Series Akame ga Kill!
Age Over 20 years
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height ???
Weight ???
Alignment Chaotic Good
You'll have some painful, despair-ridden experiences. In fact, most of them will be tragic. But we choose to walk this path. We'll take on the dirty work and change the world. After we finish, we can disappear.
~ Bulat
Bulat is a character from Akame ga Kill!.


At one point a soldier of the Empire, Bulat had trained under Gensei and worked his way up to a high ranking imperial officer. But when his superior Liver was framed for disagreeing with the Prime Minister, Bulat became disgusted with the Empire's corruption and left the to join the Revolutionary Army's Night Raid subdivision. Bulat completely remade his appearance and took it upon himself to train the new recruit Tatsumi. During a mission to protect a civil official they run into the Three Beasts, one of them being Liver. Bulat and Liver battle to the death, and though Bulat emerged victorious he later succumbs to poison he received during the fight.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superhuman strength
  • Superhuman durability
  • Likely superhuman speed
  • Sword and spear mastery
  • Invisibility (with Incursio)
  • Adaptation (with Incursio)


  • Demon Armor: Incursio: An Armor-type Teigu in the form of a sword. When activated, Incursio becomes a full-body armor and increases Bulat's physical stats. Tyrant's power is so great that its flesh is still alive inside of Incursio. This gives the Teigu the title of "Demon Dragon Armor".
    • Adaptation and Evolution:  Like Tyrant, Incursio's main ability is the power to evolve and adapt while in combat. As Bulat fights, Incursio evolves, gaining new abilities to suit Bulat's needs. 
    • Neuntote: An auxiliary weapon that can be summoned with Incursio. It resembles a lance or halberd, and is sharp enough to slice through Danger Beasts.
    • Trump Card: Invisibility: The armor's trump card is the ability to turn Bulat invisible for a certain amount of time. As noted, a weakness of the invisibility is that while it masks the user visually from the naked eye, it does not hide their "presence", allowing skilled opponents to sense the user despite the invisibility.



  • Killed Daidara and sent Nyau and Liver back with one attack.
  • Defeated Liver.
  • Threw Neunote hard enough to impale his target.
  • Killed several enemies at once.
  • Strongest member of Night Raid.
  • Stated to be as strong as Esdeath.
  • Does heavy training every day.


  • Kept up with the Three Beasts.


  • Took attacks from Liver.
  • Continued action after being poisoned.


  • Highly skilled with use of the sword and spear.


  • Invisibility has a time limit.