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Character Profile Wikia

The following profile is for the super heroine Carol Danvers, if you are looking for the previous Captain Marvel click here, if you are looking for the current Ms. Marvel, click here, and if you are looking for the DC superhero who formerly went under this name, click here.

Carol Danvers
Series Marvel Comics
Age Unknown (current comics)
Birthday Unknown
Sex Female
Height 5'11"
Weight 165 lbs. | 75 kg
Alignment Lawful Good
My name is Captain Marvel... I am an Earthling and an Avenger. But today I stand as one with the settlers of Torfa, who claim this planet and its resources as they were freely given in the aftermath of the Behemoth disaster... They are a peaceful people, but I am a woman of war. If you move against them, you move against me. I am willing to die here today, for this cause. I have made my choice... Now you make yours.
~ Carol Danvers

Carol Susan Jane Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel or formerly Miss Marvel, is a superhero of Marvel Comics and a former Avenger.


Carol Danvers entered the Air Force upon graduating from high school to pursue her love of aircrafts and her dreams of flying. Carol was a top student at the Air Force Academy and enjoyed a rapid career advancement rising to the rank of Major. Because of her stellar performance, superb combat skills and natural intellect, Carol was recruited into the intelligence field. She ended up serving with the C.I.A., during which time she met and worked with Colonel Nick Fury. She was partnered with Colonel Michael Rossi and the two became lovers. Carol had a distinguished career in the C.I.A. While on special assignment with Nick Fury, Carol met the Canadian agent called Logan. The two were eventually paired up and shared a number of adventures together. During one of their infamous escapades, they clashed with the brutal Sabretooth who was working for the Hellfire Club. During their time together, Logan and Carol became close friends, perhaps even lovers. Both have saved each other’s lives numerous times.

When Carol was captured by the KGB and imprisoned at Lubyanka prison, Logan was among those who defied orders to save her. Following her affiliation with the C.I.A., Carol took a position with N.A.S.A. as the security director for Cape Canaveral. It was in this capacity that Carol first met Captain Marvel, the Kree warrior, Mar-Vell. In her official capacity, Carol was challenged with unraveling the mystery of this alien soldier. During her investigation, the two forged a unique bond, first as friends and then as lovers. It was this relationship that would change Carol forever.

Captain Marvel's mortal enemy, Colonel Yon-Rogg kidnapped Carol, using her as bait in his conflict with Mar-vell. In the course of the battle, Carol and Mar-vell were caught in the explosion of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device. The energy bombardment somehow caused Carol’s genetic structure to be melded with Mar-vell's. While Mar-vell was apparently unaltered by the event, Carol was now a perfect hybrid of Kree and human genes. In addition, she possessed all of Mar-vell's Kree knowledge and training. Through this transformation, Ms. Marvel was born.

Because of her failure to capture Captain Marvel, Carol lost her job at N.A.S.A. She recovered quickly, writing a successful novel about her experience in the space industry. This lead to her landing a position as the editor of WOMAN magazine, a subsidiary of the Daily Bugle. Carol’s viewpoints as a staunch feminist created tensions with her boss J. Jonah Jameson, but made her the perfect choice to be WOMAN magazine’s editor.

Just as Carol was beginning this new chapter of her life, the powers and persona of Ms. Marvel began to emerge. At first, Carol experienced blackouts triggered by Ms. Marvel’s precognitive seventh sense and the two personas were very distinct, both mentally and physically. As time went on and Carol came to accept her new role as Ms. Marvel, the two personalities merged.

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: Carol is able to propel herself through the air. Her flight speed should at least be three times the speed of sound considering she was able to fly fast enough to break the sound barrier and reach space.
  • Flash Precognition: A form of a seventh sense that allows Carol to react or counter her opponents next move.
  • Toxin Immunity: Thanks to her amalgamated human/alien Kree physiology, Captain Marvel has a degree of immunity to toxins and poisons.
  • Photonic Blast: Captain Marvel has the ability to manipulate photonic energy from her hands and fingertips. This power is strong enough to fry a human being as shown with her fight against Warbird. She can adjust this energy to create beams which are strong enough to damage Count Nefaria, who has been compared to the likes of Thor in power as well as Iron Man in a Hulkbuster-style armor. She can also make her beams curve which she demonstrated in a battle against Iron Man. Marvel can also create an energy field that is basically a large ball of photonic energy which can explode, she can increase the power of her blows to battle with the likes of Wonder Man and the Hulk, surround herself with photonic energy into order to protect her from blasts of energy (she can do this in both the comics and EMH), can transfer energy in the ground to create shockwaves, she can also electrify herself through photonic manipulation as shown with the fight against Count Nefaria.
  • Energy Absorption: Carol is capable of absorbing different types of energy, down to magical energy, to temporarily enhance her own powers.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The absorbed energy increases the potency of her metabolism, allowing her to quickly regenerate from catastrophic wounds.
    • Minor Molecular Control Captain Marvel can use absorbed energy to transform her regular clothing into her costume and vice-versa.

Alternate Forms


Carol's higher evolution into a being of cosmic energy when Carol absorbed the powers of a white hole, causing her to transform into Binary.

  • White Hole Powers
    • Increased strength, speed, durability and senses: In this form, Carol’s physical stats significantly increase. In her base form, she is able to lift trains and toss meteors, but with Binary she is able to punch a person to the moon as well as hurt Sentry ,who is on Thor and Hulk. Her speed has been boosted being able to easily fly across the galaxy in matter of minutes, and she’s durable enough to be able to easily survive an attack from the Phoenix Force which can easily destroy stars. Her senses have also increased, allowing her to easily detects enemies from far away (for example an enemy spaceship). Carol has stated during her fight against the Phoenix Force that she can see everything. She is also able to breath in space.
    • Increased energy output/absorption: In her Binary Form, due to the fact that she literally surrounds her entire body in cosmic energy, the amount of energy Captain Marvel can fire off is significantly increased as well as the amount of destruction it can cause. She once was able to destroy Broodworld which is the size of a planet, as well as being strong enough to annihilate multiple Broodships at once during Uncanny X-Men. She is also able to absorb energy from one of the strongest aliens in the Marvel universe, the Mad Titan Thanos and fire that energy right back. Her most impressive absorption feat is when she absorbed part of a black hole
    • Enhanced Heat Projection: Can fire powerful concussive blasts of photon/stellar energy from her hands and fingertips in the forms of beams, orbs, and even shockwaves.
    • Enhanced Light Manipulation
    • Radiation
    • Gravity Manipulation: Binary also is able to manipulate gravity, pulling enemies towards her or pushing enemies away, preventing them from getting near her.
    • Electromagnetic Projection: As Binary, Carol has been stated to have control over the electromagnetic spectrum. This means she is able to produce different types of electromagnetic radiation such as gamma radiation, which can kill cells in the body and is responsible for turning Bruce Banner into the Hulk, X-Ray which allow her to see through the body’s flesh and into weak points, as well as manipulate ultraviolet radiation, which allows her to see in the dark, and microwaves which she can used to cook her enemies.
  • Cosmic Awareness: As Binary, Carol became cosmically aware to sense all energies and disruptions across the galaxy.






  • Became the commander of the Alpha Flight Space Program
  • Became a member of the Avengers and the X-Men.
  • Started and was the “victor” in Civil War II.
  • Fought the Brood forces and destroyed Brood World .
  • Played an integral role in stopping the Skrulls in Secret Invasion as well as fought the Super Skrull.
  • Defeated Iron Man in a suit that was designed to defeat specifically to defeat Captain Marvel (and is stronger than the Hulk Buster).
  • Defeated Warbird, another version of herself.
  • Defeated the Absorbing Man, who has traded blows with the Thor and Hulk.
  • Fought the Vision and defeated him.
  • Fought and defeated Stature, a.k.a Scott Lang’s daughter.
  • Fought a brainwashed and bloodlusted Wonder Man, who has matched the likes of Thor and Hyperion, and has been compared to the Sentry in power level by Captain America.
  • Didn’t kill Iron Man in CW II
  • Didn’t die from Rogue's touch
  • Fought a more powerful version of Wonder Man and managed to hold her own, though she eventually lost.
  • After absorbing the power of a nuclear warhead, was able to match Sentry in physical capabilities.
  • Is possibly just as if not, superior to Thor in every category.
  • A decomposing clone of Carol, made up from her memories absorbed by Rogue (Marvel Comics), managed to nearly defeat her and only lost due to Magneto's intervention.
  • Dealt immense damage to Count Nefaria with her Photonic Blasts.
  • Prevented the sun from going supernova by absorbing all the Antimatter.
  • Fought the Hulk  (several times in fact, one of which being during the World War Hulk event) and managed to damage him, though Hulk managed to defeat her.
  • Fought Rogue with Ice-Man’s powers and almost defeated her.
  • Fought Moonstone, one of her main rivals and clashed pretty equally with her, though lost by being thrown into an Airplane, which she survived.
  • Overcame the Venom symbiote.


  • Is susceptible to telepathic attacks and immensely powerful magic
  • While she can absorb energy, will not be able to absorb it if it is far too much for her to handle
  • Her Binary form operates under a time limit, meaning that she can’t use it forever and once the Binary form is gone she will be weakened, as it drains a lot of her energy.
  • Has gone through periods of alcoholism that puts Tony Stark to shame
  • Her Flash Precognition is unreliable and activates at random.
  • The...infamous comic where she was forcibly impregnated...
  • Civil War II
  • Carol is also a bit of a hothead, and while her recklessness has helped her, it has also proven to be detrimental to her at times as she has been overpowered by far stronger foes.
    • She sometimes has difficulty thinking things through like a certain incident with a being named Marcus

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