Character Profile Wikia
Series Asura's Wrath
Age 12,000+
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Species Demigod
Height 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight 635.6 lbs
Alignment Chaotic Good
I pray to no one! Nor will I be prayed to! And above all else... I will never forgive you... for MAKING MY DAUGHTER CRY!
~ Asura

Asura is the protagonist of Asura's Wrath, a beat 'em up video game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Capcom.


Asura is a demigod who was once a member of the Eight Guardian Generals, a group of demigods who protect the world from the demonic and destructive Gohma. After destroying Vlitra, the strongest Gohma, Asura is summoned to the palace of Gaia's emperor, only to find that he's been killed and Asura was framed for it. Back at his home, Asura's wife has been killed and his daughter Mithra has been kidnapped by the Guardian Generals, who wish to use her to boost their power so they can save the world. After this revelation, Asura is killed by the leader of the generals, Deus. 12,000 years in the future, Asura's rage has let him climb back into the mortal world, where the generals, now going by the Seven Deities, are using the souls of their human worshipers as fuel to make themselves stronger. Consumed by his rage, Asura goes to kill every member of the Seven Deities and retrieve his daughter.

Powers & Abilities

  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Due to his extensive training as a soldier and a member of the Eight Guardian Generals, Asura is an extremely proficient combatant and one of the most well-accomplished fighters in the story. Asura was Augus' student and protegé during his training days. Unlike more refined and technical fighters like Yasha or Augus, Asura deploys little finesse and technique in his fighting style (though he demonstrated a degree of martial arts and high acrobatic skills on multiple situations). Asura's particular method of fighting involves unarmed combat with pure aggression and brute force, often neglecting the use of weapons. Armed with centuries-worth of battle experience, unlimited power and rage has made Asura a force to be reckoned with, even against such forces as the Shinkoku Army and formidably skilled warriors as Yasha, Augus, Deus and even Chakravartin itself, outfighting those same powerful foes. The years of training and combat have allowed Asura to adapt to his opponents and easily read their moves, and thus, allowing him to effectively counterattack with relative ease. Asura is also capable of taking on numerous opponents at once, and can overwhelm foes even if they are armed or larger than himself. On numerous occasions, Asura has demonstrated significant coordination and dexterity in combat, as well as the ability to fight without his arms, resorting to kicks and headbutts.
  • Absolute Strength: Of all of his capabilities, Asura's physical strength remains the most impressive. Asura possesses seemingly and essentially boundless levels of superhuman strength, and was possibly the physically strongest demigod. Like his power and all of his abilities, Asura's immense physical strength increases with his rage and anger. He is strong enough to reflect missiles as big as himself with ease, lift gigantic opponents and also throw them into large distances with little effort; he lifted Gohma Carriers, Lashers and Crushers, and threw them with little to no difficulty, and he managed to stop and lift Gongen Wyzen's finger (which had a volume of thousands of miles). Asura's striking strength is of peerless destructive scales, being able to generate enormous shockwaves from the sheer pressure of his fists, shatter and defeat gigantic Gohma with a single blow, and utterly destroy Gongen Wyzen by punching his finger repeatedly and with devastating force. He countered and later shattered Augus' Wailing Dark, a sword whose blade was strong and resilient enough to rupture the Moon and pierce the Earth from side to side, with a single bare handed punch and being heavily injured. Asura's blows were equal to some of the strongest Demigods in existence, and he has always physically overpowered all the foes and gods he fought in raw strength. As further proof of his overwhelming physical strength, Asura's blows were able to harm Chakravartin, the creator of reality and even knock it a considerable distance away. Asura is aIso able to knock down enormous opponents such as a Taison Specialist with a single headbutt, being forceful enough to generate a shockwave, as well as in his fight with Yasha his headbutt being so powerful it generated a blast of pressurized air that destroyed a large pillar of solid stone. In addition, Asura is able to fight and overpower opponents far stronger than him with brute strength alone. Asura also uses his immense superhuman strength to leap vast heights and distances.
  • Absolute Speed, Agility & Reflexes: Although not as outstanding as his strength, Asura is still one of the fastest and agile beings on the universe, and it's theorized that Asura's speed is on a relativistic level by the way he was flying across space, and also whilst fighting Ryu, by going from the Earth to the Moon in roughly 10 seconds. At regular speed, he was incredibly faster than a human, making him untreacable by the human eye. His reflexes are incredibly sharp, enabling him to effectively react, dodge, block and counter attacks from insanely fast enemies in less than a second with great agility, and even from opponents seemingly capable of stopping time such as Chakravartin. He has also been seen able to easily keep up with Yasha despite his particularly extremely high speed and agility in battle.
  • Absolute Durability & Endurance: Another one of Asura's most prominent features: Asura has undergone a monstrous amount of mental and physical stress and has managed to survive: He has been punched, kicked, crushed, beaten and blasted by beings of similar power; he has been crushed by Wyzen's colossal finger which weighed billions of metric tonnes; he has been impaled by numerous spears simultaneously and even Augus' Wailing Dark; he has survived falls from orbit; he has lost his arms on several occasions and displayed no signs of discomfort; survived enormous beams of mantra that were visible from space with only minor to no injuries; survived a direct hit from the Brahmastra; and resisted blows from the maker of reality, Chakravartin, who at one point even ruptured its own arm when delivering a hard punch on Asura as a consequence of Asura's extreme physical durability.Asura has also shown to be able to survive attacks with Planet busting capabilities such as Gohma Vlitra's energy beams, Wyzen's finger and even The Brahmastra. In addition to his immense durability, Asura has also demonstrated a strong resistance to sheer blunt trauma, as physical blows from extremely strong opponents such as Augus, Deus and Chakravartin have little-to-no effect against him. In terms of psychological wounds, Asura has suffered an indelible amount of emotional stress, since his wife was murdered by his fellow comrades who cruelly betrayed him, his daughter being kidnapped and a girl who accurately resembled her being killed in front of him, witnessing villagers die, meeting the one who caused all of his anguish and suffering, and losing his "brother" Yasha and his own life later on by sacrificing himself.
  • Absolute Stamina: Asura possessed an immensely high amount of stamina, likely due to his demigod physiology and abilities, and his own rage. It's likely Asura possessed near-limitless stamina, as he has never shown to tire out and is capable of fighting extremely powerful opponents and armies, and fight very prolonged battles continuously. On one occasion, Asura continued to fight Oni even after 500 years had passed.
  • Mantra of Wrath: Asura's Mantra Affinity is Wrath. This signifies that Asura's strength and power is proportionate to his level of rage and wrath. This plays a major role in the series as it allows Asura to constantly build up and increase his Mantra output to what could be infinite levels the more anger he builds up. Due to having a virtually infinite amount of Mantra, Asura can overcome impossible odds and adapt to any kind of higher dimensionality and power, which was a feat deemed impossible by Lord Deus. Yasha once questioned Deus as to how Asura's Mantra levels could match those of the Seven Deities, even after accumulating over seven trillion human souls worth of Mantra to enhance their powers. Even the Mantra God Chakravartin was appalled by the full ferocity of Asura's Mantra. Using his Mantra, Asura could manifest his halo to acquire greater power, enhanced physical attributes and strength by concentrating mantra in his fist, fire fist-channeled blasts from his fists, various mantra based attacks such as powerful shockwaves, blasts, beams and bursts, produce devastating shockwaves from his screams, jumping ability of extraordinary heights, flight at incredibly high speeds, even the generation of colossal Mantra-based arms constructs. But as incredible as his power may be, Asura's only flaw is that his Mantra of Wrath is too fierce and uncontrollable for his body to contain alone, and due to this it can knock him unconscious and even destroy his body, and at extreme cases death. This was later remedied when Yasha installed the Mantra Reactor into his body to regulate the flow. Asura is also one of the rare entities capable of numerous transformations, which trigger as his Mantra levels escalate. Asura's rage and wrath are of immeasurable levels, allowing him to reach statuses and kill entities beyond comprehension.
  • Indomitable Rage: Asura's most predominant quality, befitting his name and mantra affinity, is his undying and peerless fury at those whom enrage him. His extreme temperament born from the betrayal of his comrades, the suffering of his beloved daughter, following the death of his loving wife Durga coupled with the eternity of human sacrificing at the hands of tyrannical higher powers who scheme and manipulate for their own selfish gain. While the betrayal of the Seven Deities and the kidnapping of Mithra intensified Asura's emotions and wrath to terrifyingly immense degrees, Asura had already possessed a hot-headed personality and harbored an unnatural, unruly anger on a daily basis during his time as a Guardian General, which would only get more intense when he was in battle. As a result of his wild and extremely intense anger, Asura is known to have immense anger management issues. Asura's uncontrollable wrath catapulted his already tremendous power to unprecedented, if all but inconceivable degrees. Asura's rage and wrath are of immeasurable levels, allowing him to reach statuses and kill entities beyond comprehension. Asura's unadulterated wrath earned him the title of "God of Wrath" by Akuma.
  • Fist-Channeled Blasts: One of Asura's most prominent uses of mantra include producing fist-channeled blasts of varying size and power, along with possessing homing properties. Asura is able to fire blasts in rapid succession. On one instance, Asura unleashed a devastating omnidirectional barrage of blasts that wiped out an armada of ships in seconds.
  • Mantra Burst: Asura is able to stockpile exceedingly high amounts of mantra in his fist and release it afterwards when striking his target as a massive wave-like burst of mantra that is powerful enough to severely damage or even defeat opponents with extreme scales of resistance and durability such as Deus and Chakravartin.
  • Flight: Asura possesses the ability to fly at incredibly high speeds by releasing Mantra from his body.
  • Immortality: Like all other demigods, Asura possessed immortality and was unable to age. He was stated to be 28 in body and mind, but would not age and his lifespan was infinite thanks to Mantra and his demigod physiology. This is further proved when Asura was alive even after twelve thousand years. Furthermore, he could also survive in areas such as outer space or the moon without any form of discomfort. Asura couldn't be killed by conventional methods, but he can be destroyed by other deities and the Gohma.
  • Self-Resurrection: Asura is the only demigod who demonstrated the ability to revive himself after death, having died several times throughout the story's events and returned to life through sheer rage, determination and thirst for vengeance not letting his physical body and spirit die, which led him back to the world of the living angrier and stronger than before. What separated Asura from the rest of the demigods was his rage that fuels his body, his connection with the Golden Spider, and the sound of his daughter crying. Those are the reasons why he refuses to die. However, while Asura can resurrect himself, this takes an undefined amount of time ranging from several hours to even thousands of years.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Asura also seemingly possessed an advanced regenerative ability that allowed him to heal from injuries and regain his arms if they were destroyed.
  • Indomitable Will: Asura has displayed an incredible force of will throughout the story, with the main goal of saving his daughter Mithra. This strong willpower allowed him to push past his limits and persevere several times, even revive after death via his sheer indomitable will, and destroy every god in his way including defying and slaying the all powerful God of Mantra to save his daughter and make her smile again.
  • Soul Manipulation Resistance: Even though Asura's soul was sent to Naraka multiple times he still came back.
  • Existence Erasure Resistance: Asura could easily resist Chakravartin's Reality Warping and Existence Erasure and even defeated Chakravartin The Creator who could control all aspects of reality itself.
  • Reactive Evolution: Asura possesses an ability to adapt to his opponents that allows him to surpass stronger opponents, no matter how powerful they are and regardless of their Higher-Dimensionality.


  • Mantra Reactor: The Mantra Reactor from the Karma Fortress used to hold the power of seventy billion souls. Though it lost that power, it still contains all affinities of Mantra. After being rendered comatose during his fight with Chakravartin, Asura's brother-in-law Yasha implanted the Mantra Reactor in his chest as a focusing point for his power. With the Mantra Reactor, Asura can channel the Mantra of Wrath's full power without burning himself out.

Alternate Forms

Vajra Asura

Asura's most commonly seen form, it is a form where Asura's arms are coated in a golden metallic armor. Through the Mantra activation within his body he is able to metalize his arms through the power of his Wrath Mantra and increase their strength, durability and making them more suitable for combat. Asura's mastery of this form is most prominent in the fact that Asura is rarely seen outside of this form. Asura releases powerful mantra energy blasts from his fists and on one occasion created a powerful dome of energy that knocked away his enemies. When he lost his arms to Augus, he managed to create an enormous arm of mantra that utterly destroyed the Gohma he was fighting, which could break into a catastrophic meteoric rain of fist constructs. Before fighting Deus, Asura created a smaller version of his mantra arm before stopping and thinking of Mithra due to Deus influence.

Six Armed Vajra

Asura achieved this form during his first encounter with Gohma Vlitra 12,500 years ago, using Mithra's divine power. This form is identical to Vajra Asura but with the addition of four golden metallic arms sprouting from his back, which granted him much higher degrees of strength and power. This form requires more Mantra and can be activated when Asura is sufficiently angered. Understandably capable of decimating opponents with ease, Asura has defeated Wyzen in his Gongen form by stopping and lifting Gongen Wyzen's finger (which had a volume of thousands of miles) and ultimately obliterate him by punching his finger repeatedly and with devastating force, defeated his former master Augus, Deus (with assistance from Yasha) and even managed to subdue the Gohma Vlitra single-handedly, accomplishing all of these feats in this state and partially in his normal Vajra state. In this stage the mantra blasts, shock waves and other mantra based attacks are multiplied and empowered. During his fight with Ryu, when Asura launched him to the Moon, upon impact with the surface of the Moon a massive spiral-shaped pillar of mantra was generated, sending shockwaves along the surface.

Berserker Asura

When Asura's anger and wrath reaches its peaks, he undergoes a transformation into a being of pure and absolute rage with no sense of reason nor control. First witnessed in Episode 12: "Gods of Death" after the death of Ahria. This traumatic event triggered a transformation as his anger exceeded any controllable means. Described as a feral, golden-coated devilish beast armed with razor-sharp claws, Asura can generate four enormous additional phantom arms made of concentrated Mantra from the portals on his back. The arms, including Asura himself, are capable of releasing inconceivable volumes of Mantra; even Asura's screams produced gigantic booming shock waves. Berserker Asura was threatening enough to decimate an entire Shinkoku armada and challenge the Brahmastra directly. Although unbelievably powerful, Asura was eventually subdued, although it should be noted that he retained the ability to generate the Berserker's Mantra arms in his Vajra form. This monstrosity like form has such absolutely overwhelming levels of mantra power, that it gives Asura the ability to project colossal beams capable of momentarily rivaling The Brahmastra, pulverizing waves that reach the Earth's orbit and massive spheres of mantra that would burst into an explosion similar to a small supernova, which could eradicate hundreds of thousands of ships across the Earth's orbit. It's unknown if he can access it any more as the Brahmastra's cannon turned him into Wrath Asura, a burned and subdued state of it.

Wrath Asura

The Wrath form is the sundered state of Asura's Berserker form after surviving the Brahmastra's Mantra cannon. The damage sustained rendered him incapable of regenerating the extra Mantra Arms and left his body scorched black. As Wrath Asura, his body becomes unstable and cannot contain the sheer volumes of Mantra his anger generated, causing gradual decay and eventual death. Although not nearly as powerful as its full powered state of Berserker Asura, it's still fearsome and strong enough to annihilate large groups of Gohma in seconds, and induce a wave of fear and dread in a vast radius. While attacking in this state caused more harm to Asura than his enemies, he was still capable of killing Demigods and Sergei in a single claw attack, and fighting Yasha before being forced back into his normal form. Interestingly enough, Asura retains some level of consciousness while in this form, as evident when he was capable of attacking those with a connection only to the Seven Deities or the Gohma (instead of innocent lives) and also able to hear and respond to Mithra during his first encounter with Chakravartin, though this was more likely due to his emotional connection to Mithra.

Mantra Asura

During the final assault on Gohma Vlitra, Asura achieved his highest degree of power. After being bathed in the Mantra released from the Brahmastra by Mithra, Asura becomes Mantra Asura. In this state, Asura's rage is at its most focused, harnessing the excess Mantra into power and greatly augment the size and armor of his arms to hulking, armored proportions. Each of these arms possess the strength of a thousand arms, consequently augmenting his destructive strength and power massively, and the ability to vent giant jets and bursts of Mantra of tremendous power. Along with the peerless increase in destructive capabilities, these arms are also able to project mantra in a propulsor like manner that grants Asura drastically enhanced maneuverability and velocity on his Mantra form, Asura was fast enough to avoid and outrun hundreds of Vlitra's laser attacks launched simultaneously, and a volley of Chakravartin's extended arm attacks. In this state, Asura (along with Yasha) was able to defeat Gohma Vlitra and the Vlitra Core. Asura also transforms into this state to fight against Oni in the second Lost Episode. Despite the ingame footages calling this "Mantra Asura", the illustrations from the game reveal the name "Prajñā Asura". During his fight with Oni, both blew the Moon apart by merely clashing, further showing their power.

Six Armed Mantra Asura/Destroyer Asura

Upon entering Chakravartin's event horizon, Asura took on this form. It is essentially the bulkier version of Six-Armed Vajra Asura, though incredibly more powerful (fundamentally the Six Armed version of Mantra Asura, due to having the same identical arms, albeit 4 more). This form is capable of manifesting a halo to release rainbow colored blasts of mantra which explode after a few seconds, and above all, it is powerful enough to damage and rival Chakravartin.

Mantra Reactor Asura

After Yasha goes to the ruins of the Karma Fortress, he rips out the Mantra Reactor from the middle of the ruins and implants it into Asura's chest. After Yasha is killed, the Mantra Reactor absorbs his Mantra to gain its full power and potential. It allows Asura to channel as much power as he needs into it and absorb any amount of energy without the risk of death, and he will no longer turn into his Berserker or Wrath forms because his anger can no longer destroy his body. It allows him to use his power in even stronger ways than ever, augmenting his abilities to levels never before seen, even in his most basic state. Asura's body constantly gives off a powerful glow when using this form and his attacks release a multi-coloration of Mantra Energy due to the Mantra Reactor containing all the Mantra Affinities. The game's illustrations call this form "Mantra Asura", despite the in-game footage calling the six bulky-armed Asura "Mantra Asura".

Asura The Destructor

After Yasha fitted Asura with the Mantra Reactor, Asura's body became capable of safely harnessing any amount of Mantra he could generate. When Chakravartin attempted to destroy Gaea with a powerful blast of Mantra, Asura stood in front of it and took the brunt of the attack, assuming the form of The Destructor. In this form, Asura becomes larger than Gaea itself, dwarfing it, his skin becomes grey-colored and he manifests six arms identical in appearance to those of his Mantra form. In this form, all of Asura's abilities and overall power were immeasurable and godlike in status, as during his battle with the Mantra God, his blasts destroyed multiple stars and planets and he was able to punch a planet at least a hundred times bigger than him to the point where he pierced all the way through it. In addition, Asura in his Destructor form was capable of enduring planets and even stars thrown at him with only sustaining little damage. It is also theorized that Asura left the solar system in a matter of seconds, thus making him vastly faster than the speed of light.

Reincarnated Asura

870 million years pass, Asura, along with his family and former comrades, is reincarnated in a Gaia resembling more modern day Earth. Looking more human, Asura's attire was a simply green muscle shirt and pants. While he was shown to still have his love of fighting (much to the chagrin of the reincarnated Durga), it wasn't truly shown if he still had his more demigod powers of his previous life.



  • Destroyed a Mountain sized gohma which generated forces up to 3,089 Megatons.
  • Can hit with up to 54x more than the strongest nuclear bomb in histroy which is 3.08 Petatons.
  • Defeated Vajra Wyzen.
  • Completely disintigreated Gongen Wyzen's entire body.
  • Defeated Augus who was one of strongest of the Seven Deities.
  • Overpowered Sakra Devnam Indra Deus, after he merged with the Karma Fortress, which is powered by 7 trillion souls which give enough power to punch galaxy-sized stars.
  • Can bust 2512.97x the virgo supercluster.
  • Destroyed the infinite Realm of Naraka and eradicated it's space time continuum.
  • On par with base Chakravartin who created the Wheel of life a cycle that embodies an infinite number of universes. The Wheel of Life 'Cycle of Rebirth encompasses the concepts of life, death, destruction, creation, death and rebirth across an infinite number of universes.
  • Mantra can allow him to overcome impossible odds and be able to adapt and evolve to any opponent regardless of their power and Higher-Dimensionality.
  • Defeated Chakravartin who stated that he held all of existence in the palm of his hands. with the Mantra Reactor his strength has no dimensional boundaries.
  • Can lift and throw massive gohmas which weigh 213,628,300.
  • Can match Wyzen in strength.
  • Overpowered Vajra Wyzen.
  • Completely destroyed Gongen Wyzen who could punch with 946,744 yottatons of TNT.
  • On par with Augus.
  • Can bust the 2512.97x busting the virgo supercluster in his destroyer form which would require up to 7,640,727,655,558,655,778 yottasolar masses of anti matter.
  • Climbed the naraka pillars which are infinite in size.
  • Overpowered Chakravartin's Base form.
  • Surpassed Creator Chakravartin to the point where he did not even flinch by his attacks which in turn hurt Chakravartin own arm.
  • Can destroy mountain sized gohma with ease.
  • Defeated Gongen Wyzen.
  • Can fight evenly with Creator Chakravartin.


  • Flew across space while destroying Gohma's and crossing space along with other ships.
  • Kept up with Yasha who's known as one of the fastest characters in the game.
  • Can fight evenly with Augus.
  • Can React to Dues who is 170,000x the speed of light.
  • Fought against Sakra Devnam Indra Dues who was 217,412,266,666,649,600,000,000 km/s or 721,876,666,666,610,000x the Speed of Light.
  • Can fight evenly with Yasha in his Vajra form.
  • Can React to Base Chakravartin.
  • Can React to Chakravartin at full Time Stop.
  • Surpassed Chakravartin's Speed and overwhelmed him in combat.
  • Dodged dozens of laser beams from Vlitra that can go this fast.
  • Able to fight against the Vlitra Core on equal grounds alongside with Yasha.
  • Crossed the distance between Gaea and other galaxies in minutes, dodged and reacted to several of Chakravartin's Mantra beams, can keep up and trade blows with base form Chakravartin.
  • Can fly hundreds of thousands of lightyears in Destructor.
  • Can reach Golden Chakravartin from significant distances away.


  • Able to take hits from Base Yasha and Deus.
  • Took hits from Sakra Devanam Indra Deus.
  • Survived a blast from the Brahmastra, although his body became horribly scorched shortly after, able to take hits from Yasha while in his charred up Berserker form.
  • Able to take hits from the Vlitra Core and a casual Chakravartin.
  • Tanked an planet busting energy blast attack from Chakravartin's Golden form.
  • Made Creator Form Chakravartin hurt his hand when punching his face.
  • Capable of fighting even after taking significant amounts of damage and losing his arms, able to ignore almost any wound.
  • Fought Oni for 500 years.


  • Trained by Augus.
  • Can take down hundreds of opponents by himself.
  • Defeated Augus, Deus, and Chakravartin.


  • Anger Issues: Due to possessing the Mantra of Wrath, Asura has anger management issues, and will stop at nothing to destroy whatever makes him mad.
  • Mantra of Wrath can burn him out: If he gets too angry without the Mantra Reactor, the Mantra of Wrath's power will burn out his body, resulting in his Berserker and Wrath transformations.
  • Lack of Self-Preservation: Asura doesn't seem to care about his own well-being during fights. He frequently loses his arms, and has died three times during the story of Asura's Wrath.

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Fun Facts

  • Asura has the most transformations of all the Eight Guardian Generals.
  • Asura is named after a class of divine beings from Indian mythology.
  • Asura's Mantra takes the form of the golden armor on his arms.