Character Profile Wikia
Cleatus the Football Robot
CGI Cleatus the Football Robot
Series Fox NFL Sunday
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Sex Yes please
Species Founding Father
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Good

Cleatus the Football Robot is a football-playing CGI robot who is the official mascot for FOX NFL Sunday.


Cleatus’ planet of origin and maker are unknown, all that is known about him is that he created American Football as we know it.

Powers & Abilities[]

Cleatus is immortal and cannot die. He is also unable to lose a game of American Football.


The only known equipment that Cleatus uses is a metallic football that is magnetically attracted to his hand, making it impossible for him to fumble the ball.



Cleatus is the strongest being in the game of American football.


Cleatus has been known to run at speeds up to Mach 20 at full effort; however he restrains himself during games in order to keep it fair.


No weapon has yet to break Cleatus’ metallic body.


Cleatus is the best football player in existence.


Cleatus’ only known weakness is a bad game of America Football.

Fun Facts[]

Cleatus has birthed every single American football out of his canal. Each one contains a small portion of his Life Force.