Character Profile Wikia
Bite my shiny metal ass!"
~ Bender
Bender Rodriguez.png
Series Futurama
Age 4 (As of 3000 A.D.)

Millions of years (After traveling back in time and waiting until the year 3000)

Birthday September 4, 2996
Sex Male
Species Robot
Height 6 foot 1 inches (including his antenna) {185.42 cm}
Weight 600 lb - 2 tons (inconsistantly stated) {272.155 kg - 1814.37 kg)
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Bender Bending Rodriguez, Sr., also known as Bending Unit 22 or simply just Bender, is a bending unit and one of the main protagonists of the show.


Bender is a Bending Unit built in Tijuana, Mexico. He is a robot that runs on alchohol and works for Planet Express, a delivery service. He is best friends with Philip J. Fry and shares an apartment with him. Not only does drink all the time, but smoke, steal, and lie. He has a dream to become a folk singer, as well as a famous chef.

Powers & Abilities

  • Great Strength: Bender has immense strength, being able to break, bend, and lift massive and heavy objects.
  • Extending Limbs: Bender's arms and legs can extend to great lengths.
  • Fire Breath: When Bender burps, he lets out a jet of fire.
    • Greenhouse Gases: Bender's burps let out greenhouse gases, which can harm organic lifeforms if in great quantities.
    • Large Flame: Bender can let out a giant flame from his rear end.
  • Detachable Body Parts: Bender is able to remove and reattach any of his body parts without any damage.
  • Extenso-Matic Eyes: He can extend his eyes to provide better vision.
  • Gaydar: Bender has a literal gaydar, a small machine that can detect whether someone is gay.
  • Cameras: Both of Bender's eyes can be used as a camera that can both record and take pictures. He has also stated to have a third camera located "below the equator" that is never seen, but heard extending.
  • Multipurpose Cavity: Bender's cavity in his body can be used for many things.
    • Oven: His cavity can be used to bake things.
    • Barbeque: Bender can also barbeque things within his cavity.
    • Storage: Bender seems to be able to store a large amount of things inside of him.
    • Refrigerator: He is also able to refrigerate food in his cavity.
  • Generator: Bender can use his own body power to power other electronics.
  • Oxygen Tank: Bender can be used as a living oxygen tank.
  • Rollerblade Feet: Bender is able to turn is feet into rollerblades.


  • Alchohol: Bender seems to almost always have a least one bottle of bear on him, sometimes more.
  • Cigars and Lighter: Bender also carries a couple of cigars and a lighter.



  • Has punched through a metal safe.
  • Bender was able to bend "unbendable" gurders.
  • Bent a giant brick wall.


  • Has been flattened numerous times, and then ended up fine.
  • Has also been hit point blank with a shotgun with little lasting effect, as well as with other guns.
  • Survived being buried for a thousand years on multiple occassions.
  • Had his lower torso melted by cosmic electrical disturbance, as well as being completely melted.
  • Bender has submerged himself in lava and survived.
  • A doomsday device, as well as two bombs, have exploded in him without harm.
  • He had his head sawed completely in half.
  • He has even came back from Limbo after being killed.
  • Jumped from the Planet Express ship, which was at the top of a building, into the ground. He also hit birds, Cowardman, and broke through a glass tube.



  • Can solve mathematical equations incredibly quickly.
  • Bender has pulled off multiple incredible heists with success.
  • Took over the Earth with an army twice.
  • Was able to convince an entire civilization he was prophecised to be the next pharaoh.
  • He has been shown multiple times to be able to talk his way out of almost anything.
  • Once skinned a potato with a mini-lightsaber while blindfolded.


  • Alcohol Powered: Bender is powered by alcohol, and if he runs low he enters a drunk-like state.
  • Cockiness: Bender often gets overconfident and messes things up.
  • Weakness to Magnets: If a magnet is attached to Bender, he goes crazy and starts singing folk music.
  • Weakness to Chlorine: When exposed to gaseous chlorine, Bender is rusted almost instantly.

Fun Facts

  • Bender is voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voices Jake the Dog, Marcus Fenix, and Dr. Krakken.