Character Profile Wikia
Series Undertale
Age 6-12 (was a child)
Birthday Unknown
Sex Androgynous
Species Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (Normally], Chaotic Evil (Genocide Path)
HP. ATK. DEF. GOLD. EXP. LV. Every time a number increases, that feeling... That's me. "Chara".
~ Chara

Chara is a major character in the plot of the indie RPG Undertale. They are the narrator throughout the game, while they are only mentioned in the Pacifist Route of the game and they sometimes possess the playable character, Frisk, in the Neutral Routes, they basically take their place in the Genocide Route.


Chara was an androgynous human child that hated all of humanity. One day, sometime between 2010 and 2019, Chara climbed Mount Ebott (most likely to commit suicide or just spend some time alone), but in the process slipped, and fell down a hole that brought them to the underground. Here they were soon rescued by Asriel Dreemurr, the son of Asgore and Toriel Dreemurr, respectively the King and the Queen of all monsters. The royal couple agreed to take care of Chara and considered them as their second child, while Asriel treated them as his sibling and became best friends with them. The whole underground was filled with hope by the news of such a lovely relationship between a human and monsters. At some point, both Chara and Asriel accidentally made at Butterscotch Pie made, of buttercups, giving Asgore Buttercup poisoning, but with this accident, Chara formed a plan: they would allow themself to be killed so that Asriel could possess their soul, and release monsters from the underground. One day, Chara got terminally sick, and their last wish was to see the golden flowers from their village for the last time. For this reason, Chara told Asriel to absorb their soul after their death, so that Asriel could gain enough power to surpass the barrier and bring Chara's corpse to their village. Asriel accepted, and then Asriel and Chara became something that no one had seen before. Once Asriel had arrived In the meanwhile, the humans saw Asriel holding Chara's corpse and thought that he killed them, so they instinctively began to attack him. Chara likely insisted for Asriel to FIGHT, but Asriel instead returned with the last of his forces to the underground. Asgore and Toriel were shocked: they lost both of their children in one night thanks to the misunderstanding of the humans. Chara's corpse was buried under a bed of yellow flowers, while their and Asriel's spirits were left vacant for the underground. Asriel's eventually took possession of a flower that the Royal Scientist, Dr. Alphys, was experimenting on, and became the apathetic, soulless Flowey. Chara's soul was eventually reawakened by the determination of Frisk, the eighth human child that fell into the underground (and ironically, landed right over the bed of flowers hiding Chara's body), and also the main character of Undertale. The events after the reawakening of Chara can either lead to the Pacifist, Normal, or Genocide routes.

Power & Abilities

  • Fighting Skill: There fighting style is usually attacks with knife slashes, and they can fight on par with Sans and Undyne.
  • Possession: As a spirit, Chara can posses someone if they enough DETERMINATION, possibily possessed Kris in Deltarune.
  • Determination: A power that only humans can use, it allows them to keep coming back despite how many times she dies, all while retaining, all there past knowledge.
    • Save and Load: If Chara were to mess something up, they could go to a certain area and fix it.
    • RESET: Chara´s most powerful and useful ability, gained through her determination, it can be used to restore an entire timeline up to a certain point, or to the very beginning of the journey with all of the memories of what had happened to guide them in the new timeline.


  • Real Knife: There main tool for killing, it has enough power to kill most monsters and creatures in a single hit.
  • Locket: Maxes out there defense by 99.
  • Instant Noodles: Restores +4 to 99 HP.
  • SnowPiece: Obtained from Snowman, it restores +45 HP.
  • Steak: Steak in the Shape of Mettaton´s Face, it heal +60 HP.
  • Sea Tea: Heals +10 HP and increase speed.
  • Stained Apron: Increases +11 DF and restores +1 HP every other turn.
  • Legendary Hero: A sandwich in the shape of a sword, it heals 40 HP and increases +4 Attack for one battle.



  • Could kill almost every monster with a single hit.
  • Sliced Papyrun´s head off.
  • Could fight on par with Undyne the Undying.
    • And sliced through former´s armor.
  • Destroyed Mettaton with a single hit.
  • Caused Flowey to show visible pain when they hit him.
  • Destroyed the timeline with single slash.


  • Dodged rays of light, lightning and energy blasts.
  • Keeps up with other monsters in battle.
  • Can fight on par with Sans.
    • Who is just as fast as them.
    • Ultimately killed Sans before he could react.


  • Survived attacks from other monsters.
  • Took attacks from Sans´ after being affected by karmic retribution.
  • Survived the destruction of their universe.


  • Caused the death of her brother, Asriel.
  • Was (inadvertently) the reason behind Asgore killing all the humans that fell into the underground.
  • Possessed Frisk in the genocide route.
  • Killed almost every single monster in the game, they killed Toriel, Papyrus, Sans, Flowey, Mettaton, Muffet, and Asgore. Fought and killed Undyne while she was in hey Undying form, and made nearly every single monster hide.
  • Killed Asgore in a single slash.
  • Destroyed a whole timeline with one slash of their knife, making them just as, if not more powerful than Asriel Dreemurr, a god who himself erased the timeline as well.
  • Possibly possessed Kris in Deltarune.


  • They can only possess someone with they have determination in their soul.
  • They are weak to attacks that exploit there sins.
  • Are emotionally unstable as evidenced by all the potentially dangerous things being filled down to a dull point in their old home.
  • Can still die while their possessing someone.
  • Arachnophobia: Chara´s fear of spiders.

Fun Facts

  • Chara looks extremely similar to Frisk, down to a similar fashion sense. Also, they both are androgynous human kids who are about the same height, and their SOULs share the same colour, red. Plus, they both are always referred to as "them" due to their unspecified gender
    • Ironically, when they felt into the underground, Frisk landed right on the place Chara's corpse was buried in
  • It's heavily implied that Chara loves chocolate, and that they also made a sweater for Asgore with "Mr. Dad guy" written on it
  • While many think the opposite, the child is shown in the intro of the game, and the one that you name at the beginning of the game, is Chara, not Frisk
  • Toby Fox, the Undertale creator, said that players should name Chara after themselves, but only if they don't have any other idea.