger explosion, thus allowing it to deal damage to enemies from wider distances.
      • Jagged Shrapnel: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Remote Detonation Modification causes anyone caught within the explosion to take piercing damage from the Jagged Shrapnel itself. Further more, individuals that survive not only the explosion and the combined piercing damage from the Jagged Shrapnel also take damage over time for a short duration period.
      • External Payload: Upon obtaining this upgrade allows Doomguy to modify the rocket in such a way where it is now mounted with explosives. Doomguy can fire off the rocket then outright detonate the mounted explosives at any moment he wishes and the rocket itself will still remain in one piece assuming it hasn't hit its target or missed its mark.
    • Lock-On Burst: This modification allows Doomguy to lock-on to his target and fire off three rockets in a single launch. It also has a built-in laser targeter in order for Doomguy to ensure he doesn't miss his mark.
      • Quick Lock: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Lock-On Burst Modification allows Doomguy to lock-on to his target within one second.
      • Faster Recovery: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Lock-On Burst Modification causes the duration period between another lock-on to be reduced.
      • Multi-Targeting: This upgrade allows the Rocket Launcher with the Lock-On Burst Modification allows Doomguy to lock-on up to three separate targets, the rockets themselves will be divided among the lock-on targets themselves.
  • BFG-9000: When Doomguy dishes out the BFG-9000, it is capable when correctly charged will unleash a deadly packets of Argent Energy in a controlled manner that can utterly destroy or deal high damage to the most resistant of targets as it's capable of delivering an electrical shock that instantly boils the blood and fatty tissue of such targets thus causing a spontaneous explosion of the said targets caught in the blast. It is said that this is what lead the UAC to build and mass-produce the Plasma Rifle.
  • The Unmaker: Intended to be a demon-tech weapon as it was made out of demon bones, this weapon is designed to destroy demonic beings. Doomguy enjoys the benefits of it's spreadfire function in addition to the fact it doesn't pose any recoil openings, allowing Doomguy to take down even his most powerful targets.
  • The Soul Cube: Due to the fact it's an ancient Martian artifact, the Soul Cube can only be activated the moment Doomguy kills at least five targets so as long as they have a soul. The Soul Cube will always attack a enemy with the most amount of health in addition to dealing splash damage to adjacent enemies. It is also capable of restoring some health to Doomguy as well.
  • Heart of Hell: Despite Doomguy's hands showing signs of corruption the moment he holds it poses no ill-effect against him. Upon absorbing three human souls, it grants Doomguy the ability to manipulates time, supermortal strength, and becomes temporarily invulnerable.


Doomguy wears the Praetor Suit as seen in the 2016 version of Doom, it provides Doomguy with the following abilities as seen below.

  • Environmental Resistance
    • Hazard Protection: Improves Doomguy's resistance to environment damage.
    • Self Preservation: Improves Doomguy's resistance to taking damage from his own weapons
    • Barrels O' Fun: Doomguy is Immune to explosive damage dealt by barrels.
  • Area-Scanning Technology
    • Item Awareness: Doomguy's AutoMap allows him to reveal Exploration items at a wider radius around his position.
    • Secret Sense: Secret Sense: Doomguy's compass will pulse whenever he is near any secret areas.
    • Full View: Doomguy's AutoMap will pop up any Exploration items automatically.
  • Equipment System
    • Quick Charge: Doomguy's recharge duration for his equipment is decreased.
    • Stock Up: Doomguy's equipment charges are increased.
    • Rapid Charge: Further deceases recharge duration of equipment.
  • Power-up Effectiveness
    • Power Surge: The moment a Powerup duration wears off, Doomguy unleashes a blast wave that deals damage to near-by enemies.
    • Healing Power: The moment Doomguy obtains a Powerup, he instantly regains full health.
    • Power Extender: The moment Doomguy obtains a Powerup means the duration of that Powerup will increase.
  • Dexterity
    • Adept: This allows Doomguy to switch weapons faster then normal.
    • Quick Hands: This allows Doomguy to grab onto ledges faster.
    • Hot Swap: This allows Doomguy to swap between weapon mods at a faster pace.


As Doomguy as seen in the 2016 version of Doom has a total of 11 Runes in his inventory, he can equip three at a time. The Runes grant Doomguy mystical augmentations which can affect the outcome of his fights.

  • Ammo Boost: This rune allows Doomguy's opponents to drop even more ammunition. Further more, it also poses a chance to drop BFG-9000 ammunition as well.
  • Armored Offensive: This rune allows Doomguy to get armor piece drops whenever he performs a Glory Kill.
  • Blood Fueled: This rune allows Doomguy to move faster after performing a Glory Kill.
  • Dazed and Confused: This rune allows Doomguy's opponents to stay in a staggering state for 15 seconds.
  • Equipment Power: This rune further increase the overall effectiveness of Doomguy's overall equipment, making whatever he holds more powerful then before.
  • In-Flight Mobility: This rune allows Doomguy significant increase to his mid-air movements whenever he jumps, ranging from single jump to a double jump with the Delta V Jump-Boots.
  • Intimacy is Best: This rune allows Doomguy's opponent's to become more Glory Kill-friendly.
  • Rich Get Richer: This rune allows Doomguy to have infinite ammunition so as long as his overall Armor remains at least at 75%.
  • Savagery: This rune allows Doomguy to perform Glory Kills at a much faster speed.
  • Saving Throw: This rune allows Doomguy to survive at least two death-blows that would otherwise kill him.
  • Seek and Destroy: This rune allows Doomguy to perform a Glory Kill at a much longer distance between him and his target.


  • Backpack: This allows Doomguy to carry up to a total of a whopping 400 bullets, 100 shotgun shells, 100 rockets and 600 energy cells all at once, this combined with Doomguy's Argent Energy Absorption allows him to carry a grand total of 470 bullets, 140 shotgun shells, 130 rockets and 850 energy cells all at once.
  • Delta V Jump-Boots: This allows Doomguy to perform a double jump, which allows him to jump either at greater heights or jump at a further distance.
  • Radiation Shielding Suit: This allows Doomguy to walk on radiation floor hazards for at least a full minute.
  • Light Amplification Visor
  • Megasphere: Also known as the Mega Health, this allows Doomguy to bring his health and armor up to 200%. Further more, it's also pointed out that those who are not tolerant to this actually experience a significantly shorten overall lifespan. While attempts to administer the solution to demons have proven to be unsuccessful, the demon alone who uses this power-up actually suffers agonizing death moments after using this power-up.
  • Mega Armor Power-Up: This allows Doomguy to bring his armor up to 200%, it is also capable of absorbing 50% of all damage dealt to Doomguy until it is deplete.
  • Berserk Power-Up: This allows Doomguy to fall into a berserk state which further increases his overall strength as he is known to exhibit extreme rage the moment he uses it, this power-up with the Power Extender will last for 30 seconds. It should also be pointed out that subjects not tolerant to the Berserk Power-Up will inflict self-harm if they have no one else to attack due to the fact it will vent rage on any other individual (living and otherwise) they can find. In extremely rare cases if a subject not tolerant manages to survive exposure from the Berserk Power-Up means the individual alone will be left in a perpetual state of deliriuma to the point where the individual would have to be put of one's misery.
  • Haste Power-Up: This allows Doomguy to go at lightning speed as it will accelerate his natural movement, this power-up with Power Extender will last for 30 seconds. It is also pointed out that those not tolerant to the Haste Power-Up will not only experience one's own heart rate to dramatically increase but also poses a high chance to cause myocardial rupture, thus causing the person's heart to literally explode.
  • Partial Invisibility Power-Up
  • Invulnerability Power-Up: This renders Doomguy to become invulnerable hence it's name which protects Doomguy from all forms of external attacks for a duration period, this power-up with Power Extender will last for 20 seconds.
  • Quad Damage: This makes Doomguy be able to deal four times the normal amount of damage with any weapon he uses, it is said that a volunteer Tire 2 advocate within the UAC while in it's testing phase managed to decapitate three highly trained security personnel with nothing more and nothing less but just a mere pocket knife. This power-up with the Power Extender will last for 30 seconds.



  • If Berserk, Doomguy can utterly shatter even a Baron of Hell to pieces with only his fists.
  • Can rip the Cyberdemon's horn off and killed him with it as a Glory Kill.
  • Doomguy can carry a large supply of rockets and other ammunition without being weighed down.
  • Defeated the Icon of Sin, the limbs of which alone stretch for miles.
  • Can easily punch through Demons with his bare hands and tear out their spines.
  • Can physically mutilate enemies who can survive shots from his BFG.
  • Destroyed obsidian pillars of the Blood Temples with his bare hands.
  • Can crush demon skulls without any armor.
  • Can break chains by slightly struggling against them.
  • Can pulverize Imp heads with his punches.
  • Can punch through The Guardians' armor.
  • Can force open large blast doors.
  • Comparable to the Pinky Demon, which can upturn armored vehicles.
  • Without weapons or his Praetor Suit, killed the Titan.
  • Can absorb Argent energy from the Argent Caches, which hold power equal to, at minimum, 12 thousand megawatt-hoursand, at most, the energy value equal to what is produced by a nuclear reactor in a year.
  • Destroyed the Icon of Sin, who created a massive storm; Titans such as the Icon were also stated to be 'world-eaters' and 'harbingers of the end times'.


  • Doomguy can run at a top speed of 57 mph, he is capable of outrunning his own fired rockets.
  • Can dodge rockets from the Cyberdemon.
  • Can dodge gunfire from Former Humans.
  • Can keep up with Marauders, which can block his attacks, involving bullets, rockets, Argent plasma beams, Mach 4 chaingun rounds, and microwave radiation from the Microwave Beam attachments.
  • Can perceive blasts from the BFG 10000, which made it from the base on Phobos to Mars in less than 3 seconds (3 126 667 m/s or Mach 9 188)
  • Can perceive distant lightning bolts during the battle against the Icon of Sin.
  • Can avoid meteors summoned from the sky by the Icon of Sin.


  • Doomguy is capable of withstanding even deadly attacks that would otherwise cripple a normal human and can still move normally even if near-death.
  • Doomguy can fall from great heights without getting hurt.
  • Survived having the temple of Blood Keep brought down on top of him.
  • The UAC was unable to harm the Praetor Suit with anything they had during their testing.
  • Can survive the electrical fields produced by VEGA's defense systems and the explosion following its destruction (which also sent him to Hell), with VEGA being powered by 2.4 terawatts of power.
  • Unharmed by his own ice grenades, which can flash-freeze enemies such as Baron of Hell, which are made of obsidian and fire, or ones as large and heavy as the Mancubus.
  • Can survive attacks from the skyscraper-sized Icon of Sin.


  • Survived the initial Demon invasion on Mars and fought back the majority of the threat.
  • Defeated the Vagary, a Spiderdemon-like beast.
  • Traveled to Hell to locate and take the Soul Cube, a legendary Martian artifact, in which he succeeded after defeating its protector, the Guardian of Hell.
  • Took down Sabaoth, a Demonized version of Sergeant Kelly equipped with a BFG-9000, before taking the BFG for himself.
  • Using the Soul Cube, destroyed the Cyberdemon and closed the portal to Hell that the Demons opened.
  • Defeated Kronos, a former human scientist that was turned into a Demon, and slew the Cyberdemon he had built.
  • Fought off Hell's invasion of Phobos after the army destroyed UAC defenses on the moon's facilities.
  • Slew the twin Barons of Hell guarding the interdimensional gateway from the moon Phobos to Deimos.
  • After being killed in an ambush, butchered all the Demons in Hell.
  • Slew the Cyberdemon, who ruled over the conquered Deimos UAC base.
  • Jumped down into deeper levels Hell itself to wreak havoc there.
  • Destroyed the Spider Mastermind, avenging the two UAC Mars bases.
  • After being transported to the deeper regions of Hell by Baphomet, slew his armies and returned to Earth.
  • Avenged the death of his pet rabbit Daisy, inflicting major losses to Hell as it invaded Earth and slaying the second Spider Mastermind.
  • Took down the Demon-Spitter, who was responsible for the Demonic assault on a UAC base on Io, one of Jupiter's moons.
  • Destroyed the Gatekeeper and closed the final Demonic portal responsible for overrunning a UAC base on Earth.
  • Was the only survivor after all of what was left of Earth's armies assaulted a starport infested by the demons.
  • Slew multiple Cyberdemons alongside wiping out Hell's armies from the starport, which included monsters such as Arachnotrons, Barons of Hell and Mancubi.
  • Shut down the Demon forcefield protecting the starport, allowing humanity to escape from Earth.
  • Fought off a Demon attack on a UAC base on Io, one of Jupiter's moons.
  • Shut down the seventh portal that the forces of Hell used to assault a research complex.
  • Assassinated a Cyberdemon that was building a Demon army for his own purposes, while also obliterating said army.
  • Destroyed the Mother Demon, the beast that resurrected previously-slain Demons, preventing another invasion.
  • Remained in Hell in order to make sure that no Demon ever rises or attempts to invade Earth again.
  • Destroyed the Resurrector, the original Mother Demon's sister.
  • Was, at some point, brought before the priests of Sentinel Prime by the Sentinels, though he was at the time slightly insane.
  • Fought as a gladiator on Sentinel Prime's arena, impressing the Priests enough to make him into a full Sentinel soldier.
  • Took part and was a major player in the Unholy Wars, where the Night Sentinels warred against the Demons.
  • During a Demonic assault, he was given immense power by Samur Maykr, the advisor do the Khan Maykr, through enhancements by using the Divinity Machine.
  • Singlehandedly saved the D'Nurian city of Taras Nabad from Demonic invaders, sacrificing his Crucible Sword to slay the Titan that lead the army.
  • Fought in the Sentinel Civil War, battling against the Maykrs in opposition to their use of Argent energy (Which they found was made from the souls of mortals that fell in battle against Hell).
  • Following the Betrayal, in which Sentinel forces were trapped in prison, the Slayer was the last surviving Sentinel and butchered Demons to the point of them fearing him over a time that was described as 'eons'.
  • Before obtaining the Praetor Armor, destroyed the mighty and skyscraper-sized Titan, a Demon "mightier than all who had come before".
  • Since the Demons could not defeat him, the Hell Priests decided to instead imprison him by sending a temple down on top of him and locking him in a powerful sarcophagus.
  • Immediately upon being awakened by Samuel Hayden, butchered his way through a Demon-infested UAC facility.
  • Obliterated the UAC Argent energy tower by destroying Argent energy filters, thus preventing humanity from harnessing Hell's energy.
  • Traveled to Hell and defeated the demons in their own territory.
  • Obliterated the Cyberdemon once again after it was rebuilt by the Lazarus Labs scientists.
  • Using the Cyberdemon's Argent Accumulator, made his way back to Hell.
  • Defeated the three Hell Guards and retrieved the Crucible.
  • Using the Crucible, took all of the Argent energy produced by The Well and put the Wraiths' souls to rest.
  • Eliminated the Spider Mastermind, ending yet another invasion.
  • After locating a spaceship, installing VEGA into it, and returning to Earth (after 2 years following his expulsion by Samuel Hayden, who teleported him away) killed the first Hell Priest and dealt a massive blow to the Demonic invasion of Earth (Reducing Hell's consumption of the planet by 36.8% according to VEGA).
  • Traveled to the remains of Argent D'Nur to retrieve a Celestial Locator, encountering King Novik's spirit and the Betrayer.
  • Tracked down the second Hell Priest and destroyed his Doom Hunters, cyborgs designed to hunt the Doom Slayer and his Night Sentinels, before decapitating the Priest himself.
  • Made his way to the headquarters of a human resistance force, retrieving both Samuel Hayden's robotic corpse and the Crucible.
  • Killed the Gladiator, the third Hell Priest's guardian, and proceeded to kill the Priest, thus completely halting Hell's consumption of Earth.
  • After Khan Makyr damaged his ship's systems, killed the Demons he was holding in the Fortress of Doom's prison and restored power to it by using the Crucible.
  • Recovered his Crucible Sword from Taras Nabad.
  • Unlocked the Unmaykr.
  • Fought through the Maykr homeworld, Urdak (which is the equivalent of Heaven or Paradise) before killing Kahn Maykr, the realm's ruler.
  • Destroyed the resurrected Icon of Sin, brought back by the Kahn Maykr to destroy Earth, and saving humanity from extinction.
  • Engaged in the Quake Champions tournament, where he fought warriors from across time and space.


  • If Doomguy's armor goes down to 74% and below for any reason while using the Rich Get Richer Rune means he will no longer benefit from unlimited ammunition until he regains his armor up to 75% and above again.
  • Limited ammunition, though he has no need to reload.
  • Mostly rushes into battle without a strategy, preferring to adapt on the fly.
  • Power-Ups are temporary and often last less than a minute.
  • Energy shields don't regenerate.
  • Some weapons are below Doomguy's actual physical strength.
  • Berserk Power-Up limits him to using physical attacks.
  • Animal Crossing.

Fun Facts

  • Doomguy first came to being within the 1990s era, in his case being December 10, 1993 due to the fact that DOOM first came out for MS-DOS & Mac OS.
  • Doomguy isn't ever referred to by name, due to the fact that the original game's co-designer John Romero said this was to increase player immersion. Romero said, "There was never a name for the DOOM marine because it's supposed to be YOU."
  • Doomguy also appears in the comic book of DOOM was issued in May 1996, produced by Tom Grindberg of Marvel Comics as a giveaway for a video game convention.
  • Doomguy's name in the film version of DOOM was actually named John "Reaper" Grimm, it should be pointed out that the film is non-canon.
  • Doomguy also has a sister in the film version of DOOM named Dr. Samantha Grimm.
  • Doomguy is left-handed in the first two DOOM games.
  • In the novel versions of DOOM & DOOM II, Doomguy's name is Flynn Taggart (the novels where shunned by fans).