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Don Krieg
Series One Piece
Age 42 (debut)
44 (after timeskip)
Birthday September 19th
Sex Male
Species Human
Height 243 cm (8'0")
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
I am Don Krieg! I am the strongest man and the commander of an unrivaled fleet!
~ Krieg.

Don Krieg is an East Blue pirate from the One Piece series.


Don Krieg had gone with his entire fleet to the Grand Line, however, the Shichibukai Dracule Mihawk ended up destroying all his ships, leaving only the main one of which he used to return to East Blue. Gin went back to the crew and told his boss, Krieg, that he could take the crew to the Baratie.

Two days later,Krieg and his crew arrived at Baratie with their ship. Chefs and customers were at first terrified of Krieg's terrible reputation. However,it quickly appeared that the ship was in pitiful shape and it was a dying Krieg who entered the restaurant with Gin's support. Sanji had given food to Krieg despite the bad reputation he had and, when he was fed, Don Krieg easily attacked Sanji and ordered food for his entire crew, threatening the restaurant with several firearms, which Zeff accepted. Later, he intended to steal the Baratie ship, however, when his bribes were fed, Dracule Mihawk appeared and cut Krieg's ship into three pieces, in which, after that, he watched the clash between the best swordsman in the world against the pirate hunter Zoro. When Zoro was defeated, Krieg went to confront Mihawk, but he just ignored him and left. Don Krieg's pirates then began attacking the Baratie, where, at one point, Gin eventually defeated Sanji, but refused to kill Sanji, which caused Don Krieg to release poison throughout the restaurant as punishment for Sanji's betrayal. combatant. Luffy was very angry with Krieg and said that Gin might not die and had to survive. However, because of the poison, Gin would die within an hour. Luffy promised to defeat Krieg and began his attack in front of Krieg. Krieg affronted whether he was more of a fool than a monkey, because monkeys won't challenge people who are impossible to win. Luffy responded by saying that he is a monkey who doesn't know the word of surrender. Krieg attacked with a shower of spears fired from his weapon. Luffy, without hesitation, ran straight into the attack with the intention of reaching Krieg. Realizing the rookie pirate wasn't stopping, Krieg revealed a cloak made of dangerous spikes to deter any attack. However, to everyone's surprise, Luffy still attacked despite the injury inflicted to his hand, knocking Krieg to the ground. Standing, Krieg revealed his ultimate weapon, a large spear with an explosive tip that detonates on impact. Continuing the battle, the surrounding rubble was eventually reduced to sunken rubble, with both combatants having very little room to move forward. Determined, Luffy began to stab the spear at itself, and eventually broke the end. Smiling confidently, Luffy told Krieg to get ready. At one point, Luffy managed to push Krieg off the top of the mast, but he threw several bombs at the pirate, who managed to dodge and break Don Krieg's armor. Angered by that, Don Krieg trapped Luffy in an iron net and, as they were in free fall, Luffy would fall into the sea and die, but the Straw Hat showed a move called Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi, which he wrapped his legs around in around Don Krieg's face, knocking him to Baratie's floor and defeating him.

Powers & Abilities

  • Effective user of spear and firearms
  • Poison: Through your shield.
  • Explosion Generator: Through your spear.


  • MH5: Your shield hides these poison gas canisters inside, which can be launched at a target, releasing a cloud of gas that is fatal to most living things if they breathe.
  • Spike Gun: Don Krieg has a machine gun hidden in his armor that can fire sharp bullets
  • Exploding Spear: A large spear that Krieg can wield with deadly speed and accuracy, it contains explosives, causing a powerful explosion every time he hits something with it.
  • Thorny Cloak: A large, thorny cloak that Don Krieg can wrap around himself for his opponent to attack and injure himself by doing so.
  • Iron net: A net that Don Krieg can use to trap his enemies, where they will have difficulty getting out of it because it is iron.



  • Easily attacked Sanji, knocking him down and immobilizing him.
  • His darts were able to pierce Luffy.
  • His thorn cloak hurt Luffy's hand.
  • His explosive spear is capable of knocking Luffy away with the generated explosion.


  • Able to perform blows that Luffy couldn't dodge.
  • Fast enough to trap Luffy in an iron net even after his armor was broken.


  • Survived Dracule Mihawk's attack.
  • He resisted a punch from Luffy straight to his face.
  • His armor withstood several blows from Luffy.
  • He got up even after being thrown from several meters high by Luffy.


  • He didn't mind poisoning his own comrades by dropping a poisonous smoke bomb on the Baratie.
  • Fit enough to keep Luffy away from it for a while.
  • Able to use an explosive spear with great skill, even injuring Luffy.
  • He trapped Luffy in an iron net.


  • Don Kreig has a temper and a great deal of overconfidence in his weapons and armor.
  • Don Krieg is totally dependent on his weapons, if they are destroyed, he cannot do anything against the enemy.

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