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Danny Phantom
Danny phantom.png
Series Danny Phantom
Age 14 To 17
Birthday September 12, 1989 (Virgo Leo)[1][2][3]
Sex Male
Species Human
Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Alignment Good

Danny Phantom (or Danny Fenton) is the titular main protagonist of the cartoon series Danny Phantom.


Danny Fenton was once an ordinary fourteen-year-old teenager with dreams of becoming an astronaut. His life changed drastically when his ghost-obsessed parents, Maddie and Jack Fenton, created a portal that was designed to open into a dimension known as the Ghost Zone. 

The initial attempt at activating the portal failed, and his parents ceased working on it. Danny, donning a protective jumpsuit, stepped into the interior of the malfunctioned portal. While inside he accidentally pressed a power button located on the inner walls of the portal, effectively turning it on. 

Danny was zapped by the portal in its activation, which caused a molecular restructure of his DNA and granted him ghostly powers and abilities. 

Following the activation of the portal, ghosts from the Ghost Zone began to escape. Danny chose to utilize his newfound powers to protect the town, Amity Park, from the spectral threats. He's accompanied in his adventures by his friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley

Powers & Abilities

  • Intangibility/Invisibility: Danny can turn invisible can be unseen except with the heat seeking devices. Objects can turn invisible when on contacted to his invisibility attack, making him invisible and intangible at the same time. He is also untouchable and can pass his invisibility to other object. However it can be noted that his intangibility can be negated by other intangible beings on multiple occasions.
  • Overshadowing: Also known as 'possession', he can posses humans, animals, inanimate objects, ghosts that surpasses Vlad's powers and other powerful half ghost beings.
  • Ghost Ray: Danny can shoot blasts out of his palms made out of ectoplasm energy, it can be manipulated to different limited size, shape etc. It can be a disks, sphere, squares and even rings. At his peak Danny can single handed or two handed charged up his Ghost Ray into 'Super Ghost Ray' that can tear apart any weak ghost molecule by molecule and destroy a near by area. He can channel the ecto plasm to his fist to become a powerful punch. It can also note that it can blind his opponents when he combines it with his Photokinesis/Ghost Light. It can also be used as a Repulsion Field and Energy Strike to increase his physical attacks.
  • Ghost Shield/Ecto-Shield: Making a dome shape made out of ecto-plasm, it can be used as a shield from attacks. It can also become a reflect shield that can reflect projectiles and repellent shield that can repel enemies.
  • Duplication: Before Danny had trouble mastering it and only created extra limbs, Danny can now properly use the duplication move. He can duplicate himself into four. However he isn’t skilled as Vlad who can create four duplicates while being invisible to a hundred shadow duplicates.
  • Ghostly Wail: Considered to be the most powerful move that Danny has, Danny can scream ultra waves of ectoplasm and almost nothing human or ghsot can withstand it. Around the first few times, the move can drain Danny's complete power and revert him back into his human form. Though he can now be resisted to the attack and can use it multiple times without losing energy and reverting to his human form.
  • Cyrokinesis: Danny can manipulate ice like freezing objects in contact and can shoot lasers of ice from his hands or eyes, and can shoot shards of ice. Similar to the ecto-energy, he can channel his ice powers to his fist. He can merge his ice powers and his ghost ray powers to create a giant green explosive snowballor make a ice shield out of it.
  • Pryrokinesis: Danny can generate and throw balls of ectoplasmic fire. Like his dark future self Dark Danny when ever he uses his Ghostly Wail his white hair starts to wave like fire until he stops screaming.
  • Photokinesis: Danny can emit pulses of light from his hands, allowing him to see in dark areas. He’s also used this ability to blind the Guys in White, the Danny Phantom equivalent to the Men in Black, even while they were wearing dark sunglasses.
  • Electrokenesis/Ghost Stinger: Though he didn't use it as much throughout the series, it can channel through electicwires. And somehow while being shocked, has fused with his game avatar...literally... by combing it with his Overshadowing ability.
  • Teleportation: Like Vlad, Danny can teleport by vanishing and instantly reappearing in another place nearby. His act of teleportation is making his body become slightly disfigured then fading away and appearing in another place. Although people assume it is invisibility, we tend to see him when he is invisible and moving.
  • Telekinesis: He can lift things with his telekinetic abilities...what do you expect?
  • Power Augmentation: Whenever Danny is stuck in a trap or whatever situation he's in, he can be shown a green or white aura.
  • Body Manipulation: Can be only seen in his ghostly tail appearance, he can make holes of his body to have the attack go through him, can stretch his body to avoid energy blast from an enemy and make him extremely flexible, and can even split his body in half to avoid attacks. He's also transformed into a blue mist to escape a dragon grip.
  • Vacuum Resistance: Whenever Danny went into space he didn’t wore a astronaut/space suit and wasn’t affected by the vacuum, stardust, or cosmic radiation, though he wore a helmet. He presumably wore a helmet in case he reverted back to his human form so it is possible he has the ability to self-substance like Vlad.
  • High-level Regeneration: Danny can regenerate small cuts or major damage.


  • Fenton Thermos: A device that can capture ghosts.





  • His ecto-shield can tank attacks capable enough to destroy buildings.
  • Survived atmospheric re-entry.
  • Survived outer space (all the way up to Jupiter) and not affected (despite still needing a space helmet).
  • Can take beatings from his opponents and still be fighting, whether in the present or future.
  • Wasn't fazed by being crushed by a nutcracker that crushes Danny into a car, building and cement floor.
  • Took a hit from a cannonball to the face.
  • Withstood being rammed by a sentient space shuttle into the ground hard enough to make a crater.
  • Using the Ghostly Wail doesn’t outright kill him. Given the damage it causes to the surroundings and due to the laws of Newtonian Physics, the fact that Danny doesn’t suffer any internal damage from the backlash is impressive.
  • Withstood getting blasted by TNT
  • Tanked getting hit by his own Ghost Ray
  • While in human form, resisted a forced transformation from one of Vlad Plasmius’s machines, then survived the overloaded machine exploding
  • Tanked multiple hits from a sphinx. He also gets hit in his human form after using his Ghost Wail which sends him on top of a pyramid. The sphinx can destroy buildings at ease.
  • Took a beating from Dark Danny and his clones, who was much more experienced and stronger than Danny.


  • Defeated Skulker and Valerie Grey, who are ghost hunters.
  • Held his own against Sidney Poindexter who was in his body.
  • Took on Vlad in a swordfight.
  • Broke free of Freakshow's mind control.
  • Tricked Freakshow into turning himself into a ghost.
  • Has saved Amity Park, and the world, numerous times
  • Bested his evil future self, who was supposed to be more powerful
  • Helped take down Skulker alongside rookie ghost-hunter Valerie Gray, while both were chained together.
  • Orchestrated a prison break against Walker
  • Teamed up with the other Nicktoons characters to defeat the Evil Syndicate and their Doomsday Device, Professor Calamitous and the Toybots, Mawgu, and the Globs of Doom.
  • Became the “savior of the Ghost Zone” by locking Pariah Dark, the Ghost King, back in his sarcophagus.
  • Alongside the other ghosts of the Ghost Zone, turned the entire Earth intangible to prevent its destruction by the Disasteroid.
  • Frequently defeats Vlad Plasmius, a half-ghost with over 20 years more experience than Danny.
  • Defeated Dorothea and Dan Phantom


  • Can revert back to his human form when overpowered by an opponent.
  • As a ghost he is vulnerable to Blood Blossom, Ecto-ranium, and anti-ghost weapons.

Fun Facts

  • Danny Phantom can walk through walls, disappear, and fly.
  • He is much more unique than the other guys.
  • Danny knew what he had to do; He had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through.
  • He's here to fight for me and you.
  • He's gonna catch them all because he's Danny Phantom