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Amity Blight
15) Amity Blight.png
Series The Owl House
Age 14
Birthday Unknown
Sex Female
Species Witch
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
You were never too weak to be my friend. I was too weak to be yours.
~ Amity Blight

Amity Blight was initially a minor antagonist but later became one the main protagonists of The Owl House. She is Luz's former rival, friend, and eventually girlfriend.


When Amity was little, she and Willow became friends. However, her parents Alador and Odalia Blight orders Amity to break her friendship with Willow and recommends her to hang out with suitable friends or else they will expel Willow from Hexside. Because of this Amity breaks her friendship with Willow even go as far as to lie to her of being weak thus send Willow crying. For many years she obeys her parents' wishes at the cost of being lonely and sad.

Amity is described as bright and competitive. She attends magic school of Hexside and is part of the Abomination Track. As the "Top Student" at Hexside, Amity is proud of her status as the best student in the entire school and goes as far as to use it as a bragging right. She looks down on other students who are not as successful as she is such as Willow and teases them. She does not take kindly to those who steal her spotlight nor let someone better than her to hinder her future. Her reasons for being the way she is is because she wants to someday become a member of the Emperor's Coven, who only handpick the best of the best. Although she appears standoffish, Amity has a sense of honor and integrity This shows that for all her flaws, Amity wants to succeed based on her own effort and merit, and not rely on cheating or deception to do so.

When Luz Noceda came to the Boiling Isles Amity's life changes. At first, she is extremely hostile to the point she tries to have Luz killed to expose her posing as Willow's abomination project for inadvertently taking her top student badge. She also blames Luz for getting her in trouble and ignores the fact of her assistance on the attempt in Luz's life. Later, after being mean to Luz and King despite Luz's attempts to make up, she and Luz with their mentors Lilith and Eda respectively engaged in a Witch's Duel and should Amity defeat Luz she will give up learning magic forever via an everlasting oath. It comes to the point where both Eda and Lilith cheated on both of their pupils using booby traps and magic boosts on Luz and Amity respectively without their prior knowledge. Feeling embarrassed Amity runs off and lashes out at Luz blaming her for humiliating her and states how much pressure she puts on herself, even going far as to demand Luz say she isn't a witch to gain some sense of superiority. But Amity called off the forever-oath she cast on Luz after her meaningful reasoning and discovery that humans like her can do magic via another means to allow her to continue her training to become a witch.

One day at the library Luz tries to befriend Amity to make up, only to be given a bitter, harsh and annoyed response from her and told to leave, falsely believing that whenever Luz is around it gets her in trouble. It's also shown that Amity was perplexed be Luz's friendly attitude and is trying to understand her. When Amity catches her with her diary accompanied by her siblings, she hypocritically calls Luz a bully, but later takes back that accusation when she sees that Luz really does care about her and realizes her own hurtful attitude was making things worse and decides to reflect on it.

She does have a sensitive side when her reputation is compromised, and her need for success and tendency to look down on others suggests she has a superiority complex. In addition to enjoying reading to children at the library, she is accepting of Luz for being finally admitted it to Hexside (after Luz proving her worth to Amity in many episodes) and still cherished her friendship with Willow deep inside, despite being forced to sever it long ago for the sake of protecting the latter's future as a student of Hexside from her parents. She also feels bad for how she treats others but keeps this softer side concealed so as to not demonstrate "weakness."

After a mishap of burning Willow's photos causing her to lose her memories. She and Luz with the help of Eda to go to Willow's mind and fix her memories and tell Willow the truth of why they broke their friendship and promises to be a better friend. Although it takes time for Willow and Amity's friendship to be rekindled. She indeed keeps her promise as she tells Boscha off in front of her peers to prevent her from bullying Willow. Going as far as to help Willow and Luz to challenge Boscha's team to a Grudgby Match at the cost of injuring her leg.

Her big moment was she was chosen to be Grom Queen but she isn't happy about it and is surprised and accepting that Luz will indeed take her place and trains her for Grom Night with the help of her older siblings Emira and Edric. As Amity protects Luz from Grometheus she is hurt after Grometheus shows her worst fear Luz comforts her and both take down Grom together and is revealed to the viewers that she has a crush on Luz through a ripped pink invitation letter. Only time will tell if she reveals her affection to Luz.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: Amity is highly skilled in magic and is recognized as being top of her class. Like all witches, her magic comes from a sac of magic bile attached to her heart.
    • Abomination Magic: As she is on the abomination track at Hexside, she has demonstrated high-level skills in the creation and control of abominations. She can command them to do her bidding assist her in fighting or doing things. She also can cause giant hands made from Abomination clay to sprout from the ground.
    • Barrier Cage: Amity can create a tall, circular cage that causes mild pain when touched.
    • Mythical Projection: Amity can use magic to display images and historic events. The events shown will be presented in a style similar to medieval artwork.
    • Plant Magic: Amity can able to make plants grow, ranging from flowers to pillars of thorns. She can also entangle and ensnare people incapacitating them. She can create the "Thorn Vault", a plant spell from the Azura book turned movie: The Field of Deadly Fates
    • Fire Magic: Amity has learned to generate fireballs after training on the Knee. Initially, she needed a training wand to create fireballs but she has since learned to cast the spell on her own.


  • Staff: At some point, Amity takes ownership of a cat palisman named Ghost.



  • Pulled against the strength of a monster to rip herself out of a book she was restrained to.
  • While on a trolly, knocked back a large rabbit monster
  • Punched back Hunter with a formed spiked gauntlet.
  • Ripped apart an automated Abomination monster built for security.
  • Held back and exploded the hands of a much more powerful automated Abomination monster.
    • Completely restrained the same Abomination, although admitted she could not destroy it.
  • Her Abominations are strong enough to lift a giant axe.
  • Blew up an entire tree with her wand.


  • Kept up with Luz on several occasions.
  • Performed with Luz completely in sync while defeating Grom.
  • Landed on her feet after being launched into the air.
  • Moved out of the air of a magic spike trap that appeared from the ground.
  • Caught a bouncing magic beam with sludge.
  • Dodged and blocked magical shots randomly bouncing around the room.
  • Blocks all the attacks from a teleporting Hunter.


  • Got wacked by Luz.
  • Got launched into the air by a ground fist and recovered.
  • Capable of blocking attacks from Hunter.


  • Skilled with mulitple spells despite only being in the Abomination track.
  • Most skilled student in Hexside.
  • Repaired Willow Park's damaged mind.
  • Used to be the captain of the school's Grudgby team.
  • Defeated the Slitherbeast, Grometheus, Abomiton 1.0, and Hunter.
  • Helped Eda Clawthorne and King look for the Titan's Blood needed to help Luz return to the human realm.
  • Kissed Luz.
  • Escaped the Coven Day Parade with Luz and Kikimora.
  • Fought Kikimora and her dragon alongside Luz.


  • Somewhat prideful.
  • Can often act without thinking first.
  • Frightened and flustered easily.
  • Insecure at times.
  • She has gone past the need of the practice wand and the construction sticker, rarely using them anymore.
  • Has shitty parents.

Fun Fact

Amity is revealed to be attracted to women, as in the same episode she is revealed to have a crush on Luz, marking her as Disney's first explicitly LGBTQ+ animated recurring character.