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Character Profile Wikia
Dan Hibiki
Don Habuki.png
Series Street Fighter
Age 29-30
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 5'10" | 177 cm
Weight 163 lbs | 74 kg
Alignment Chaotic Good
I hope you're ready for a beating!
~ Dan Hibiki

Dan Hibiki is a joke character from the Street Fighter series.


Dan was the son of mixed martial arts master Go Hibiki, who was murdered by Sagat after he was responsible for gouging out the Muay Thai champion's eye. Dan then went on a quest to avenge his father's death by training to become a fighter, but was expelled from Gouken's dojo when his motivations were learned. Dan thus developed his own style of Gouken's martial art merged with Muay Thai elements and called it Saikyō-ryū, or "Strongest style," despite the complete weakness of his techniques.

After supposedly defeating Sagat (which only happened because Sagat let him win), Dan focused his attention on developing his own dojo to teach others of Saikyō-ryū, and befriended Sakura and Blanka.

Powers & Abilities

  • Saikyō-ryū fighting style: A combination between the Ansatsuken and Muay Thai.
  • Gadouken: A ki projectile with terrible range and speed. The improved version, called Shinku Gadouken improves a little bit on the damage.
  • Koryuken: A badly executed Shoryuken. The improved version, Koryu Rekka combines a short Koryuken with a long one.
  • Dankukyaku: A series of flying kicks
  • Hissho Buraiken: Dan unleashes a flurry of punches, kicks, knees and chops, finishing with a Koryuken.
  • Shisso Buraiken: Dan punches his opponent in the face, proceeding to launch a barrage of blows and finishing with a Koryuken. As he lands, he performs his trademark pose: smiling broadly at the "camera" with a sparkling sound effect (of his teeth glowing white), giving a thumbs up gesture and sticking his rear end out.
  • Excessive Taunting: Dan can perform more taunts than any other character from the series.

Alternate Forms

Evil Dan

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Dan can reveal his dark side by tapping into the Satsui No Hado. In this form, he can use the Shun Goku Satsu, a technique that can destroy the soul of the opponent.



  • Took down a bunch of thugs.



  • Endured a beating from Ryu and Ken simultaneously.
  • Survived having his head slammed into concrete hard enough to crack it.
  • Despite near-constant hospitalization, is quick to jump back to action.


  • Defeated Sagat because he threw the fight to Dan.
  • Trained Blanka and Sakura.


  • Lacks the strength to properly throw an opponent.
  • The Gadouken is as damaging as a breeze of air.
  • His Evil Form can be cancelled just by tripping.

Fun Facts

  • He was created as a response to SNK's characters, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, which they considered to be rip-offs their own characters.
  • His gi is pink because he mixed colors while doing laundry.