• Charlan Micallef AKA.Gacha world fan


    • Ayumu Fujimori
    • Akira Tsuchiya
    • Aruma Todoroki
    • Kasumi Izumo
    • Kazuomi Samejima
    • Kego Sakuma
    • Maiko Kagura
    • Marin Mizuta
    • Mikoto Itsuki
    • Misuzu Aisaka
    • Mitsunari Koga
    • Narumi Osone
    • Nico Himuro
    • Saiji Rokudou
    • Seishi Yodogawa
    • Monodora

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  • Vincent Ly
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  • Vincent Ly
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  • Vincent Ly
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  • Vincent Ly

    Lionsgate Gals

    September 3, 2019 by Vincent Ly

    This is a female characters of the Lionsgate categories.

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  • Vincent Ly

    MGM Gals

    September 3, 2019 by Vincent Ly

    These are the female characters of the MGM categories.

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  • Vincent Ly

    Sony Pictures Gals

    September 3, 2019 by Vincent Ly

    These are the female characters in the Sony Pictures categories.

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  • Vincent Ly

    NBCUniversal Gals

    September 3, 2019 by Vincent Ly

    These are the female character in the NBCUniversal categories.

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  • Vincent Ly

    Viacom Gals

    September 2, 2019 by Vincent Ly

    These are the female characters in the Viacom categories.

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  • Vincent Ly

    Warner Bros. Gals

    September 2, 2019 by Vincent Ly

    These are the female characters in the Warner Bros. categories.

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  • Vincent Ly

    Disney Gals

    September 2, 2019 by Vincent Ly

    These are the female characters in the Disney categories.

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  • LucidthegeekGhost

    Hi! I'm new here! Trust me before you spam me with how things work around here. I've known fandom for about a year now, so I know how not to be an idiot-or Kamanari when he fries his brain(yay yay!) 

    Anyways, Lucid is my OC- she is a ghost and travels from fandom to fandom, changing form as she goes. She's a human with invisibility in when she's in UA, a ghost-skeleton thing in Undertale (I'll explain later), and a scythe in Soul Eater- you know- that one anime from 2007?

    Um-This is Lucid when she's in the normal or our universe- she looks kinda geeky, I know- But I look like that IRL so...I mean without the Undertale symbol on my pink hoodie.

    So, yeah- I'm new here! This is also Lucid's theme- Warp Star by Snails House

    So yeah-If you haven't …

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  • Vincent Ly
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  • SatanicGamer129


    May 4, 2018 by SatanicGamer129

    Hey Guys just joined FANDOM, i am a big fan of iNFAMOUS, Assassins Creed and Bioshock.  If anyone else is a fan of any of those please share your favourite characters, SatanicGamer OUT

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  • Gundam312

    origins and abilities of Getter Emperor based on its manga appearances.

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  • Gundam312

    power of Mazinger ZERO, easily one of the most powerful versions of Mazinger ever created.

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  • GameboyAdv1

    Joke Profile: Muselk

    November 8, 2016 by GameboyAdv1

    Muselk regularly watched videos from famous YouTuber STAR_, and was inspired from them. He trained himself to master the art of rocket jumping and market gardening, then made his own YouTube videos. The rest is history.

    • Rocket Jump: Muselk fires a rocket at the ground beneath his feet and flies through the air.
    • Fireproof Secret Diary: Allows Muselk to cast magic spells.
      • Regular Magic Spells
        • Fireball: Muselk will shout "Capatus Crepitus" and shoot a fireball out of his hands. 2 charges
        • Ball O' Bats: Muselk will shout "Deus Invictus" and shoot a glowing ball out of his hands. Said ball will quickly turn into a swarm of bats, that will assault the victims, bring them into the air and make them bleed. 2 charges
        • Pumpkin MIRV - Muselk will shout "Pact…

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  • Timefreezer4

    Swords are common weapons used throughout history. They tend to be long, sharpened sheets of metal carefully weighted for maximum striking power.

    This is where you would put the history of the item or weapon at play here. Nice and simple.

    Much like the main character profiles, this is where you would put all of the powers or special abilities the weapon/item may have.

    • Sharpened Edge: Excellent for cutting up enemies.
    • Metal Blade: A durable sheet of metal useful for blocking enemy strikes.
    • Extended Reach: Awesome for reaching foes farther than the armspan.

    Should the weapon/item have any special forms or variants that differ from its main power, you would put that here.

    • Cutlass: A lighter, one-edged blade used for cutting foes apart. Popular in Renai…

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  • Ganime

    Pages in Progress

    April 17, 2016 by Ganime
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  • Hannif Hussain

    Character Moveset

    March 28, 2016 by Hannif Hussain

    Yo wassup guys! Those who are wondering what is this blog 'bout you may ask you wonderful chaps? Well this blog is about Character Moveset, where I do the moveset each week or day using these mechanics:

    I'll be including the specails, grabs and final smashs as well as taunts.

    I'll be using the rival opponent (do keep in mind that some of the roster characters like Raiden will have a different rival) and the story, rival and ending. You can help me out with this.

    Probably the most toughest part to me, I have to do quotes for the intro, outro and ending as well as the quote screen. You guys can help me out.

    1. Character appear either a day or a week.
    2. You can help me out of it guys.
    3. Requests can do but only 1 request per user.
    4. Characters like Mario etc…

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  • MarthBoy606

    Creepypasta Kirby

    February 23, 2016 by MarthBoy606

    • KNIFE: A knife

    • Using knife, ripped his soul in half

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  • MarthBoy606


    February 21, 2016 by MarthBoy606

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  • Hannif Hussain

    Hannif Hussain

    February 21, 2016 by Hannif Hussain

    Hannif Hussain is a user on the wiki making his debut in Total Warfare Wiki in November 18 2015, it is unknown why he is chaotic evil as AWC 81 on DB wiki.

    As he visited in the Death Battle Wiki in as AWC 81, he was rather an AWC with a changing alignements either good or evil but chose the evil path for no reason. After causing a wiki war against TimeFreezer4 and summons in Spam attacks, he was later banned. 

    Though after banishments for 4 months, he found a new wiki known as Total Warfare Wiki and has changed his way into a neutral good user not doing trouble. After he made his account, he became rather good and sometimes makes pages. 

    He then became a member of CPW and has became an admin of TWF Wiki and also a live chat guy.

    Though he stil…

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  • NocturnBros

    Vinesauce Joel

    February 2, 2016 by NocturnBros

    Worku in puroguressu~

    Joel Johansson (also known as Exinthevatican, Vargskeletor and Uncle Jobel) is a Swedish streamer who's also a member of the Vinesauce group. He is rumoured to be the protagonist of the upcoming Part 9 of JoJo's Bizarre Aventure.

    In 1993, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy settled down in Sweden, where they had a child named Joel. What they didn't know is that Joel would become a powerful summoner and a streamer.

    Being a fan of livestreams, Joel first visited one of Vinny's streams in 2011, where he called out to the streamer by saying "God I hope you're not one of those asshole streamers that doesn't talk to the chat." Luckily for little Joel, Vinny actually responded to his message and some time later, offered him to join …

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  • Superbuting


    January 28, 2016 by Superbuting

    Nightshade is the demonic portal master of the Green Thunders.

    In the year 1942, Captain America was created out of project Rebirth. In response, Adolf Hitler appointed Johann Schmidt in charge of his own super soldier program: project EXODUS, which would use genetic alterations, as well as Kraang technology, to create the perfect human weapon. Schmidt appointed a man named Dr. Anderson, a jewish scientist who was saved from death due to his talents in genetics, in charge of the project. As test subjects, Anderson used young Jewish children, as he believed their bodies were easier to program.

    After, hundreds of failed attempt, Dr. Anderson's wife secretly volunteered her unborn child to the project, after altering her genetic code to the exa…

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  • Hannif Hussain

    Character Levels

    January 11, 2016 by Hannif Hussain

    Yeah Yeah I know this is gonna Bullshit but I feel bored so their. Basically you know what I mean, a character is country level etc. It's total BS to you but somehow I feel like it  to do show. In the comments, what tier of the character is? 

    God Tier

    Top Tier

    Mid Top Tier

    Low Tier

    High Mid Tier

    Mid Tier

    Low Mid Tier

    High Low tier

    Mid Low Tier

    Low Tier

    Shit Tier

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  • UTF

    The Box

    January 10, 2016 by UTF
    The Box is a box.

    The box was created a normal box but, after a year, it is... still a box.

    • Um... lifted air?

    • 0 cm per second

    • Um... uh... survived normal gravity?

    • Uh, got crawled by an ant?

    Seriously, what the buck did you expect a box to do? Freeze something upon being touched? Being super op? Keep winking at the end of every sentence? Yeah, fat chance. Sheesh.

    After decades of research done by someone else, the Steel Box was discovered. This is the exact same box but it can now be crawled bt two ants! At the same the time! Um, yeah...

    • Everything.

    • This is a miserable attempt at anti-humor which probably failed miserably.
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  • HadesKun

    Joke: Blue, Da Kat Man

    January 10, 2016 by HadesKun

     Blue, Da Kat Man is a hawt character of no series, being an independent character. He has the most beautiful cat face, on a human body, which is all colored blue. 

    After being made by the creator, he went around the world showing his body, but to no avail as nearly every girl he met rejected him due to his blue skin, quite a sad story...

    • Puppy/Kitty Eyes: Uses this to get whatever he wants...except getting the ladies.
    • Cool Skin: His skin is so cold, it can freeze someone should it start glowing...a lot.

    • Managed to beat even a guy named Aaron at flexing
    • Is the first cat man who was publicly shown
    • Lifted a truck with just one hand...did I mention toy truck?

    • Distractive: He can easily be distracted, especially if it includes seeing one of his waifus. …

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  • Hannif Hussain


    January 8, 2016 by Hannif Hussain

    This is my OC character I made up. 

    Tringo is our lord & savior. You must give doritoes to make him happy and is infinityX sexier than Aaaron. 

    I was born before I was born. I was born in existance.

    That is all.

    • Laser Blasts: Can kill any monsters like omnipotent creatures and creators of the multi-verse.
    • Fire Breathe: Infintely times hotter than the surface of the 10th universe's sun's core which is 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 than the inside of the sun's core, it can melt the sun too.
    • Character summoning: Can summon any characters he like a…

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  • Kirbyfan22222

    Lonan Skywalker

    January 8, 2016 by Kirbyfan22222

    Lonen Skywalker or Lonan Skywalker is a Star Wars OC

    Same as Luke

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  • Kirbyfan22222

    Dankey Kang

    January 7, 2016 by Kirbyfan22222

    Dankey Kang is a joke character who collects rings and other stuff



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  • AdamGregory03


    January 7, 2016 by AdamGregory03

    Aaron is a very sexy character from that game that takes place underground with all the monsters ;)

    I was born in the waterfall as the sexiest monster in all of the underground ;)

    My hobbies include flexing, sweating, and hitting it off with all the ladies ;)

    I can flex my muscles so hard it hurts people just by how pumped I am ;)

    And I can even hurt people with my sweat ;)

    Sometimes I flex so hard that I flex myself out of the room ;)

    And also there this really spooky music that gives me the creeps and makes me give out winks of fear ;)

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  • UTF

    Cerulean Spin

    January 7, 2016 by UTF


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  • Kirbyfan22222

    In the city there is a yellow helmet man Deathstroke saw

    Deathstroke: Who are you out of my way

    Wolverine: Fight

    Deathstroke dashes at him and and kicks him and punches him HARDER Wolverine stabs his leg and kicks him

    Deathstroke: Die

    Deathstroke stabs his leg and stabs his chest but Wolverine became mad and kicks his stomach

    Deathstroke dashes at him and knocks his right hand but Wolverine stabs his leg nine times He then cuts his head off

    Wolverine: out of my way


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  • Kirbyfan22222
    • Green Arrow
    • Gallantmon
    • Zero (Mega Man X era)
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  • AdamGregory03

    Every profile is recommended to have the template known as "Character Profile" appearing at the top right of the page. This template contains information regarding what series the character is from, their height and weight (measured in feet and pounds), their gender, and moral alignment. For more information on the alignments, see Character Alignment.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex is a species of dinosaur that existed during the late Cretaceous period until becoming extinct just like all the other dinosaurs. His Latin name translates to "King of Lizards".

    This is where you would put the character's official backstory, including their early life, and what motivated them to be the way they are now. Every good character must have an origin! The only excepti…

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