Character Profile Wikia

Lawful Good (Crusader/Saintly): Characters who believe in upholding the law and maintaining order over chaos. Lawful Good characters often do anything they can to abide by the law, and will only ever make exceptions if said law is strongly opposed to their own impression of rectitude.

Neutral Good (Benefactor); Characters who believe more in doing good rather than upholding laws, but hold no inherent opposition to law and order. Most neutral good characters act purely based on what they believe is the right thing to do. The average good guy falls into this alignment.

Chaotic Good (Beatific/Rebel): Characters who are good people who refuse to conform to law or order. Some Chaotic Good characters even downright resent these two things. They care for the rights and freedom of others as well as their own.

Lawful Neutral: (Judge): Characters who believe abiding by the rules is more important than considerations of good or evil. Most Lawful Neutral characters do not care if the rules are good or evil, it is mostly focus on laws than anything else. Still, they do have enough morals to see if someone is abusing the law or creating outright unfair laws.

True Neutral :(Undecided): Characters who don't fall into either extreme. Most of the time, these characters are seen keeping balance or simply not caring. They tend to return the same treatment that, they receive from others and just act naturally for the most part.

Chaotic Neutral: (Free Spirit): Characters who follows their own code & act based on what benefits them. Basically, most jerks, mischievous characters, and anti-heroes & anti-villains fit into this alignment.

Lawful Evil: (Dominator): Characters who abide by certain rules and force them upon others; most of the time being dictators, tyrants, or corrupt officials. Lawful Evil characters always seem to have some position of power. Characters of this alignment see a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and show a combination of desirable and undesirable traits.

Neutral Evil: (Malefactor): Characters who are malefactors. The most basic kind of evil and the kind of evil most people think about. They are selfish above all else and see nothing wrong with hurting and even killing innocent people to get what they want and don't care. If, it means to follow laws or creating chaos.

Chaotic Evil :(Destroyer/Demonic): Characters who are full-out psychopaths. Those who don't care for morality or other people's lives, and have no remorse for committing crimes, no matter how bad they are. In fact, many enjoy hurting others just for fun. Some particularly terrible ones will even kill for pleasure. Some are also sociopaths who believe that others exist just as tools for them to use and exploit.


Anti-Heroes: Anti-Heroes are heroic characters that have insensitive motives. They may not feel the need to rescue the day, but still do to keep the peace, community, environment & the world out of danger.

Anti-Villains: Anti-Villains are villainous characters that just don’t care at some point to be bad. They commit crimes for noble reasons & they justify their actions, providing reasons as to why they do bad things.