Character Profile Wikia
Series Dragon Ball
Age 200+ Million Years
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 5'9
Weight Unknown
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Before any creation must come destruction!
~ Beerus

Lord Beerus is an anti-villain in the Dragon Ball anime/manga series.


Considered to be one of the most feared gods by Kais, Supreme Kais, and even Shenron, Beeurs is given the mission to make sure balance is maintained in the universe. Beerus often slumbered for many years, spending the couple years he'd stay awake destroying planets so new ones could be created. However, Beerus finds destroying planets uninteresting and boring. Beerus was also the one who sealed Old Kai inside the Z Sword, and he's the reason why King Kai's planet is so small. After hearing a prophecy that, in thirty-nine years, Beerus would finally face an opponent that would excite him, he went to sleep for thirty-nine years. When Beerus and his master, Whis, arrived on Earth, they asked for the Super Saiyan God to come out. However, things keep angering him on the planet, and he threatens to blow it up. Finally, Goku asked Shenron how to find the Super Saiyan God. After managing to unlock the Super Saiyan God form, Goku finally gave Beerus the fight he came for. Since then, Goku and Vegeta have been training with Whis, on the condition that they keep bringing food from Earth for Beerus to taste.

Powers & Abilities

  • Flight: Like all characters with powers, he is able to fly with the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast: Beerus's basic attack, he shoots blasts of ki strong enough to destroy planets.
    • Cataclysmic Orb: A Ki ball that is similar to an atom, which Beerus fires by physically hitting it. The attack is said to be uncatchable and uncrushable, so Goku had to destroy it with a ki blast. Beerus involuntarily produces them via sneezing due to his immense power, and they’re capable of destroying a planetoid and, according to Whis, once destroyed two suns
  • Tail Attack: Can swing his tail at his opponent like he did with SSG Goku.
  • Divination: Beerus is said to occasionally have prophetic dreams, however it is noted by Whis that they are rarely accurate.
  • Kiai: An invisible wave of ki that Beerus emits from his palm.
  • Destruction before Creation: Beerus produces a sun-like aura sphere around his body then fires an purple energy wave at his opponent.
  • Pressure Point Attack: Beerus attacks someone's pressure points to render his opponents unconscious.
  • Continuous Energy Bullets: A combination of many energy waves fired at a very rapid rate. Beerus uses an energy sphere barrage technique similar to Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade attack.
  • God of Destruction’s Wrath: Beerus glows purple before firing multiple Ki blasts from his aura in all directions.
  • Sphere of Destruction: A huge energy sphere technique that resembles a yellow star. He uses this attack during his battle against Goku, while facing him above planet Earth. Called Beerus Ball by Akira Toriyama.
    • Wrath of the God of Destruction: A technique Beerus uses to increase the size of his Sphere of Destruction.
  • Sealing Spell: Beerus sealed the Old Kai into the Z Sword after an argument with him during one of their coordination meetings held every 1,000 years.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Thanks to his long ears, Beerus is able to overhear people even if they are far away from him and whispering.
  • Attack Altercation and Redirection: A technique where the user uses their ki to catch an opponent's attack, then alters it and fires it again as their own attack. Beerus used it to catch the strongest caveman's Fire Breath, turning it into a ball of fire and shooting it at the alien by pointing at him with his fingertip.
  • Paralyzing Gaze: Beerus narrows his eyes and stares at his foe, and due to his raw power the foe is rendered almost completely immobile.
  • Sneeze Blast: Due to Beerus' power, even a simple sneeze can produce a powerful energy blast capable of involuntarily destroying the two suns of Beerus' planet, according to Whis and would have likely killed Goku and Vegeta if they hadn't been able to dodge it.
  • Energy Nullification: Beerus is able to void out energy and energy-using attacks by canceling out their effects and turning them into nothing. Beerus used this ability during his fight with Goku, in which he negated a burst of energy created from a clash between the tremendous ki output of Goku and his own, which possessed enough energy to destroy the entire universe.
  • Atom-like energy sphere: A ki ball that is similar to an atom, which Beerus fires by physically hitting it. The attack is said to be uncatchable and uncrushable, so Goku had to destroy it with a ki blast. Beerus uses this against Goku in Earth's stratosphere in an attempt to destroy Earth.
  • Cloning: Beerus is capable of creating at least twelve clones of himself in order to aid him in battle against an opponent.
  • Dark Magic Immunity: Beerus is immune to dark magic possession by characters such as Demigara, who is able to posses Mira, Cell, Majin Buu, and many others.
  • Toxic Immunity: Shown only in the Dragon Ball Super Manga's first chapter, Beerus is shown to have immunity to weaker poisons.
  • Hakai: As a God of Destruction, Beerus has direct access to Energy of Destruction, which is the power to... destroy (duh) given shape. With it, Beerus can literally “erase” anything from existence. The people affected by this do not go to hell or heaven or any of that, they simply cease to exist entirely. It works on pretty much everything, whether it be living beings, entire cities, to dissipate energy attacks, turn objects into dust, or even non-corporeal beings like ghosts. If destroying your body and soul wasn’t enough, as it turns out the Hakai will just erase you out of the timestream as well, effectively removing you from all possible timelines unless you possess special resistances (Like Goku Black’s time ring). If desired this energy can take the form of spheres which the user can create and manipulate at will, these destroy anything they come in contact with. Some users have even used it to surround themselves with it, kinda like a barrier that will erase anything that touches it. Although Beerus hasn’t displayed some of these abilities it’s very likely that he’s well acquainted with them due to his experience and power, he has even dissipated such attacks before. The only thing that the Energy of Destruction doesn’t seem to work on are immortals (he even states this himself in the manga), though this is a separate continuity, so take it with a grain of salt. Also, if the opponent is strong enough, they can survive or outright nullify the effects of the Hakai, even being able to control it and redirect it like Golden Frieza did once.
  • Ultra Instinct: While training Goku and Vegeta, Whis has stated that Beerus has been learning how to automatically react to any threat without the need to acknowledge it and defend himself. This is the working mechanism of Ultra Instinct. However, Whis has stated that Beerus hasn’t fully mastered the technique. This is shown in the Dragon Ball Super manga when Beerus was in a battle royale with the other Gods of Destruction. Ultra Instinct is similar to the real life martial art concept known as Mushin, or Empty Mind. Mushin is a mental state that can be reached by Zen and Daoist meditators as well as highly trained martial artists during combat. Essentially, the user experiences a moment in which their body reacts without the need of any specific intentions or plans in mind, refined only to their instincts and intuition up to the point where they can respond to any threat without the need for thought. Hence Mushin’s full term being Mushin No Shin, or Mind Without Mind. In Dragon Ball, Ultra Instinct is no different than Mushin No Shin but is highly referred to as a very rare and highly advanced mental state that even the gods have difficulty obtaining. As stated earlier, users with this mental state can automatically react to any threat without the need to acknowledge it and defend themselves. Their bodies can also move and adapt on their own while in battle, allowing users to attack and defend simultaneously without thinking. There’s an offensive and defensive variant of Ultra Instinct. To truly master Ultra Instinct, both variants must be obtained and learned. While the defensive variant (dodging and moving) is easy to master, the offensive variant (attack without thinking) is much more difficult due to fighters being inclined to think about their attacks before making them, resulting in the fighters being slowed down and their attacks weakened when performing the move. Despite being highly regarded as a divine mental state, Ultra Instinct is achieved by mortals with Son Goku being the first mortal to enter this state as well as obtain the mastered version. However, mortals do receive a high drawback when it comes to obtaining Ultra Instinct. They can only sustain the sheer power of the ability for a short amount of time before their body breaks down from being pushed far beyond its limits, including a risk of death. However, deities such as Gods of Destruction and their angels receive no such drawback. Overall, while Beerus hasn’t mastered Ultra Instinct, he’s still capable of utilizing some of its properties. He has used it to dodge attacks from the likes of even other Gods of Destruction, but as Whis has stated, he still has more to learn.







  • Is quite moody and lazy.
  • Champa

Fun Facts

  • Beerus was first referenced in the manga chapter "The Zeta Sword" and the episode "Out From the Broken Sword".
  • In accordance to the original concept for this character, his name in Japanese, Birusu, is a pun on "virus". However, the series' original author, Akira Toriyama, thought his name is a pun on the alcoholic beverage, "beer". The pun continues with Whis and the Universe 6 God of Destruction and Attendant.
  • Beerus' physical design also takes some inspiration from Ancient Egyptian deities, notably Seth and Sekhmet. Seth is a humanoid with a jackal-like head who is the god of desert, storms, darkness, evil, strength, winds, war, conflict and chaos in ancient Egyptian culture. Sekhmet is a humanoid with a lioness head who is the Egyptian Goddess of fire, vengeance, healing medicine, and she carried out divine punishment, such as destroying things, and sending out plagues. In addition to sharing the same position as Sekhmet, Beerus is a felid like her.
  • Beerus claimed he wiped the dinosaurs out on Earth, but in the Dragon Ball universe, dinosaurs still thrive on planet Earth.